AQUAMAN – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

AQUAMAN – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

Legend has it that
one day… a new king will
come… who will use the power
of the trident… to put Atlantis back
together again. – This is the exact spot
that Vulko gave me my first swimming
lesson. – I already know
how to swim. – Not even close. You have to forget all the
teaching of the surface world. Go deeper to uncover
your Atlantean instincts. He’s spent his entire
life training. Training to be the
best. – My parents made me
what I am. I am the protector of
the deep. – In this trident… resides the power
of Atlantis. In the wrong hands,
it would bring destruction. But in the hands of
the true heir it would unite above
and below. – The time has come for
Atlantis to rise again. – We must stop him. – And how do you propose
we do that? – By retrieving this. – I already got one
of those. – Not like this one,
you don’t. – A war is coming to the surface
whether you like it or not. – Your mother always knew
you were special. She believed… you’d be the one to unite
our two worlds. – Atlantis has always
had a king. Now, it needs
something more. – But what could be greater
than a king? – A hero.

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  1. How many times can the same sound effect be used? Big huge diving bass boom that rattles the speakets, followed by silence then big explosion. Dramatic dialogue—- dramatic dialogue —–then another big huge basey diving explosion boom thingy followed by silence and then another big ass explosion then dramatic dialogue—–, dramatic dialogue…

  2. This movie wasent underrated that much least not to fans but im happy dc finally put a good one put either i think the score should of been a solid 80 on rotten not freakin 65 tho…

  3. Aquaman, please marry Mermista on the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon! The trailer for season 2 just dropped!!

  4. I’m i the only intelligent person on this planet? I mean if we’re talking about real setting just like Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Night, I’m all for it, But the CGI is so ridiculous, Might as well had lunch the movie on a console station.. The origin story of Aquaman so badly executed, A man looks down a cliff and sees a part mermaid laying there and therefor fall in love? Come’on man! Could of written a better story at 3 years old when i was having fever chills, And so i’m just really dissapointed in the opportunity that DC missed with all this loved characters, This is why i still stick to Christopher Reeves Superman movies, While a fantasy story is still seems believe and mostly enjoyable!

  5. The under water city looks ausome and it's better then any other Atlantis version I have seen in ever. Aquaman was an awesome hero

  6. In the opening scene of the movie when he's by the water and looks down and yells Is that you Auntie Em, Yes! Yes! it's me Andy. I'm a gonner Andy. Tell Opie I sure am gonna miss him. Say goodbye to goober and all towns folks. Truly an epic movie

  7. Anyone know where I can find the song for this? Not the original but the trailer version, like how it’s remixed from the original??? Thanks!

  8. I wasn't excited for this movie, after all this is DC we're talking about. But having seen it I can't get over how completely off the rails it was. In the best way. The script could have been better, the humor wasn't always on point. That said this movie took every opportunity to go for awesome spectacle and it worked. I love this film! Kudos for just going for it!
    Now if Sony can get Robotech rolling and bring James Wan back in.

  9. Marvel vs DC!
    Man of Steel vs Iron man 3
    Batman v Superman vs Captain America civil War
    Suicide squad vs Dr strange
    Wonder woman vs Spider-Man Homecoming
    Justice league vs Avengers infinity war
    Aquaman vs black panther
    SHAZAM! Vs captain marvel

  10. If humanity is playing racism, then it is everywhere. Discrimination and Racism in everything human.Another race.Even in this movie.

  11. marvel is good . But even though they could never be able to erase DC imprints because DC doesn't focus on realism and allow us to dream !

  12. Only just now I watched this movie AQUAMAN..IT WAS AMAZING!!!! No words can express how much I loooovvvveeee this movie. ?????? Everything's beyond ppeerrrfffeeeccctttt…

  13. Never seen a movie that looks as if it came straight from the comics, as much as this one did… The colors, visuals and the fight scenes was better than any other superhero movie and it currently deserves it's spot as the number one highest grossing DC film to date!

  14. I still remember those days when I used to watch this trailer around 20 times a day without any fear of preparing for my mid exams

  15. I really wanted to see the Aquaman movie but I can't find it on YouTube because I'm on the phone and if I want to watch the full movie I had to pay that online and I'm only 8 years old

  16. I can't express how beautiful this music is alone, and the movie itself is still one of the best superhero movies made. Bravo DC, bravo. The music really made it even more amazing especially this song.

  17. You can watch Aquaman on 4K or any digital experience to see it only you want to see on summer. That could've made it into an epic water hero movie in summer.

  18. David Kane: I've waited a long time for this
    Arthur curry: am I supposed to know who you are?
    David Kane: I scoured the high seas, you're the aquaman we were bound to me at some point
    Arthur curry: let's not make this a habit
    10 minutes into the movie
    Black manta: you thought you could walk away
    Arthur curry: I thought I told you not to make this a habit

  19. Comment # 24 , 600
    It TooK the rival company to give an accurate, albeit older, portrayal of Ariel ALMOST to the "T"

  20. This movie was awsome, i don't care what the critics say, at the end of the day the box office has the final say about any movie and not so much the critics.

  21. Jason Momoa would have made a much better Lobo. Why they cast him as the Sea Horse Whisperer I will never know.

  22. -Atlantis has always had a king
    Now it needs something more.
    -But what could be greater than a king?..
    -A hero.

  23. I remember the cartoon aquaman riding on the seahorses & talking to the sea animals jason nailed it good job ?‍♂️????????

  24. The biggest crime this movie committed was not using this music as Aquaman's theme. This trailer with this music is inSANE

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