Announcing Fordzilla – Ford’s new esports team

Announcing Fordzilla – Ford’s new esports team

Gaming is a massive … and it’s getting bigger It’s already bigger than movies and
music industries .. combined Ther are more than 2 billion gamers in the world So how can Ford talk to this passionate audience? The answer: The answer: Fordzilla The answer: Fordzilla. Ford’s new esports team Gaming is a cultural phenomena so many of us play games so many of us love games esports where gamers compete against each other is huge! In 2019, the audience will reach 435.8 million people watching livestreams, and going to the stadium to watch their favourite player competing against all the others and it’s huge the atmosphere is so good and it’s getting even bigger from year to year and half of these people are serious esport enthusiasts and now, for the first time ever … we are launching our own Ford esports team with the name: Fordzilla So in the end of 2019 we’re looking for these players and in 2020 we want to compete. So, Fordzilla is about having fun … and of course racing hard.

11 Replies to “Announcing Fordzilla – Ford’s new esports team”

  1. Oh, the car company for retired people is into gaming now? Let me grab my walking frame so I can reach the joystick of my Commodore 64.

  2. This is awesome and i would like to compete! But why Forza Motorsport? – Its only on Xbox.. Issent it better to use a game there more players own? Now i have to buy an xbox and wheels for that console :O

  3. Can't wait to buy a Ford car from one of these games… oh… wait… Ford discontinued all their performance cars (excluding the Mustang) in the US…

  4. Nice ! Competed in your comp @gamescom and set a good time haha had the chance to ride the 4d playseat. Good to see a car manufactor participating in the online community this way !

  5. Perfect. So y'all only race ford? That will make my job super easy. Never lost to a ford yet! Mopar or no car

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