Arjen Robben ranks his Top 10 Goals for FC Bayern!

Arjen Robben ranks his Top 10 Goals for FC Bayern!

Robben! Robben! He’s got his goal! I still get goosebumps now and again. Robben! An incredible goal! I already knew that the ball was coming to me. A lot of fans still bring this goal up to me. Arjen Robben, once of Real Madrid, scores for Bayern Munich. Robben with the shot. Robben! Goal!!! It flew into the back of the net just under the crossbar. What a goal. That is simply brilliant from Arjen Robben. Robben cuts inside. Just at look at that! Look at that! That’s why they have Ribéry and Robben. To score two goals in your first 45 minutes for your new club is obviously a great feeling. Robben skins the defender, chooses to go alone and scores! I was very proud as it showed that, when my body worked, I was extremely fit. Robben’s pace. Arjen Robben to win the game for Baaaaaayern. Oh wow! That was probably one of the best games I have experienced in my career. Now they’re into the box. Here come Bayern with Robben – and there’s the goal! Arjen Robben! On that note: Servus, Arjen! Servus! A few special goals along the way, right? Yeah, there have definitely been some nice ones. Are you proud when you see footage like that? Do you often watch back some of your old goals? Well I always try to live in the here and now. I’ll probably watch one or two back when I’ve retired. I try and concentrate on the present and hopefully my future. You can reflect back once your career is over. Having said that, I have two sons at home, who also love football and play themselves. Obviously they enjoy watching their father’s goals from time to time. We’re here to choose your best ten goals. Your ten most important goals. Arjen Robben! 1-0! That is simply brilliant from Arjen Robben. That goal made it 1-0, I think. Obviously that flew in beautifully and it’s a type of goal that I’ve scored a quite a lot. I simply cut inside and then Curl it into the far corner. It flew into the back of the net just under the crossbar. It’s a really nice goal to watch. Arjen Robben is through. Robben away from Compper. Robben’s pace. Arjen Robben to win the game for Bayern. Oh wow! 5-4! I can’t believe it! What a game! That was actually a game where both teams had nothing to play for? True, but you still want to win every game and Leipzig were also a really good side. They played really well, especially in the first half. They made it really difficult for us. A bit of sloppiness then crept into their game, so our reaction and the way we came back into the game was a great feeling. Scoring a goal like that in the 95th minute shows why we deservedly won the league and that we were simply the best team. Two touches past the defender, then cut inside and then a little chip over the keeper. It all worked out perfectly. It was really nice to end the season like that. The goalscorer, our new number 10: Arjen… Robben! Arjen… Robben! That goal wasn’t actually that great; it was deflected! Franck played a ball for me to run on to and then I shot across the goal at an angle, it was slightly blocked, deflected, and then it went in. It wasn’t pretty, but it made it 2-0 and the win was pretty much sealed. Wolfsburg had won the league the season before and we were in a difficult situation. I believe that was the fourth game. I arrived in Munich on the Thursday, trained once with the team and then was on the bench. I’ll never forget the second half! To score two goals in your first 45 minutes for your new club is obviously a great feeling. Robben cuts back inside – just at look at that! Look at that! That’s why they have Ribéry and Robben. It was like being on a rollercoaster. You arrive at your new club. only decided late on to move to Munich from Real Madrid. Then you come into the stadium – I still remember that feeling well today. t’s still a real honour for me to play in our Allianz Arena, but the first time was simply amazing and the ending was great too. Now it’s Robben with the shot!! Robben! Goal! Robben shoots from 20 yards out, from a centre forward’s position and scores! Robben with a stunner – a piece of magic! At that moment we were heading out, we were 3-1 behind after winning 2-1 at home, and my goal made it 3-2. We went through on away goals, just like against Man Utd. That was certainly an important goal! I came inside, of course, and the defenders gave me some space so I tried to curl it into the far corner. On that occasion it went in, and it has a few times since! That one was great! Arjen Robben, once of Real Madrid, in the Bernabéu, scores for Bayern Munich and the tie is all square. I had previous history with penalties, after I missed one away in Dortmund. Robben runs up, Robben takes it and Weidenfeller saves! I can’t believe it! I simply cannot believe it. Of course you are going to be under pressure taking a penalty in the semi-finals of the Champions League, but it was good that I took a penalty again and then scored it too. You always have to believe in yourself. Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself so that you can concentrate – nothing more. You simply have to score and naturally you will feel pressure as it’s the Champions League semi-final in Madrid. You can’t just think: “Ah yeah, I’ll just take that penalty…” Pressure is part and parcel of playing for a top club. You have to be able to deal with it. Robben’s on the ball, Robben on the right-hand side. Now Bayern are into the box, no foul there, here comes Robben – and there’s the goal! 3-0 for FC Bayern! Arjen Robben! I think that game was possibly the best one I’ve ever played in the Allianz Arena, that home match against Barcelona. Beating them 4-0 in the semi-finals has to be one of the best games in my whole career and perhaps even the best game here at home! Arjen! Robben! Arjen! Robben! We were extremely confident beforehand. A 4-0 lead is a great position to be in, although in football you never know. Barca came back against PSG two years ago. Our team had a really strong mentality, so we saw it through in the end. Then we even beat Barcelona in their own stadium. That year we were – I wouldn’t say unbeatable – but we were definitely well-prepared. Coming back from a huge disappointment and showing your character and mentality is one of the nicest things about sport and football. It was great in our team. And Arjen Robben makes it 1-0! A deserved lead! The year before was a complete catastrophe. We were runners-up on three occasions. We lost the cup final to Dortmund, finished second in the league and lost the Champions League final at home too. It was then a super feeling to beat Dortmund again! You could see how much finally beating them meant to all of us. Robben! What an incredible goal! An incredible goal! A lot of fans still bring this goal up to me. I can’t believe it! He’s hit it first time! Franck saw me as he took the corner. I was in a lot of space and didn’t wave my arms about, so the Man Utd players didn’t spot me. I could tell that ball was coming to me from the look on his face. We’ve always had a great relationship, so I knew the ball was coming and then you just need to have a bit of luck. I can still remember what I thought to myself: stay calm and don’t try and hit it too hard or it’ll end up in the upper tier. I just tried to relax and to hit the ball cleanly. It worked! That was pure brilliance from Robbéry! Perfect! Perfect! We’ve just seen your celebration again. You did what Franck Ribéry does and then something similar to Luca Toni. Nope, it wasn’t like Luca Toni. It was like… I really don’t like it. love to watch that goal back, but not the celebration. It was a nice goal. I prefer to celebrate more normally. Sometimes you do something, which you then look back on and think: ahh mate, do something normal! It’s happened now. As far as I’m concerned, you can just show the goal without the celebration. Robben bursts through, goes past Westermann, chooses to go alone and scores! He scores! Robben puts Bayern into the lead! One thing that made me extremely proud was the goal against Schalke in 2010. The goal was extra special for me as I picked up the ball in my own half. I actually got the ball from our goalkeeper, Jörg Butt. I had a lot of injuries in my career, but that goal made me proud as it showed that, when my body worked, I was really fit and strong. It was in the 113th minute, so I was really proud to get the ball from my keeper and produce such a run. I was able to show how fit I was when I wasn’t injured. That was the best thing for me about that goal. At the end of the run, I was by the touchline, had just one more defender in front of me, came inside onto my left into the space and then the shot was perfect. Robben!! Robben! This has to be it! He’s got his goal! Arjen Robben makes it 2-1! Arjen Robben has potentially scored the decisive goal!Arjen Robben! Will he be the hero at Wembley? Unsurprisingly, I’ve seen that goal quite a lot – and not just when I’ve watched it back myself! People often show it to me, wherever I am. It’s always nice to watch though! I still get goosebumps now and again, even if I’ve already seen it 10, 20 or even 30 times before. So much was going through my head. I think I even say something like “Oh my god” when celebrating. I quickly realised what had happened and that the game was almost over. So many things can happen in football, but there was a big chance that my goal would be the winning one. Lots of various things were crossing my mind after winning it in the last minute. I still remember the situation – you actually don’t need any pictures or footage. Not just me, but the whole team had Franck to thank – obviously I scored the goal, but there aren’t many players who could lay the ball off with that intelligence. It shows how well we play together and how much fun we’ve always had as teammates. We’ve always had a good connection. He knew where I was and I knew where he was. We never needed words. He did what I’d hoped and expected him to do. Sometimes it just works as easy as that in football. Goooooal for FC Bayern Munich! Arjen! Robben! Arjen! Robben! Arjen! Robben! So – it’s a tough one. I don’t want you to try and rank all ten goals. I’ll have a go! Wembley at 1. Schalke at 2. Manchester at 3. BVB 2013 at 4. Barcelona at 5. Real Madrid at 6. Florence at 7. And then the last 3. Wolfsburg was also very important, as that was my first game. That was obviously very special.So Wolfsburg at 8. The others were also very, very important. And then: Arsenal and Leipzig weren’t the most important goals, but were very nice. So I’d say Arsenal at 9. Leipzig at 10.

