Are Automatic Sports Cars That Bad?

Are Automatic Sports Cars That Bad?

– When the 991.1 GT3 RS came out, the world lit on fire. Angels cried, FI viewers stopped receiving heart reactions in the comments. Donut Media stopped yelling. (yelling) And Dakota stopped liking spicy food. Why? Well, that would be
because the GT3 RS came in an exclusive PDK (inhales) automatic transmission only. The world, it was terrified. Prices on the 997 variant skyrocketed, as it was deemed the
last true GT3 and GT3 RS. But in all honesty, was
it that bad of a decision? I mean, they did reintroduce
a manual transmission in the 991.2 for the
sake of their community being that upset. But they didn’t really want or need to. So that begs the question really, like, are automatic sports
cars actually that bad? Or, are we maybe, just
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it’s pretty neat. More of a passive call to action though, not really a main call to action. Anyway, enter the PDK. Porsche’s answer to the automatic battle. We’re gonna use them as an
example for this argument. Now, sport-oriented automatics
have been a thing for the Porsche brand specifically. They did it in the ’70s
with the Sportomatic system. Then a Tiptronic system in the ’90s. Now, unfortunately, that never
really quelled the manual enthusiasts that wanted to control a car with their second leg
and their second arm. They didn’t have either of those, it was a little bit of a rough time. But enter in the PDK, which stands for, it stands for the Porsche
Doppel Kupp, Kupp, Kupplungs. It stands for Porsche Doppel Kupplungs. It stands for Porsche
Kupp Doppel Kupplungs. Doppel Kupplungs. Porsche Doppel Kupplungs, or dual clutch has been in
development since the ’80s, and the race cars that they’ve
actually been a part of for over like 40 years. It’s been a development since then! It was in the racing series for the 956 and the 962 programs. It really didn’t see
light though until 2009 in 911 Boxster Cayman models. Yes, Boxster Cayman models. We don’t have to tell our friends that. The PDK’s dual clutch system
essentially allows the gear above and the gear
below to be preselected, so when do decide to tap
the levers, the levers, all the transmission needs
to do is switch clutches. This allows insanely quick up shifts and down shifts in milliseconds. Now for this example, the PDK uses the same gear
set and synchro as Porsche’s manual gear box equivalent, but with two different input shafts. And those shafts have
their own clutch pads. This is what allows the
preselection of the gears to actually happen when you are
just rolling around town, just playing along with
another car that’s next to you. For weight, the PDK is on
average about 45 pounds more than the manual equivalent. Which isn’t ideal, but
not terrible, when the initial revisions were near
around 90 to 100 pounds more. The argument with manual
seems to be that most often that people prefer the mechanical linkage between man and machine. Sure, that’s true. Manuals are fun. They let you scoot. They also are like the thing
that connects you to doing the fun stuff with the rear end of your car, or if you have a front wheel drive car, the old lovely turbo, you know,
you know, front wheel drive, a little cork steer thing
that you got going on. And you are the main reason
that the car is performing the way that it is. But, it’s not mechanically,
usually better. Many high-end performance
automatics have set the bar to allow the car to perform
at the best of its ability, while still having a driving experience. I know, it’s boring, but people
like you and people like me, grew up with Tiptronics
dominating the world, being the equivalent of a
dog trying to shift your car. But that’s not necessarily
the case anymore, at least, not with the sport automatics
that are coming out recently. So are all automatic
sports car really that bad. I mean, in short, probably not. It’s an innovation to
the driving experience. But just like those that prefer
to craft their own dinner table with their own hands,
and they got the wood tools, and you know they post the pictures on Facebook all the time,
and then it looks good, and they stain it, and then
they got to take a couple more pictures in the front, and
then they put in there, you know they put it in
their dinner table, or their dining room set, and then two
to three people compliment it. You know sometimes it’s like that, like doing it with your own hands, so that you can appreciate
the craftsmanship that goes into it versus just buying it from IKEA. You know, there’s a certain
attribute of having a manual gear box that will likely
never get replaced. And that’s why manuals are so fun, they’re just a raw visceral. That was a very journalistic
way of experiencing. It’s just a very fun way to enjoy the car. Now, that’s not to say that, for example, Porsche’s PDK isn’t
necessarily terrible either, because it’s definitely a ton of fun. We just may not be ready for
having the manual go away, at least for us, because
we still had to deal with the ole it taking like
three seconds to shift, which is sometimes how it goes. Next thing you know you’re
going to be just yelling profanities outside of your
porch window because you don’t like kids running out on your lawn. It happens. But anyway, let us know
what you think if automatics or manuals are going to be
the future of cars in the comment section below. And if you’re looking for
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awesome stuff like this. But anyway, I’m Alex
from Fitment Industries. We will see you later, peace.

