Arkansas Special Olympics Athlete Mary Borman

Arkansas Special Olympics Athlete Mary Borman

“And to see her in the water is, it’s
beautiful to watch her be so comfortable in the water. Swimming has made it so
she’s got so much confidence in herself. She will not give up, she does not quit. I’ve
loved it since I was born. I’ve done this since I was four. I became pretty good.”
Narrator: DHS wants to celebrate Mary Borman, a sophomore communications major at the
U of A at Fayetteville as she embarks on a trip to the Special Olympics USA Games
in Seattle with 71 other Arkansas athletes during the first week of July.
“I also do it for myself but also for my parents as well. She swims really hard. In
the state games her times are really really good and she’s got all the
strokes down really well and she does flip turns and I mean she was kind of a
standout.” Narrator: Mary still remembers when she learned that complex maneuver, the flip
turn. “I don’t know I got it but someone told me ‘it’s like wow you
got this.’ I look like I’m about to be upside down but then you turn into a freestyle. We
tell her and she knows is that she’s representing Arkansas. That’s a big deal
for her and if there’s one carrot that always works it’s that she’s
representing Arkansas, which i think is pretty cool.” Narrator: This day Mary is practicing
with her relay swimming teammates gathered from around the state at UALR.
“I feel like it’s like a great time to like bond, kind of. To have like some kind
of like a team. Like a team all together and just like working on
strategies and overcome obstacles and how to be faster or how to get on
time. I have like this whole big dream that I feel, I feel like a celebrity.” Narrator: At
DHS, Mary Borman has already garnered fame and fans. Just this year she was
named a Famous Arkansan by the division of
Developmental Disability Services and recognized by Governor Asa Hutchinson
for her academic, volunteer and athletic achievements, Mary, among the group for
being defined by drive, not disability. Her dreams about where she wants to go,
in the swim lane and in life, just keep getting bigger.
“I want to be like those famous Olympians like Michael Phelps or Michael or
Katie Ledecky. I want to be famous like them… ‘Warrior heart, yes’ ..and to get better.” ‘Did I say warrior kicks? Warrior arms? Warrior flip turns? No. What’s going to win for you in Seattle? A
warrior heart. That’s what’s gonna win for you. I think it’s done a lot for her. It puts her in the light, it puts her in the spotlight in a way that she wouldn’t be otherwise. It’s letting her find her place and her skill and what she does well. I feel like I’m a mermaid. Swimming it’s like, just
using the whole body, it’s like cool.”

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  1. Go on, girl! Arkansas should be extremely proud to have you representing the state! 👍🏊‍♀️😁

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