Arthur Zanetti on winning Brazil’s first Olympic Gymnastics medal

Arthur Zanetti on winning Brazil’s first Olympic Gymnastics medal

​The Olympics are an amazing event. It was so spectacular. The gymnasium was wonderful. So we arrived and you present yourself to the whole world. The speaker says your name and you present yourself to the public. That is so good that you even get goosebumps at the time, so you have to remain calm. Because if you let anything affect you from then onwards you’re not going to be able to perform at 100%. Several Brazilian athletes have tried to get to a final, and when they got to the final never able to win. So the pressure was all on me, but I was very confident and was very well prepared. When I rose to the Rings, I simply forgot it all and only focused on my body and the movement because over the time I was doing them I’d check if they were in the right position or not. So I could have it as a base for what I needed to do in my routine to be able to defeat Chen Yibing. I saw that he got 15.800, a very high score, but I knew that I was able to take a higher score. In my routine, I always did it with the handles straight which makes it more difficult but you don’t have a discount. So that drew a lot of attention during the routine. When I do the movements, I pay attention to my body. I do the countdown of movements… it has to be 2 seconds. So I do 1…2…very relaxed. After the movements its having certainty of the referees, for the referee to look and see that I stopped the necessary time. We knew that if we did the routines that we had been doing that was the same starting score as most of my adversaries. But our biggest difference was the beauty of our movement. When I finished my routine, I came back to reality. And just then I can hear the public again and see everyone when I finished my routine. I was very nervous, I think it was the worst moment of my life in terms of waiting for a score to come out. I was very nervous but I was confident. I wanted a medal, especially the gold. However, because I gave a little step at the end of the routine, that left me in doubt but my routine was perfect. I can’t even describe it in words, it was one of the most wonderful moments in my life and career. I was the first Latin-American gymnast to have an Olympic medal. So to me that feeling was great. Then the turn to see the flag raising, and hear the national anthem. I think that there is no word to describe what I felt in that moment. When the competition was over then I thought, we have a new goal and that’s to compete in the Olympics at home. Defending an Olympic title is amazing, and even more so being at home.

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  1. It's amazing how much of their lives they giveaway training daily. I wish I could be them though.

  2. Com certeza será Ouro em casa e eu estarei torcendo por você Zanetti, pois tu representa os verdadeiros valores da perseverança, do trabalho e da superação de obstáculos, tamo junto.

  3. Zanetti vc é minha inspiração, eu prático calistenia e pretendo chegar ou tentar chegar no seu nivel… ❤

  4. No offense to his hard work and dedication but that medal was awarded just because he was fron the host country.

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