Aphelios Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Aphelios Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

A silent, dedicated Lunari warrior, Aphelios
consumes a poison to channel the voice of his sister, Alune. She guides him from her sanctuary, sending
him a powerful array of moonstone weapons to destroy the enemies of their faith. A high-strategy marksman with access to a
massive arsenal, Aphelios takes the game you know and shoots it over the moon. Patience is key to master the Weapon of the
Faithful. Welcome to the Aphelios champion spotlight. Aphelios has access to five different weapons,
each with a different passive and active ability. There’s Calibrum, the sniper rifle. Severum, the scythe pistol. Gravitum, the gravity cannon. Infernum, the flamethrower. and Crescendum, the chakram. Two weapons are equipped at any given time:
a main-hand and off-hand. Each weapon has limited ammo, consumed via
basic attacks and active abilities. When one runs out of ammo, the next gun in
his arsenal replaces it, sending the exhausted weapon to the back of the line. Aphelios has a uniquely designed HUD, which
displays his currently equipped weapons, how much ammo they have, and their corresponding
active abilities. Use W to switch between your main-hand and
off-hand weapons. The HUD also shows you a glimpse of the next
weapon Alune will send once a weapon runs out of ammo. Consider your current arsenal and ammo before
you begin a fight, so you can use the best combos for any situation. Let’s take a closer look at each moonstone
weapon. Calibrum, the sniper rifle, is best for long-range
poke and harass. Who would have thought? Its active ability is a skillshot that marks
its target. Once marked, the enemy is revealed, and Aphelios
can follow up with his off-hand weapon from any distance. If there are multiple marked enemies in an
area, Aphelios can target one to deal bonus damage, consuming all nearby marks. Whether in the main-hand or off-hand, any
damage-dealing ability will apply the mark as well. Severum, the scythe pistol, restores health
with each attack. This effect can overheal, granting Aphelios
a small shield. Severum’s active ability boosts movement speed
and rapidly fires both his main- and off-hand weapons at any nearby enemies. Remember, this also applies the passive from
his off-hand weapon. Oh, hi, Mark. Gravitum, the gravity cannon, applies a decaying slow on each hit. Gravitum’s active ability damages and roots
all enemies affected by the slow. This ability doesn’t use his off-hand weapon. Infernum, the flamethrower, blasts enemies
with a damaging area of effect. Each shot deals bonus damage and explodes
in a cone. If your attack crits, the area of flame widens. Infernum’s active ability spouts a wave of
flame, which triggers the off-hand gun to basic attack all affected foes. Crescendum, the chakram, is a close-range
weapon that behaves like a boomerang. You can’t attack again until the chakram swings
back around, so the closer you stand, the quicker you attack. Critical strikes make the chakram return even
faster, so the correct build and positioning can provide absurd DPS. While Crescendum is in your off-hand, landing
any ability other than with Gravitum will store mini chakrams. They deal bonus damage when auto attacking
with Crescendum. Crescendum’s active ability creates a turret
trap that activates to shoot the nearest target with your off-hand weapon, applying its passive
effect. This turret will also benefit from any attack
speed and crit that Aphelios has built. Looks like Leona’s feeling the gravity of
this situation. Aphelios’ ultimate, Moonlight Vigil, fires
a missile that explodes on contact. He then applies an enhanced passive from his
main-hand weapon. Muse about the power of a Supermassive Black Hole from the Gravity Cannon. Or a surprise Flamethrower with tons of damage. Think wisely about how your weapon can change
the flow of the fight. You’ve always got two options. Maybe more if you can empty your clip in time. Different weapon combos each have their strengths,
allowing for different play styles. Aphelios always starts with the Sniper Rifle
and Scythe Pistol, which grants him solid poke and sustain during the WANING phase. By mid game, using the Flamethrower on main-hand
and the Gravity Cannon on off-hand can help you set up ganks by spraying foes with fire
and rooting them in place. Now let’s take a look at a baron fight and
how Aphelios would approach it differently based on his active arsenal. Say you hit the baron pit with the scythe
pistol in the main-hand and chakram in the off-hand. The pistol’s active ability provides Aphelios
with extra mobility to stay alive and kite. The chakram in the off-hand builds mini chakrams so you can swap weapons and deal heavy damage afterwards. But what if you came to the fight with a different
set of weapons? Equip the gravity cannon in the main-hand
with the off-hand flamethrower, and Aphelios can start the fight on his own terms. His ult applies the gravity cannon’s passive
slow to the enemy team. Using his active ability to, he’ll root them,
allowing him to swap to the flamethrower and incinerate them. Or take it one more time with the sniper rifle in the main-hand and the gravity cannon in the off-hand. This setup lets Aphelios ult into the enemy
team, marking them all. Aphelios can then use the sniper’s active
ability to poke and mark the enemy team as they run. With the off-hand gravity cannon, he can apply the passive slow, then swap in and root them with its active. With so many styles of combat, Aphelios rewards players with high game knowledge and strategic patience. Learn the best combos and when to use them
so you can showcase your galaxy brain. Don’t be PHASED by the sky-high skill ceiling:
this lune-atic is a challenge to learn, but fulfilling to master. For more illumination on Aphelios and his
wea-PUNS, check out the links below.

