Annoying Orange Let’s Play – FIFA 14 (Orange & Midget Apple VS. Marshamallow & Grapefruit)

Annoying Orange Let’s Play – FIFA 14 (Orange & Midget Apple VS. Marshamallow & Grapefruit)

-Hey, hey, everybody! Today we’re really “kicking” it
up a notch with FIFA 14! [laughs]
Let’s play! Everyone here?
-Grapefruit is. -Little Apple’s here.
-I love playing basketball! Yay! -(Orange)
Um… one, two, three… Not on Marshmallow’s team!
-(Midget Apple) Me either. -(Grapefruit) Wait, what just–
are you kidding me? Did I just get stuck
with the player who doesn’t even
what sport we’re playin’? -(Orange) Yep!
-(Midget Apple) Sorry! -(Marshmallow) Ya-ha-ha-hey!
-[Grapefruit sighs] Let’s just get this over with,
I suppose. -(Orange)
All right! Let’s “kick” their butts,
Midget Apple. -(Midget Apple) Ha, ha, ha!
Sounds like a plan, man. -(Grapefruit) You’d love
to kick my butt, wouldn’t you? Well, it’s not gonna happen,
fellas. I’ve been playing
this game so much lately. -(Midget Apple)
Oh, yeah? -(Grapefruit) Yeah, like
an embarrassing amount of times. -(Marshmallow)
YAY!!! -(Grapefruit)
Marshmallow, throw it in. -(Marshmallow)
Where am I? Where am I? -(Grapefruit)
Marshmallow, where’s your guy? You gotta throw it in. -(Midget Apple) Oh, brother.
-(Grapefruit) Oh, boy. -(Marshmallow)
Yay! I helped! -(Grapefruit)
Congratulations, Marshmallow. You threw the ball in. -(Midget Apple)
Yes! Yes! There it is! Oh… almost. -(Grapefruit) Marshmallow,
we gotta pick it up, all right? That was too easy.
-(Marshmallow) Oh, okay! -(Grapefruit) Okay, just get
ready, okay? Here it comes! -(Midget Apple)
Oh! Oh! Yeah! -(all except Grapefruit)
Goal! -(Grapefruit) Yes, we get it.
You guys scored a goal. Congratulations.
-(Orange) Goal…! -(Midget Apple) ♪ Celebrate
good goals, come on ♪ Oh, yeah! -(Marshmallow)
I love yelling “goal”! Yay! -(Grapefruit) Marshmallow,
don’t encourage ’em. -(Orange) Here comes the replay!
-(Marshmallow) Replay! -(Grapefruit) Ugh!
We don’t need to watch this. -(Orange) Uh yeah, we do.
Watch it and weep, buddy. -(Orange & Midget Apple) Replay!
-(Midget Apple) Yeah-ha-ha-ha! -(Grapefruit) Now kick it to
someone on our team and… -(Marshmallow)
Okay! Here it goes! -(Grapefruit)
No, that’s their team! -(Marshmallow)
But I like their jerseys better. -(Grapefruit) That doesn’t mean
you should give them the ball! -(Marshmallow)
But I believe in sharing. Yay! -(Grapefruit) Here we go. Here
we go. Here we go. Here we go. Marshmallow! No!
Dang it, Marshmallow! -(Marshmallow)
What? What happened? -(Grapefruit)
You were offsides. -(Marshmallow)
What? What’s “offsides”? -(Grapefruit)
I don’t have the time to teach you the rules
of football right now. -(Orange) You get four downs.
If you get to the end, you score a touchdown! [laughs]
-(Marshmallow) Oh! -(Grapefruit) Don’t listen
to him, Marshmallow. He’s trying to confuse you with
a different type of football. -(Marshmallow)
It’s working! Yay! -(Grapefruit) A different
and lesser type of football, I might add.
-[Orange laughs] Yeah, right! -(Grapefruit)
All right! This is our chance. After I kick it,
attack the ball! -(Marshmallow)
Ooh, that sounds scary. Oh, the poor ball.
-(Orange) Kick-a the ball. -(Grapefruit)
Keep at it, Marshy. Don’t give up! Don’t give up!
-[Orange laughs] Yeah, right. -(Grapefruit) Okay, uh,
we can give up now probably. We’re doin’ it! We’re actually
doin’ it! It’s happenin’! No! Dang it, Marshmallow! -(Midget Apple)
All right, here we go again. -(Orange) Swing-batta-batta!
Swing-batta– Oh, wrong game.
