Apply for a Job & Stand Out

Apply for a Job & Stand Out

– So, what I would suggest is one, obviously, apply in
whatever way that they’re asking and then go way above and beyond. Take out your phone,
make a two minute video, a 60 second video, I am so and so, I am applying for your job for XYZ, and find a specific person,
like who’s the hiring person? Who’s the person you’ll be working for? Who’s the CE-whatever? And be like, I’m so passionate about this, here’s why I wanna work here, here’s why I’m gonna help you do this, and why I wanna be there, I wanna be a part of this because … Get that passion across,
send them a video link in addition to what you just … No one does it. Out of the thousand people
that apply, no one does it. The one person that does, if
you have that right connection, you’re at least gonna get a reply and best case, you’re gonna get hired. And I can tell you, as a company that hires so many people and
getting to see so many resumes it’s just like, no one does it, no one’s willing to do it and if you are, oh my God, you stand
out like crazy, crazy.

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  1. Great insight. It's funny how something SO simple can prove to be incredibly effective. I'm really diggin' these shorter format videos, you're making me consider adding this type of variety to my channel.

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