Asphalt 9 BUGATTI DIVO & New LOCATION | What could be coming in Xmas update ?!

Asphalt 9 BUGATTI DIVO & New LOCATION | What could be coming in Xmas update ?!

Hello everyone, welcome back here. Finally its time when we talk about
the chistmas update of Asphalt 9. Gameloft has started to tease the new update
content, most probably you guys have seen this short teaser. So in this video we will be discusing that
what could be the possible content of next update. This video is entirely based on my speculation,
nothing in this video is officially confirmed by Gameloft. Now lets get started! lets talk about what cars could be coming
in next update. Number 1 possibiltiy
Buggatti divo, immediately after reading the description of teaser “Something
divine is coming” everyone went crazy and assumed that divo is coming. I can
understand what logic you guys are using but divo is not coming in next update. Second possible car, Lamborghini aventador
svj. Some of you already know that svj
is available in Asphalt 8. Gameloft has its license so definately it
will come in Asphalt 9 also at some point. Same condition with Rimac c2, it is available
in Asphalt 8. So possibily it will come in Asphalt 9 also. Theres one car that one is talking about,
FORMULA E. This porsche was used in black shark esports grand finale. It appears to be a C class car. I really
want this car in Asphalt 9 not but because of its performance. Addition of this car
will open the way for more different cars like these. I really want more variety
in Asphalt 9 car list. Besides these 4 cars i mentioned, 2 more cars
just randomly came in my mind while recording this video, Apollo IE and Volkswagen
IDR. I really want to see these cars
in asphalt 9. Let me know in the comments what cars you
are expecting in next update…. Now lets talk about the new location. Yes a new location is coming in next update. In that short teaser you must have seen this
and this. It doesnt give us much info
that what is the next location but few months ago, one of the community member
ZigZag found some really interesting info while digging the game files. He found
lot of assets of new location and couple of files named OSAKA TRACK. I have given
link to his videos in description. So you can check them out and see all the
assets he found in game files. Judging by the assets he found osaka track
appears to be based on industrial area as it has construction
site, pipe lines, laboratory & more We can trust the info in ZigZag video as it
was correct before. He found Vanda
and mercedes mclaren file months before they came in game and he also found files
named TROPICAL ISLAND months before caribbean track update. So most
probably OSAKA INDUSTRIAL ZONE is the new location coming in next update. What you guys think about this ? You believe
that OSAKA is next location ? Let me know in the comments. Now lets keep the speculation aside and here
comes the main news. Chirstmas update
is massive, it has so much new content that you guys are going to love it. Cars and
location arent the only thing coming in next update. Lot of new features are coming
that i cant actally disclose but one thing i can share is that new
type of Special event is coming, no its not like Battista or Jesko event. Something
new and special. Subscribe and stay tuned on my channel for
more info on massive chirtmsas update! Thats all for this video, press the like button
if you enjoyed the video and i will see in the next one, cya!

86 Replies to “Asphalt 9 BUGATTI DIVO & New LOCATION | What could be coming in Xmas update ?!”

  1. Hopefully to see Lamborghini sian in this update , about location gl dev confirmed that new location gonna be available in february 2020 idk if its will came early , Osaka looks like another toxic track like midwest narrow and Twisty

  2. Saying which car is coming to A9 is hard because people are going to vote which cars are coming. Yes I do know clan vs clan could be the new event but I'm more hyped about it because Gameloft said they are working on it

  3. I have nearly 12k tokens saved, and have a lv15 garage with all cars upto lv14 ones max-starred. Hope this update doesn't rob me of these resources for no return

  4. We have our first car that will come and Gameloft has confirmed
    It is the Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1.
    You can see the post on Asphalt channel.

  5. My predictions for asphalt 9:
    1-audi rs7 2020
    2-audi R8 V10 plus 2020
    3-alpine a110
    4-bmw m8 competition
    5-bmw i8 roadster
    6-bentley Continental GT
    7-bugatti divo
    8-bugatti centodieci
    9-bugatti Veyron SS
    10-corvette c8
    11-dodge charger hellcat 2020
    12-ford Shelby gt500 2020
    13-ferrari f8 Spider
    14-ferrari sf90 stradale
    15-ferrari Roma
    16-ferrari portofino
    17-honda Civic type r 2018
    18-lamborghini sian
    19-lamborghini veneno roadster
    20-lamborghini murciélago lp670-4 sv
    21-mazda MX5
    22-mazda 3 2020
    23-mercedes amg one
    24-mclaren 720s
    25-mclaren Elva
    26-mclaren Gt
    27-porsche taycan turbo s
    28-porsche carrera GT
    29-subaru impresa WRX sti
    30-subaru brz

  6. i want 7 cars to come Lamborghini sian at S class , henessey venom gt at S class , devel sixteen at A class , bugatti vision gt at S class , bugatti divo at S class , ginetta g50 at D class, bugatti veyron at D class , i want many things new.

  7. I want a new places also Tokyo, Osaka , New York , London , Paris , Dubai , Barcelona , SECTOR 8 , any other 5 space routes

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