Asphalt 9 for Nintendo Switch VS a Real Lamborghini

Asphalt 9 for Nintendo Switch VS a Real Lamborghini

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  1. Sorry to say: shame on you. I don't want this mobile phone games shitty mechanics on the switch. Hope there will be no followers. This is not video gaming. This is some gambling addiction shit.

  2. Asphalt it’s the only game that has ever made my Switch Crash. I really like it but I hope they do something because I’m not the only one who has issues.

  3. Dude I remember playing the HELL out of Asphalt 8 on phone and pc, and now you're telling me Asphalt 9 is on the switch?? Sign me up

  4. Lol when you realize the premium car is more pretty than premium. No cup holders. Tiny trunk that barely counts as a trunk because it's in the front of the car. Hard to fit into if you're somewhat tall. Lastly the back seat is cramped.

  5. I really do love how open you are about this video. Its such a fun thing to do for a sponsored video that doesnt feel like a sellout kinda thing.

  6. If I drove one of these where I live it would be gone when I came back from the store. I wouldn’t even have a chance to get a speeding ticket. 🤔

  7. Screw the game, i wanna see more videos of Bob driving super cars while doing ordinary daily things, i can't stop smiling.

  8. Recently bought a Tesla Model 3 and it's super fast. The model I bought isn't as fast as that Lamborghini but it's up there. I think there's a Tesla in Asphalt, I'm downloading the game right now. I do my best to restrain myself but on rare occasions I'll just floor it.

  9. Asphalt 9 is quite a p2w game on all the other platforms, look up feuerrmfilms, an asphalt 9 focused channel, and he will go more in depth with the game, before one considers playing

  10. I am not sure if this is known, but I had no Nintendo online, it could still play online. I think that is pretty cool. Eventhough my other games won’t let me, like Tetris

  11. Asphalt legends is absolute dogshit, let's not beat about the bush.

    It's nothing like the old burnouts, it's a garbage mixture of floaty controls and crap mobile mechanics.

    You got some money, I'm happy for you, but this game is shite. Please dont do this again

  12. There have been a few videos out now promoting this game but as usual, you have taken this to a whole new level compared to the others! Gaming is meant to be fun and you even make your reviews have that level of fun! Keep up the amazing content 🤙

  13. Btw FYI the model lambo u had does have a cup holder but it’s “hidden” or it might not have that installed or whatever, just thought I’d put that out there

  14. Fuck that game. UI is a hot mess, and the microtransactions are up there with the most egregious of the F2Scam trash.

  15. 5:38, yeah that's what games with energy systems do, it's easier to level up in the beginning and they don't bother you with fuel in the beginning thanks to that, as you progress through the game you'll get higher class cars, which have less fuel, and refuel much more slowly going as far as a day or two if I remember correctly. The progression progressively gets slower and comes to an almost halt at one point. Make of that what you will, i think it's a good game but it's really grindy in the sense that you can never work at getting a certain car so you'll just get a few blueprints for a lot of cars and stop playing before you unlock any.

  16. This is Bob poops on Will with a Lamborghini the video. It's ok Will, one day you'll get a sponsor from DC Comics and meet and spend a day with the REAL Batman…

  17. I don't play racing games (or at least I did not for a long time, not my cup of tea). I played need for speed 4, in the ps1 and that's pretty much it. But I've installed and played asphalt legends and I really like it, its quick and fun to play, the songs are nice and the progression system is dope. It made me wonder if I should give a chance to other racing games I've been skeeping.. Any suggestions?

  18. Nice production value……Its amazing the amount of creativity, effort & editing you have put into creating this video…. Good job buddy…. Hope Asphalt Legends is paying you well!

  19. I’m not a big driving sim person but seeing this makes me think EA so stupid to not re releasing all them need for speed games on switch

  20. Cool I cant wait to join… 20 in a club??? WULFF DEN UK for all you Wulff den fans in the uk come join the club!!

  21. I have never felt like someone has deserved something more than when i watched this video… i hope you get your own and keep it real…as always!!! At least let will have a drive!

  22. I knew the Burnout namedrop was coming. Hands down my absolute favorite racing game ever. It was the reason I got a PS2.

  23. Asphalt team should add map editor it will be so fun to make maps in offline mode and play with friend local or online

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