100 Replies to “Are Automatic Sports Cars That Bad?”

  1. What do you prefer, auto or manual? Let us know! Also don’t forget to add your car to the largest online fitment gallery! —>

  2. Manuals are dying out, automatics deliver power and shift much faster then someone can with a manual, still prefer manuals though because of the driver engagement, it’s simply more fun. So I believe that automatics are going to take over but some manufacturers will still offer some cars in manuals for those groups of people like myself who are more of a purist

  3. The only auto I would drive is one with a kilduff shifter. Even then, not having a clutch would be pretty awkward. At the same time, many 6 speeds have no feel and simply cannot compete with 4 and 5 speed manuals.

  4. Seeing as the shifting on the new automatics is the quickest thing on planet earth i think for things like drag, and track racing automatics will be the future, but of course for drift, never gonna change itll be manuals, and rally will be manuals because you need that control of torque and power that a manual gives you, an automatic car is just gonna think oh im revving up lets go to a higher gear. Id love to see the invention of a transmission that can be automatic but at the same time can be driven like a manual if you want to do so. That would be the best.

  5. I have a suggestion. Can you do a video on when to use camber or control arms and camber bolts? Asking for a friend

  6. I don’t know shit about cars but why do people always cry about automatic cars I taught it was revolutionary that cars are now automatic

  7. Getting a manual is just about the enjoyment of driving your car these days. We all understand that Autos can shift quicker and give better performance these days but its still not what we want because we don't race our cars for money. We just want to enjoy driving. It is satisfying getting your shifts just right and the simple feeling that you are more in control and one with the car. You just don't get the same feeling when you just tap a button and everything is done for you. I hope manuals don't ever go away for sports cars at least. Everything but sports cars can go auto and it would not bother me in the least. But let us have the enjoyment in the cars that are made simply for the enjoyment of driving them. Because they are not just a mode of transportation they are a hobby.

  8. I notice people who exclusively kno how to drive auto are pro autos up until then happen to buy a manual then they're pro manual lol

  9. I want to everybody know before I watch this video:
    Automatic sport cars are not bad, they're better in accelaration.
    BUT! Would you drive an automatic Supra MK4?

  10. Some people love manual (me included) some people love automatic
    And everyone can agree that CVT is
    G A R B A G E

  11. I used to only drive manuals but since I lost my left leg ive been super thankful that there's dual clutch transmissions. Ive got one in my S4 and it's a whole different beast than a regular automatic. Allows me to do spirited driving and still enjoy my cars. Also if I want to be lazy and have the car do the work I have that option too.

  12. Having learned to drive on a shitty manual, I’ll tell you that I would chose a well tuned auto over a bad manual every day of the week.

  13. Well, neither as electric motors are the future of cars and they don't require any shifting but for now…those that want to win the race choose DCT and those that want the fullest driving experience (and best burnouts) choose the manual.

  14. I'll be honest, I love both. The insanely quick, crisp shifts from my dads 8 speed auto challenger RT are amazing. I think I have more fun in that vs my turbo mustang with a 5 speed manual.

  15. Manual will all ways be easy to change and maintain cost wise automatic DSG whatever the auto want to be will always cost more money to fix and harder to change maintain and with a manual 2-3 quartz of gear oil and automatic take way more and the more complicated it is the more it will cause so manual for ever

  16. Speed is good because it's fun.
    Manual is good because it's very fun.
    I pick manual although I have a lot of appreciation for good automatics.

  17. "Banging, Slapin, Knee Jerkin, Hip Twisting. I dont know that's what the cool kids say." Man, howd u know!!?!? 🤨

  18. Manual for fun and auto if you want a relaxing daily and/or care about being slightly faster than the manual version if it's a dct car

  19. If you're old then I'm a dinosaur. I'm from the days with autos were slower, heavy, less fuel efficiency and more expensive than manuals. There was almost no reason to consider one in anything remotely "sporty".

