100 Replies to “[ASMR] Hero School: Sports Festival Signup! 🥇”

  1. Which anime would you like to see next!?? Vote in the comments! C:
    Attack on Titan
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Yuri!! On ICE

  2. "Did any of those sound of interest to you?"
    Me: I don't like Pokemon all that much but sign me up for Team Rocket- I mean the undercover job. Awkward cough

  3. Did you say scout legion? Interesting… get my bottle of jack and boots. We’s going hunting for titans 🔥💨🍺🍺

  4. I just realized, if she can transfer information into peoples minds, reading a comment gave me an idea. A human brain can only take in so much information before going “braindead.” (so I’ve heard I might be wrong) That just makes her quirk a bit scarier if she decides to over flood your brain with unnecessary info.

  5. Why are people so salty when others like watching dub? Like what’s the difference and how does it effect you? I really don’t get it, it makes me mad tbh

  6. Her: what’s your lunch period?
    Me: trying to guess what she will say fourth..
    Her: fourth, I see…

  7. Gibi: How are your first few months at hero high been?

    Deku: fucking murder me

    Gibi: g l a d t o h e a r i t

    Ik that the “glad to hear it” is like two seconds later in the video but it fit so yeAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. OMG MORE ANIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUBBED GANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SPORTS FESTIVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a channel

  9. Terabyte: "have you ever been to a sports festival as in the crowd?"
    me: "nope"
    Terabyte: "you haaaaaaaaave"
    me: "ok I guess I have then"

  10. I was seeing if she was going to say training with master roshi or something like that but I guess the dragon ball world is a little too strong

  11. At first I didn’t understand what the whole neck thing was about but then I saw ur neck and thought it was a hickey then it clicked 😂

  12. Every Emoji Related To Sports

  13. Wow she really knew everything about those anime she was pointing at like naruto,pokemon,HunterxHunter and those other

  14. i watched this video when it first came out and i didn’t watch mha yet so i was really confused. a year later i’m back and now i know what’s happening haha

  15. Gibi should do one where Terabyte and the viewer are kidnapped by villains and she has to use her telepathy to plan an escape

  16. "Excuse me, Miss Terabyte? But are there any internships available at Capsule Corp? I hear that place can connect you with some pretty experienced fighters."

  17. Gibi: Have you been to the Sports Festival before?

    Me: Yes

    Gibi: oooh if you’ve been there many times you may have seen me in my hay day!

    Me: nah I’ve only gone the past two years for Mirio Senpai…sorry

  18. Me: leaves autoplay on GOODNIGHT
    YouTube: putting a non ASMR video next
    Me: after vid finishes, about to change vid Oh no not him anyone but him
    James Charles: HI SISTERS
    Me: Jsjeejjdjejdjdnnrrnrnneajhhhhh

  19. "to wipe off your sweat, tears and blood"


  20. terabyte: SOUL REAPER you have to sell your soul for that.
    Me: my OC's quirk is a soul reapers powers..

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