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  1. Dear Rito Games
    Please! Before you released a new champion make sure that they are balanced!! Since the release of Zoee every new champion after her release is overpowered!! In such a big moba this shouldn't be happening!!

  2. aphelious: I have the highest skill ceiling
    Yasuo: you don’t have E
    Aphelious: I have access to 5 weapons
    Yasuo: you don’t have E
    Aphelious: it takes a spreadsheet to learn my abilities
    Yasuo: oh, that’s cool, but you still don’t have E (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  3. Any1 who play this champ, i will instantly report for cheat and full explonation to riot that the dude who made this champ is on so heavy drugs.

  4. I thought too at first that learning to play Aphelios is hard but when i get to try him yesterday, it's actually not that hard. He has 10 possible weapon combinations and 20 different ways of playing each pair so learning what each pair does is important to play Aphelios effectively. Also, you can choose the pairings of the weapons.

  5. Riot, you'll never see this, but you need to stop letting CertainlyT design champions. He does not consider what is fun to play against, he only considers what is fun to play. His champions are some of the most despised and banned champions in the game – Akali, Yasuo, Zoe, and now this monstrosity.

  6. While I think he's a cool champion with a unique design and kit, let's be honest, he will never be in a balanced state, he simply has too many variables compared to anything else in LoL

  7. I really love that Riot is releasing new champions although they should slow down for a little but come on this is sooooo complicated. Why is it that every new champion has 20 abilities and I have to read more about his passive and how the champion works than actually doing my 5 page long essays that i have for homework. The new champions provide unique gameplays for the game and add some spice but i wish champions weren't as complicated as the last 3 or maybe 10 i don't know anymore. Simpler new champions like Kled, Aatrox, Galio, Ornn, Xayah and Rakan are way more healthy for the game and are loved by the community way more than Sylas, Zoe, Kai'sa, Neeko and Quiana who provide only pain and suffering for both the opponents and the players . I wish Riot can keep up their amazing work but go back to an older style of game design yet keeping their creativity. On another note it would also be great if we have events and gamemodes every one or two months like Odyssey (the best even for me), Bilgetwater, Nexus Blitz, Vs, One for all, PvE and many more that i don't have time to mention. It really makes the game as enjoyable as it is

  8. Did anybody get what this champion is all about? cos the only thing i got that he's overcomplicated af and in competetive play he probobly going to be Br0k3N for sure.

  9. I don’t knock the creativity but my question is ‘why’? This just seems like far too much and how on earth will you keep him in check? Surely this champ will either be too good or flat out awful.

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