  20. I grew up in the manual life… I think as long as there's places with cheaper, smaller cars for budget crowds, there will always be manual options. But for any vehicle with sport performance in mind however, I can see dual clutch automatics becoming the norm. Now if these big wigs could create a "rolling jump start mode" for a clutch auto transmission, the game would be all over.

  21. Some people say automatics are just fast but manuals are more fun, but isn't speed fun? I guess that's the whole point, but hey apparently going 200mph isn't fun enough if the car isn't a manual

  22. I'd argue that it isn't so much that automatics have evolved which they have and are fun, but that many manual gearboxes have become worse in many cases. Rev hang everywhere, vague shifters, really poor gear ratios, and some atrocities like the Corvette's 7 speed shifter that locks out of certain gears which I know of no one that actually liked it.

  23. I drive an Auto Subaru Wrx and I'm too scared to goto car meets or anything like that because Wrx's are generally seen in manual

  24. Yes, automatics are that bad when compared to the fun factor of manuals. Why do people delude themselves with the fantasy that because they have the fastest and newest DCT they’re gonna slap every car they see and validate car companies killing the third pedal?

    Get real, most sports car owners never even see the track and even those that do aren’t setting any records

    Get a manual and have more fun, cause having fun is what actually matters for us street drivers!

  25. It seems there are more people who are gung-ho against automatics than there are people who actually buy manuals. If you look it up by the numbers, only 2% of all cars sold in 2018 were manuals. I love a manual as much as the next guy, but it is what it is.

  26. Someday we will have clutch pedals that tells the computer youre stepping on the clutch and shifters that tells the computer what gear you want then it does it for you. All because peopl wants to step on a clutch pedal and shift their own gear shifters.

  27. I prefer manual because… its what I like. i dont care if auto is faster, i dont care if it will do 0-60 .7 seconds faster, i dont care if its more consistent. I prefer to drive a manual because it is what I like. if you prefer auto, well then, tampons are on aisle 4. I honestly have both. I have a manual, and paddle shift auto. the auto is a good daily, but i always find myself wishing the third pedal was there.

  28. 3 pedals actually require skill to control, the new automatics with their launch control and traction control don't really require you to be that great at car control. Its not that automatics are bad, its that they enable any poseur to claim they are a "car person" and they love driving when in actuality the car is doing all the work. If a "super/exotic" car is as civil as the everyday fwd corolla. Then its just another soul-less appliance that gets you from point a to b.

  29. I have to say that I live in Chicago, and take the Express to work. my journey to work begins at 4:30 am and during that time if day I love every minute of my Audi A3 and my 6sp manual. Now fast forward some time and leaving work at 2:30 and getting stuck in Chicago rush hour driving past o'hare airport I absolutely hate the fact that my left leg is about to go numb and I curse myself for not getting a dsg. It's a trade off.

  30. Sports cars shouldn't be about being the fastest, they should be about having fun, and a manual is more fun than an auto. I don't care if the auto is faster, manual only for me

  31. Automatic sports cars are just expensive transportation for when you have money but no ability to do it yourself.

  32. Sure you could drive an automatic sports car but you could also live on microwave meals or make love in only the missionary position because it's "good enough." Why would you want to though? 🤔 Do you have no soul or no passion? Are you that dead inside?

  33. My take is the manual transmission causes driver fatigue just look a big rigs aka semi trucks their a converting from manual to automatic for new truck purchases because of MPG and drivability for newer drivers and different modes can be selected when driving in different weather conditions like snow and ice so the vehicle can limit engine power and available gears to use to keep wheel spin aka wheel slippage down or none at all for going up hill or down hill a manual transmission can’t handle that configuration all that well and because of the automatic transmission option it can work in conjunction with the jakebreak system with out having to push different buttons to engage it if the truck also has a yaw sensor in the cab of the truck.

  34. No autos are not nearly as fun. You’re not getting old. I’m 16 and I hate driving autos now that I’ve learned manuals.

  35. Stick shift drivers are in the minority… Majority is what drives sales.. so we are screwed, but what kept manual around was that it was faster and more fuel efficient and cheaper… Now that's no longer the case

  36. I don't hate automatic transmission. It is just funny that car move slowly even I don't touch gas pedal. It is not perfect. It is for people who can't drive.

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