100 Replies to “Aqua Moto Racing Utopia – Official Trailer | PS4”

  1. man so generic looking … Next time just go arcade all out kind of Graphic's. Even Wave Race 64 is better looking !

  2. Im glad this is coming out on ps4 because i remember playing these type of games on the ps2. Ahhh so much memories

  3. We need an open world Armored Core game PSN and gaming co's!!!! Huge awesome open world with fully customizable mechs! I have had the Playstation 4 for 5 years and not a single one has come out!!!!!! >:I !!!

  4. SONY hear me now you need to get rid of PS PLUS and allow free online multiplayer. You need to then allow Crossplay with all platforms. QUIT BEING ANTI-CONSUMER

  5. ХВатит штамповать хуйню! графон блять как на второй плойке! не позорьтесь, ёба

  6. Reminds me of wave race 64. Thinking back though….when are they remaking JetX20

    Edit: just in case people call it JetXtwenty, it's actually Jet X two o

  7. Bring back Wave Race ? or i will

    do absolutely nothing & just nag about old times playing wave race on N64 ?

  8. Didn't this game come out a while ago? Why are we getting another trailer after the game came out in Nov 2016?

  9. The water and it's effects look very last gen or earlier. I'd also go as far to say this looks like a "port over" from last gen. With that being said, it does look fun and I do like co-op/online feature.

  10. ウェーブレース的なゲームは定期的にやりたくなるけど、インディーズゲームなのか、グラフィックが残念な感じだね。

  11. suppose i do add a bank emoji over on capitalists twitter lol ??? who knowz I played Pacman today either way

  12. The comparison between this game and Jet X2O (which I have played back in the past) is that there are more characters and fewer tricks. In the former game, there were eight characters (5 men, 3 women) and eight courses, four of which had to be unlocked. There were 26 standard tricks in the game and 32 tricks that were specific to each character, and each race was composed of 6 players.

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