Asphalt 9: Legends – Official Launch Trailer

Asphalt 9: Legends – Official Launch Trailer

I’ve driven the world, seen the most extraordinary spots on the planet. (Actual in-game footage) I’ve raced the fastest, the most powerful machines you can imagine. I’ve left behind my opponents, and also made new friends… With every curve, every drift, every jump, with every finish line I crossed, I grew stronger. I found the ideal path: my own. What is your path to becoming a legend? ASPHALT9: LEGENDS DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE

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  2. Gameloft, why are you changing our game Asphalt 8 , I don't like the new driving mode, that's very unfair we don't have a choice, how can you expect people to except the changes just like that, DESPICABLE 🙄😤😳

  3. Worst game I have ever played. Multiplayer is the real sucker. Worst game play, Worst daily event wait time and worst support (they just send you faqs link). Stopped playing it.

  4. dear Asphalt 9 legends /Gods i have a Samsung s10e when it first came out i use to play it now it unable to be played can we please get this playable on this phones

  5. Hay demasiado hacker juego legal mente y en multi jugador es un asco apenas voy en 2 o 1ero de la nada ganan sin correr terrible

  6. This game would’ve been good maybe if it would have an offline mode like how asphalt 8 did, if this game had menus and offline like asphalt 8, would maybe be one of my fav mobile games

  7. Hello? I have the Nintendo Switch version, and during races, the vehicle does not wanna respond to my 3rd party Switch Pro Controller. Responds to menus just fine, tho.

  8. Does your company still exist????? And I mean this in a quite sincere manner. Please respond if your company "GAMELOFT" still does exist. Thanks

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