Animator Vs. Cartoonist Redrawing Classic Cartoon Characters

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Redrawing Classic Cartoon Characters

hey Jackie hey Kevin what are we doing today today we’re spinning a wheel then we’re gonna draw what’s on the wheel great that I get something that I really really like okay I got to spin first what anime episode baby I don’t know anything about Salem Moon she transforms and fights crime okay which minion are you choosing Jason I’m choosing to draw the one with the one eye are you excited to draw Sailor Moon can I be honest with you I’m very nervous because the internet loves their anime and if you screw anything up when it comes to anime they will let you know so you got sonic which is a hot button issue right now very hot button issue I went to watch the movie because it feels like a embodiment of a cart crash in slow motion should I draw a he-man with his like pink vest or him with his shirt off when he’s like got all the power his shirts gotta be off man yeah and they just the iconic he-man look so I don’t draw on an anime style at all I can’t do it know so I’m not even gonna try okay I’m going to draw a Americanized version of Sailor Moon that’s a good plan I think people have done that before right so I’m not alone you’re not alone you also people love their Sailor Moon yes Oh people love their Sailor Moon and if you mess up even once it’s gonna really ruin everything everyone’s gonna notice when you’ve watched the trailer for the first time it was her initial reaction okay so there’s a lot of things about the design that I feel like could look more appealing if it looked less realistic yeah like the lips were a little off-putting feeling good about Naruto I grew up reading Naruto I love that guy I’m gonna be drawing og Naruto young guy cuz he grows up during the course of the series right yeah I’m gonna draw the minions the way I think a deformed creature made by a super villain civ look I’m gonna draw a very buff the buffest he-man the world has ever seen relatively close to the original cuz I do naturally draw stuff pretty cartoony but uh yeah I think I’ll add you know make his eyes a little bigger make him a little cuter so the real minion just looks like a till it pill with an eye wearing like trousers so I’m gonna do a monstrosity version of that Naruto is constructed like a real boy you know he’s not cartoony well obviously like it’s like cartoon it’s anime I’m gonna go for a more exaggerated he-man look his original construction no man if you go to like a life drawing class and just give the dude some like blonde friar boy hair it’s kind of what you get with he meant here’s what I know about Sailor Moon she changes into Sailor Moon kind of like how Diana Prince changes into Wonder Woman right they like spin around and there’s like magic and then she was gonna say to me and I know that she’s part of like a girl force yes of like five or six other fighters are they all also nautical based nautical based yeah this is sailor oh she’s not actually a sailor no Internet I’m so sorry Luffy is very lanky really a real tall guy but he’s got like a nice kind of elasticity to him cuz he’s a he’s a comical character you know I think I really want to keep that intact might just add a little bit of geometry to like his back and his body and stuff here’s a little tip for you kids oh if you are drawing a face and you want to know if your proportions are correct I highly recommend taking your drawing and flipping it horizontally as I just did and now I can see that boy her eye is wrong place so do you think you’re gonna go you’re gonna want to sonic the Ruby though we’ll see honestly I’m interested to see how they alter it because they are gonna change his characters own friend did you watch he-man growing up absolutely not I don’t think they were even doing like reruns in the 90s / mm mine our toe is definitely a fan art Naruto I’m just drawing him as I would draw anybody else in my style oh he is like Conan the Barbarian boots he’s basically Conan the Barbarian for kids oh yeah I guess so I guess that’s their being inspired by that stuff yeah inspired with quotes I think one of my favorite parts of Sailor Moon is that it’s got lots of fun expressions oh yeah yeah I don’t know if you’ve seen any of them ever but it’s not that it goes off model but you know how an anime they often do like oh right like when they get really excited they suddenly turn into G B yeah I think Sailor Moon does it best I don’t know if this even has the essence of Sonic it’s it’s Sonic at Jason’s okay so I just noticed that she has a forehead band that I did not put in my drawing and so the internet would be very upset if I didn’t so I got a almost died so this is the best part about he-man the way I am most familiar with him is that 4 Non Blondes meme Jason do you know what I’m talking about I don’t remember that I don’t know the name do you know oh no I do when they’re dancing in the pin the bar yeah yeah yeah yeah and they like cut together just like a couple of frames of he-man like doing like a little twist and it looks like he’s dancing that’s about as good as the Internet guy all right home stretch Jackie how you feeling feeling good feeling ready are you ready I’m getting close I think this is the best I can do you know I’m done this is Sonic I’m so excited to see you dun dun dun I think my minions done all right I do not know what I was thinking with the PO is in this one it’s weird I think my drawings are really reminiscent of what I grew up drawing do a lot of spider-man and like when I think of characters they all have like gangly moving limbs I think I did do it I think he looks cool I took a different approach and sort of emphasize the muscular aspect of the character I think I am very successful at making people upset I’m sorry everybody I think I did okay it is not anime at all nothing wrong with that nothing wrong it’s fan art and for what it is I think I’m pretty proud of it you know what that’s all that matters oh my god Jason I think the minion brought out some of the best in you oh so it’s so joyful yeah yeah all right it really isn’t anime but it really is Kevin’s Drive thank you I like it thank you if Sailor Moon was on ice in New York this is the girl that would play her what cure did is to make him much more fun and bouncy you can almost see what dance he’s gonna do next he-man is so ridiculous I love that his drawing embraces that like he looks impossibly muscular you made him a lot cuter there’s a lot more appeal to him you know his original character is very it’s very realistic I feel like this Naruto has a lot more fun the reference image you have right now that’s an angry nerd is he angry most of the time no he’s very goofy Oh Naruto’s a goofy guy okay I think you really captured the essence of how radical he is the hair got it its iconic we did some creepy science experiments to this minion and yeah a monster although he’s still got some of that like minion appeal this would be like an anime like a manga adaptation yeah Despicable Me I think you can try to emulate a particular style and you can learn a lot from doing that yeah but at the end of the day when you draw something in your own style that translation of it is something that’s totally about yeah that’s totally you having your own style and you know as you draw and as you learn that style will come to you that’s for all you young artists out there trying to find yourself I believe in you draw more Naruto these what Jackie’s [Music] [Music]

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