Angle vs. Austin vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker – WWE Championship Match: SmackDown, Dec. 7, 2000

The Undertaker trash
talking with Kurt Angle. Walks into a right hand of the Undertaker.>>I can’t believe that Foley, in his right mind as commissioner would
allow this to happen to our WWF champion. No champion deserves
this kind of treatment.>>Well,
King I agree with what you said before. Commissioner Mick Foley
feeling responsible. I don’t just setting up
the barbaric Hell in a Cell match, but for the mental state of Mr McMahon. And look at The Rock and Austin go. Commission Mick Foley and
Mr McMahon will both be at Armageddon. Will Mick Foley go over
the edge this time, or will Mr. McMahon snap again Sunday? And what a boot by the Undertaker. Here’s The Rock to cover. Austin pulls Rock off Kurt Angle. The WWF title is on the line
cover by the Undertaker.>>I think that’s the one thing
we had forgotten about here, the WWF title is on the line.>>Now the Rock and
Austin going to work on the Undertaker.>>This is what you’re gonna see Sunday
inside that unforgiving Hell in a Cell, every man for himself. Champion does not have to be
pinned to lose the title.>>Whoa, look out.>>Undertaker knocked over the top
rope by the Brahma Bull, the Rock.>>Stone Cold spine buster to Kurt Angle. Cover, referee down and
the Rock pulls Austin off.>>Boy, here we go. The Rock and The Rattlesnake. Well The Rattlesnake didn’t like
Kurt Angle, tossed over the top rope, and now The Rock and Rattlesnake face to face.>>Can you feel the tension Michael Cole?>>I can feel it all right.>>It’s electric. Here we go.>>Stone Cold and
The Rock exchanging blows.>>See what you’ve done. Look at this.>>Austin backing The Rock into a corner. Look at Austin go and
at the people’s champ. Back to back This is on
your shoulders Foley. Their blood will be on your
hands again at Armageddon.>>And Undertaker with two clothes
lines to The Rock and Austin. Austin with a right hand to The Rock,
The Undertaker- look out, went for The Rock Bottom. Elbow right to the face of
the Rock by Undertaker. Stone Cold went for the stunner.>>Man look at this.>>Look at Angle rolling Undertaker up. Did he get it?
No Undertaker kicked out before a count of three. Austin into a cover now. Wait a minute King,
it’s Triple H and Rikishi. Commissioner Mick Foley suspended them for
the night! What are they doing out here?>>Look out!>>Undertaker into the announce table. Rikishi and Triple H! They spit right in the face
of the commissioner! They were suspended tonight!>>Get out of the way! Triple H has got a chair.>>Into the announce table
again by Rikishi, as Angle and Rock and
Austin exchange blows in the ring. Look at Triple H with a steel chair. I think they might have taken.>>Triple H with a steel chair.

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