Argentina scores Football perfection In Athens | The Olympics On The Record

Argentina scores Football perfection In Athens | The Olympics On The Record

Argentina was among the
founding members of the International Olympic
Committee, and sent a team to Paris
in 1900, the second Olympic Games
of the modern era. But it wasn’t until 1924
that Argentinian athletes first tasted Olympic Gold. That came in the sport of polo, long since dropped from
the Olympic programme. Argentinians won at least one
gold at every Game after that, until 1952. After that,
nothing. Argentina sent 1,076 athletes
to 11 Games over 52 years without ever hearing
the beloved national anthem. Other much smaller nations
triumphed over the course of that half-century,
but not Argentina. They may have had one of
the best Formula One drivers in history, Juan Manuel Fangio. They may have had tennis
players who won Masters like Guillermo Milas and
Gabriela Sabatini. They may have also won two
World Cups in dramatic fashion. But between 1952 and 2004,
Argentina mustered only nine silvers and eight bronzes. One group of Argentinian
athletes were hot favourites to triumph at Athens 2004. It was those athletes playing Argentina’s national
sport, football. The Olympic football tournament
had plenty of bright stars that year, Andrea Pirlo,
Asamoah Gyan, Tim Cahill and Daniele De Rossi were
mixing it up with a young kid who was already making
waves at Manchester United – an exciting young man
named Cristiano Ronaldo. But Argentina also had
a host of names who either were or would become
global superstars – Roberto Ayala,
Javier Mascherano, Gabriel Heinze and
Carlos Tevez, to name a few. And this group of young men
soon showed the world why they were the favourites. Game one. They demolished Serbia
and Montenegro 6-0. As the tournament went on,
Argentina turned on the style. Argentina scored so many goals
on their way to the final that it was almost as if they were being judged
on artistic merit. Gonzales with some artistic
flourish that we have come to expect, that will score highly with
the judges. And there it is, Carlos Tevez,
so graceful once again, showing why he’s so popular. Saviola now with just his
finish left and then a dismount, and he’s
done it beautifully! Oh, simply magnificent. It’s all well and good playing
beautiful football and scoring
a load of goals, but Argentina had another hero
on the pitch back then. German Lux, German Lux, German Lux, German Lux, aargh! German Lux, the young
goalkeeper from River Plate, may not have
been the most well known, but he was on his way
to a unique achievement. Lux played every match, but never had to pick the ball
out of his own net. Some games were harder than
others. But a lot of the time
he could afford to take it a little bit easier in goal. Even as the tournament
progressed, the games were supposedly
getting harder. It was almost as if he was
taking the old football saying “Park the bus”
a little too literally. After storming the semifinals
3-0 against Italy, it was all down to the final. Carlos Tevez made sure he was going to be
the Golden Boot winner early on with his eighth goal
of the tournament. Then it was over to… German Lux. If ever Argentina needed
to park the bus, it was now. They’re only just thinking
about parking the bus. They should have done that
before the match. No, they mean defend.
“Park the bus” – it means to put all of your
players in front of the goal. What, what about the bus?
Where’s it parked? Jan, there is no bus. Then how will they get home? He might not have had the most
strenuous of finals. He may have even tried
to spice it up a bit. But when it really counted,
Lux was the difference, determined that he would be
part of a perfect side. As the final whistle blew,
the team of young players knew just what they had achieved – the first Olympic Gold
for Argentina in 52 years. It was also the first Olympic
success for a nation of footballers,
the only trophy the country had not won in its illustrious
footballing history. Played six, won six.
17 goals scored, none conceded. A perfect tournament
by anyone’s standard. Go on, play that tune.
It’s been a while.

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  2. I was lucky enough to see them live in the semifinal vs Italy. Perhaps, that Argentinian team is the best football team i saw playing.

  3. I went last week to this stadium such great memories louis spyros …..I love you 2 ac milan champions league wins in it and argentina gold plus Athens 2004 Olympics

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