Sorry about that. -(Midget Apple) Aw, man.
-(Marshmallow) What happened? -(Grapefruit)
Phew! Okay, nice stop, Marshy. -(Marshmallow)
Yay!! What’s a corner? -(Grapefruit) Are you asking me
what a corner kick is or do you not understand
the concept of a corner? -(Midget Apple)
Oh! Almost! -(Grapefruit) It’s a good kick!
Put it in! Put it in! -(Marshmallow) Yay!!
-(Midget Apple) Nope! [laughs] -(Grapefruit) Yes! A penalty!
-(Marshmallow) Yay!!! -(Midget Apple) Aw, man!
-(Marshmallow) I love penalties! -(Grapefruit)
In your face, Orange! [chuckles] -(Orange)
Look how incredulous I look. I’m all, “What did I do? I didn’t do whatever
you say I did.” I can’t believe it!
[laughs] -(Grapefruit) And you won’t
believe this penalty kick when it comes at you. I bet you’re wondering which
way it’s coming, aren’t you? Aren’t you? [chuckles]
You have no idea. You don’t have the foggiest idea the damage I’m about to do
to your pride. Okay, here we go. No!!!
[Orange laughs] -(Marshmallow)
Yay! -(Orange)
That was the easiest stop ever. [laughs] I stopped your goooal!
[laughs, imitates buzzer] -(Grapefruit) This is the
worst moment of my entire life. -(Midget Apple)
All right. Here we go again! -(Orange)
♪ I don’t wanna work ♪ ♪ I just want to kick
the ball all day ♪ Whoo-hoo!
[laughs] -(Grapefruit)
All right, Marshmallow. Learn from your mistake earlier. Whatever you do,
do not kick it to their team. -(Marshmallow)
You mean like this? -(Grapefruit)
Yes. Exactly like that. -(Orange & Midget Apple)
Goooooal! -(Marshmallow)
Yay! You scored! Gooal! -(Grapefruit) Stop yellin’ that!
-(Marshmallow) Yippee! -(Orange) Hey guys,
what do you want for snacks? You want to “kick” around
some ideas? [laughs] -(Midget Apple) Orange, bring
your guys over to the corner. We’re wrestling!
-(Orange) Sorry. I’m running my guy in victory
circles instead. [laughs] -(Grapefruit) This celebration
is gettin’ ridiculous. -(Orange & Midget Apple)
Replay time! -(Grapefruit)
Please don’t make us watch this! Oh, I’m beggin’, Orange!
-(Midget Apple) Sorry. Can’t hear you over all this
winning, Grapefruit. [laughs] [vuvuzela sounding]
-(Grapefruit) Is that…? Where did you get a vuvuzela?
-(Midget Apple) That’s right! Do the Apple Dance!
Sweet cross! Whoa! Yeah! Goooal!
-[Orange laughs] Now, that’s using your head,
Midget Apple. [laughs] -(Midget Apple) Whoo-hoo!
-(Orange) Gooooal! -(Marshmallow)
This is my favorite game ever! -(Grapefruit) Marshmallow?
Whose team are you on? -(Orange & Midget Apple) Replay!
[Marshmallow giggles] -(Grapefruit)
I give up. I give up. -(Orange)
And the game winds to a close, and Grapefruit retreats
back to whence he came with his tail between his legs.
[laughs] -(Grapefruit) I suppose I
learned a valuable lesson today. My real-life skill and
encyclopedic knowledge of football does not necessarily
translate to FIFA 14. -(Marshmallow)
Yay!! Did we win? [Grapefruit growls with rage,
others laugh] -Well, that’s it for now, fruit-
lovers. Thanks for watching! And be sure to leave ideas
for the next Let’s Play episode in the comments below.
Until next time… VUVUZELA!
[blowing] Captioned by [laughs]

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  1. Play Fifa 19 juventus and Barcelona orange and miget Apple as juventus and grape fruit as barcelona if he is a real man

  2. AO:um 1,2,3
    M.a:me either
    Grapefruit:wait, what just–are you..are you kidding me did i get stuck with the player who doesnt even what sport we're playin?

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