Argentina vs Brazil 2018 | FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 | PS4 FIFA 18 GAMEPLAY

Argentina vs  Brazil 2018 | FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 | PS4 FIFA 18 GAMEPLAY

this match will feature Argentina
against Brazil it’s an international fixture here Alan
I’ll bring back memories for you and your England career well it is a bird
moment you start now you sing along to the national anthem and you just want to
do yourself justice representing your country we do talk a lot Alan about footballers
are expected to win I don’t think there are any more pressured footballers in
any club or any other country than those who play for Brazil if you don’t win any
game you’re branded a failure yeah and that’s what makes their achievements all
the more laudable they seem able most of the time to be able to handle that
pressure here’s the lineup Sergio Romero plays in
goal Javier Mascherano plays alongside nicolas ottoman date at the back Michael
DeMaria starts with Eduardo Salvio in the wide positions Sergio agüero is the
sole striker let’s check now on Brazil’s team Miranda
started makinia since central defense paulinho plays with casimiro in the
center of the pitch and just one out in our attacker in the liner and here’s the first touch of the game
and with Brazil playing this should be a great game Renato Augusto its Brazil breaking
forward Roberto Firmino let me know I stopped it in the nick of time it’s a
poor touch and their possessions gone away shut up no miscue here billion agüero speaking his mind dibala can he picked the right dibala
these refused to be beaten here for standing ovation from the fans and why
not water stop messing promising build up until that challenge
in quickly to really get at the opposition here wonderful goal have to see whether that
will change both managers approach to this game
the ways hit this one it’s flew off his boot to beat the keeper or is it goal worth replaying over and
over again isn’t it allayed then with Argentina Miranda back
without you Cimino here’s a chance to attack Carlini Oh
Cuttino on – dani alves patina now casimiro the equalizer here wonderful reflexes to
make the save from close-range Brazil have a corner corners taken good header very close
actually hit the frame of the goal yeah all got a booth in the crowd that one have you a masculine billion
dibala and he’ll DeMaria with some space in the
wide area we managed to keep it down put it into
the back of the net and the keeper just couldn’t greet you well if you look back
through the archives you’ll see that this player has scored quite a few from
these karna distances and it is a knack he’s tucked it away well out of the
goalkeepers reach and I love to see that don’t have to whack it from that kind of
position just side footed home just widen the margin here to to nil
paulinho now casimiro turn plus they bar really getting at the opposition this
far up the pitch now able to cut that out with some sharp movement Roberto
Firmino one back down that’s what you need the
defender to show his class and he’s done just that agüero Edoardo salvia
that you agüero that’s great defending their stopping that attack now casimiro Roberto Firmino with good vision here but on the ball in midfield well read by
the player in that part of the pitch Renato Augusto was good progress with
this attack when he slept it shut up the post it it’s gone out for a throw it Renato Augusto just read the intentions of the
opposition air to make the interception coming on strong and looking to play
their way through now you can saw the look from the other player and saw where
the pass was going and read it he’s had to go those scraps will the attack has
to feed on from the goalkeeper that time I’m home to the ball well
read by the defender neighbor watch it then look very good indeed but
the move is broken down it’s messy stopped him fatty clean just as well the
approach play looked very encouraging well played the goalkeeper good judgment
good hands Carly Nia Renato Augusto
we could be it laid in the clear it’s a superb ship and it just hit the top of
the Barrens gone out of play yeah just a little bit unlucky I think
you did everything you wanted to with that little clip philia agüero dojo agüero good work really to read the
intention of the pass Helia now he’s back with Brazil petunia Roberto Firmino to say that’s a brilliant goal but his
point-blank range but you’ve got to be there to score I’m going to be there to
miss it as well but he didn’t well that has been coming and they’ve played well
enough making so many chances they’ve taken this one it’s a dream day for
those forwards because no shortage of chance is created top day for them if we go again to one now Bessie no chance for something to
happen because there’s three added minutes and here they are on the attack
good vision here that will clear the danger Roberto
Firmino they bar
chance for Neymar the show is dribbling ability Marcela Roberto Firmino no time for an extra touch after the
tackle is out of harm’s way well this is half time that’s the whistle and 2 1 is
the score at this stage that’s a good performance isn’t it Alan
from him in the first half we’ve been wrong with his finishing on that goal