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  1. Ich mag seine Schwalben-Kompilationen lieber.
    Flieg nicht zu hoch, mein kleiner (holländischer) Freund… sing

  2. Robben ist eine Glückpilz jetzt guckt er was er Spiele geleitetest hat unglaublich Gefühle aber ich gönne ihn auch einfach und auch ich ihn beneiden wegen tolle fussball gespielt hat

  3. Arjen Robben und Franck Ribéry sind von ihren Fußballerischen her weltklasse gewesen.

  4. Er und Ribery vielen Dank dass ich euch erlebt hab und dass zu Beginn meiner Kindheit. Ihr habt für Bayern gelebt und gegeben als wäre es euer letztes Spiel. Danke euch. #Legenden

  5. Wir werden dich vermissen… Eine grosse Bundesliga Legende ohne wenn und aber!! Für mich der beste Holländer in den letzten 20jahren machs gut Arjen Robben!!

  6. Ich bin Dortmund Fan und das entscheidende Tor im CL Finale tat natürlich Weh aber irgendwie habe ich es Robben gegönnt

  7. Man Arjen eine letzte Saison wäre echt noch drin gewesen. Wenigstens als Joker. Bin ich 100 pro sicher das es ein Erfolg wäre, wenn gesund!

  8. Das schönste für immer ist das im Champion's League Finale, weil er Subotic abgehängt hat. Normalerweise wäre mir sowas egal, aber so wie er sich beim Elfer aufgeführt hat, den Weidenfeller gehalten hat, war das eine sehr große Genugtuung.

  9. Mental ist robben richtig stark, also wenn man so überragend nach so schweren Verletzungen zurückkommt. Ist schon beeindruckend.

  10. I'm really gonna be missing my guy in the Bayern Team….Great player he was! I remember
    how i was always looking forward to watch Bayern play and to see what move Robben would be making for my admiration.

  11. Eine Legende, wie er immer Alles gegeben hat für den Verein und geile Tore geschossen, aber auch Respekt wie er nach den ganzen Verletzungen immer wieder zurückkehrte.

  12. Also ich mag Bayern wirklich nicht! Aber Robben liebe ich seit 2013! Für mich ist einer der besten Spieler der Welt.
    Wir werden dich vermissen!!!❤️

  13. Robben at 2:58 “ I SIMPLY cut inside”

    Rest of football players: keep trying and no one can get close to how robben does it

  14. Ich hab geträumt von dir von unserer Wembleynacht. Wir haben den Cup gewonnen den Thron erklommen, der Arjen hat´s gemacht!

  15. Der Manu geht auch voll ab???
    Aber Robben ist der BESTE SPIELER den Bayern jemals hatte oder gehabt hat…….??

  16. Aryen ,I’m your fun from Poland.Bayern will be not the same with out you .You are an legend,what ever you think about polish I’ll tell you this.Bayern with out you is like Juve without Maldini or Baresi

  17. Nur das allerwichtigste Tor, dass ihn wirklich unsterblich gemacht hätte, versemmelte er. WM-Finale 2010 zwischen Spanien und Holland, kurz nach der Pause, als er alleine losziehen konnte. Für dieses Tor hätte er alle Bayern-Tore hergegeben, da bin ich mir sicher…..

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