Are the Denver Broncos a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

Are the Denver Broncos a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

Are Trent Dilfer and Steve Young correct that
the Denver Broncos will be in the Super Bowl? Not can be, but will be? That’s not the way I would bet. I admire the
dark horse idea and I do think that Brock Osweiler’s presence and Brock Osweiler running
this offense that Gary Kubiak wanted all along has rejuvenated this team and has given this
team a new way to see themselves getting to the Super Bowl. I honestly believe that a good portion of
the defensive players when Peyton Manning was at quarterback — especially toward the
end of his nine game run this season — thought, this is never going to work. And since Brock Osweiler has taken over, yes,
I honestly believe that there were defensive players who were going we love Peyton Manning,
he’s a Hall-of-Famer but he should be sitting in a rocking chair because this offense stinks
and it’s going to mess up this defense. Is there an answer in there somewhere? Will
the Denver Broncos be in the Super Bowl? No. No. They won’t. I want to say yes but
if you want an answer: No, they won’t. I don’t think that the New England Patriots
will lose two more games. And I think the Denver Broncos will lose at least one more
game. Here’s why I doubt: I think if the Denver
Broncos played every playoff game at home, I would say yes. They can beat anyone at home. I admire Brock Osweiler. I admire that Brock
got on the cover of Sports Illustrated but you can’t go on the road with a first year
quarterback and expect to go to the Super Bowl. Early in the year, I thought the Denver Broncos
had a legitimate chance to be in the Super Bowl with the defense, with the … I believed
Gary Kubiak and his staff that the offensive line was going to get better. It hasn’t gotten
any better. It couldn’t get any worse. So, I guess you could assume. It’s just kind of
— just had its own way. And it’s just been about the same. Gary Kubiak
brought up yesterday that Brock Osweiler has been sacked in 2 1/2 games. Not even 2 1/2 games. Yeah, nine quarters. Ten quarters, 11 sacks. So, I don’t think — if that offensive line
is not going to hold up any better than that — there’s no way they can get to the Super
Bowl. But I also don’t believe the New England Patriots are going to lose two more games. I think we can sit here and talk about and
possibly the New England Patriots losing to the Houston Texans because Houston is emerging
and the game is in Houston. Nah, I don’t think that’s going to happen.
And the Patriots could possibly lose at the New York Jets. So, that’s what it’s going
to take. The Patriots have to lose two more games. The Broncos lose one more game. And
they both have the same record. Then the Broncos would get the edge because of the head-to-head.
They’re outside the division. That’s the number one tiebreaker. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t
think the Broncos can go to New England. You and I have seen it too often. Go to New England
and win a big game against the Patriots there. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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  1. Why is everyone calling Brock Osweiler a "First Year" or "Rookie" Quarterback. Last I checked he is a 4th year QB. He has spent the three previous seasons learning and maturing in this league, much like Aaron Rodgers, but I don't seem to remember people calling Rodgers a Rookie or 1st QB his fourth year (By the way I'm not saying Osweiler is as good as or better than Rodger). Can we please start referring to him as just a QB?

  2. The Offensive Line did not protect Peyton and got him really injured. The comments which I hear on this show amaze me sometimes. That same O line has a good possibility of getting Brock Osweiler seriously hurt, too!  I will say that until the O line rises to an NFL level in QB protection, a Super Bowl is only a dream.

  3. omg you beat the patriots, with the refs help (admit it, the refs were VERY one sided) and you think denver is going to the super bowl?! lol smh get real

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