there we nearly added a second into the woodwork Argentina get the ball rolling for the
second half Edoardo salvia is Argentina attacking
here he’s very confident with the ball at his
feet that’s a wonderful tackle they bow out to Neymar out on the flank
chance to get the ball in the box wonderful save corner-kick given eye
catching safe well worth another look well he had no time at all to the act
top side corner swung in that’s broken down and I’ll have to try again neighbor well we’ve got an angle on this offside
call and I must say it’s the most difficult thing in all the officiating I
think but this assistant there’s got a girl eyes when I certainly won’t want to
do that job because the speed that players move now as it turns out what a
great call in with a challenge that’s your bra no Claire’s here forward
dark from palo de paola now agüero I’d cut off its a certain goal half gone and
they do lead now by two they’ve worked very hard for this it should get them
across the line at the end of the match we’ll see delightfully taken well that’s a lovely
poaches goal johnny-on-the-spot topic hope and here’s the goal again three-one the score line as we restart
the game paulinho Myranda Helia agüero now casimiro good position
they’ve worked this attack very well into a quite a dangerous position now for tenure let me know
very sharp reaction save from close in could really get at the opposition here hey ba chance to go at the opposition with pace
now this is an interesting attack break still off
dibala the defender has stranded the goalkeeper no chance for him earlier incident the big deflection well
that’s the life of the defender you try and put your body in the way but
sometimes it ricochets off let’s take another look at the goal and only we expected this such a
one-sided affair but look at the score line
here’s McKee Neos it’s messy Marcella in a wide area is named our
troop all played by Neymar quick-witted and quick in this movement
to to intercept there able to cut that out with some sharp
movement attacking now now the shot way off target
leave manager Alan is making this change here substitution will take place well
yeah I think he’d maybe tired towards the end here but it was a good
goal that he got and nearly had a second when he hit the woodwork Helia Edoardo salvia he’s coming forward with
some danger it’s an attack ships struck the post it
the chance to break away now on the counter Roberto Firmino have the team mate
the referee says free-kick it’s gonna be a change here for
Argentina Roberto Firmino well the head of fluid for a fine go
well I’ve always been in the mo of good headers and this was certainly one of
those the thumping effort didn’t they get it right delete the
plotting of the trajectory as the ball came in and the contact with the head
but when he can do that when he can jump ah he can he’s such a strong player very
hard to stop respective even more goals for to is the
score Edoardo salvia nice cut that out well
well-read now Cassie Mira
on the attack here too early offside well there’s nothing wrong with a pass
if you could have just stayed on side he was through ah Cunha good position they’ve worked this attack
very well into a quite a dangerous position now and the pressure on Messi
and he’s just taken the ball out of play that whole song you only sing when
you’re winning well they’re winning but they do when you’re singing when they’re
not what I known for all night and it certainly helped the players out on the
pitch there and spurred them on to victory well Alan it is the substitution now
well yeah I think he’d may be tired towards the end here but it was a good
goal that he got and he only had a second when he hit the woodwork turn coming up alfred antinea
Myranda now here’s a chance to get at the
opposition lena wonderful side and the decision is a corner here a short corner that could have tears the charts very
good stop here simple stuff okay state by the goalkeeper nice return pass continue this is a good opportunity to
put the ball into the penalty area now took put well back here Oh charge down
and the referee spotted that deflection he’s pointed for the corner well what a
good game he’s having to this point Alan well the goalkeeper will be hoping his
defenders can close him down a bit quicker because he has been peppering
them in and scored Cole has taken
put away but not out of harm’s way that you agüero quick-witted and quick in this movement
to to intercept that there Joe agüero he might be true a church
and that’s a corner argentina’s way played in by Messi chooses to punch who
the goalkeeper good technique and now Messi it’s a cleverly done
through ball from agüero keepers ball Edoardo salvia really getting at the opposition this
far up the pitch now we had to hold off that challenge to come away with the
ball final whistle from the referee good result to go with a good
afternoon’s work really because it wasn’t for League points or cut progress
but it was to get them right for those challenges ahead they didn’t look witty
they looked like a team that knew what they were doing out there today some
final thoughts on one of the better performers today Alan good performance
from him and I think that was probably the difference between the two teams yeah

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