Android TV: Beach Buggy Racing Multiplayer with Nearby Connections (Play Services)

Android TV: Beach Buggy Racing Multiplayer with Nearby Connections (Play Services)

Hi, Greg Hi, GDC attendees You’re looking great today. So I’m here with Ben from the
Google Play Game Services Team and we’re going to be
playing a multiplayer game of Beach Buggy Racing But we only have one controller and a whole bunch of Android phones So Ben, how we’re going
to make this work? So fortunately, the developer
of “Beach Buggy Racing” factory unite has implemented something called
a nearby connections API That allows us to connect our
Android devices to the Android TV and use them as controllers And it’s broadcasting a signal
behind the scenes saying, “Hey, all the phones nearby,
I’m available to connect” And now, the race begins! – Go, go, go!
– I press power! So I’ve noticed now
that we’ve started playing… your phone has changed!
What’s going on here? As my hands tilt back and forth you can tell that
an accelerometer now is being used to drive But more importantly, there’s a couple
of really neat things that are going on… that I can do now
with an Android device as a controller that are difficult to do
with a standard controller And so the first thing is there’s these
extra annotations on the screen here like in the upper right-hand corner you can see I have
this Nitrous booster icon which I can press. Then on the left-hand side,
I’ve got my special powers We’ve got some brake
pads down at the bottom. So I can take these
corners a little better And of course, there’s some animated dials
in the middle indicating how fast I’m going – Let’s play again!
– All right We’re going to do a rematch here. Greg, we’re going to let you take over. – Bye, Masconi!
– Ciao!

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  1. from the vid blurb.. Googlers play a multiplayer match of Beach Buggy Racing on Android TV. The demo shows how a game, using the Nearby Connections API in Google Play services, can seamlessly connect smartphones and tablets..

  2. How exactly does Nearby Connections work? Wi-Fi? Bluetooth? Acoustic? Something else? And if it's via Wi-Fi, is it forming a mesh network? If so, what underlying protocol is it using? 802.11s?

  3. I'll believe phones are good controllers when any console designs their controller into a flat rectangle with no buttons that is difficult to hold

  4. What is Android TV? I know it doesn't recognize a chromecast, because my house is full of them and they didn't show up.

  5. They're always good to give opportunities for each person to choose for yourself what they wish to use .Thumb up.

  6. tengo un televisor con internet y todo lo de más pero como hago para conectarlo a mi android y jugar este juego agradecería mucho la respuesta.

  7. Love the concept of local multiplayer !! I used a similar concept in my asteroid-snake kind of game ( ) and I really think Google should push for every game to have this kind of multiplayer as not many people have 4 gamepads !!Good work guys !

  8. Expliquen como se conectan los teléfonos….. Y también como conectar atu smart tv sin usar cables así como en el video…gracias por su respuesta.

  9. u don't need to download full game for bomb squad unlike beach buggy where you should have game on both TV and phone.


  11. Primero tienes que ir ala smar tv en el control apretas el boton que dice menu y te va a salir configuracion de sonido y todo eso apretas el boton y aya dice bloothu pero algunas smart tv no traen bloothu conectas el bloothu de tu telefono y haya te va salir smart tv apretas aya hay un boton k source apretas aya y pone HDMI predes la consola que con yostic y listo para poder jugar

  12. I'm here because of beach buggy racing 2 please do the same thing that can connects on TV by using my skyworth TV


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