Anatomy of a Swimmer – How does Olympic champion Abbey Weitzeil generate speed?

Anatomy of a Swimmer – How does Olympic champion Abbey Weitzeil generate speed?

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  1. I hope there wa smore scientific infor backing up everythig they mentioned cause god this didnt seem that scientific except measuring her capabilities there wasnt much else… i wouldnt say that its the perfect swimmer anatomy…

  2. Но самое главное, что американцы не употребляют допинг. Только сырники и клюква.

  3. Just a tip, if you want to get in shape and really nice muscles then you should swim. No other sport gives you a full body workout like swimming does. And it’s more fun than weights

  4. I like the 'anatomy of …' videos, it explains in numbers which factors are important in certain sports. But please, not everything is 'amazing' or 'extraordinary'. Be honest about the interpretation of the results. For example an armspan of 182cm compared to a 179cm is an apefactor of 3, which is not 'exceptionally'. The average human has the same number on armspan and height. Not all measurements can be as spectacular as you hope them to be, which is okay, we're still talking about humans that can not excel in everything..

  5. 182 cm wingspan compared to 179 height is "exceptionally long"? I must be a monster since I am 182cm and have 187 wingspan. Better start training for the olympics.

    Former nba dunk champion Fred Jones is 188cm and has 213cm wingspan. THAT is exceptional.

  6. This was really interesting…. of the studies I've seen of Michael Phelps showed that physically he was the perfect swimmer: tall, longer arm span for his height, bigger hands and feet for his height, shorter legs for a faster kick rate, and ultra flexible ankles. Ledecky should be an interesting study too… physically she's not the tallest or the longest in the pool and yet she BLOWS away competition every tine.

  7. ah when I swam varsity I was exceptionally quick off the blocks as well. too bad everything else was painfully mediocre :/

  8. Interesting to watch, but completely useless tests. We already know she is one of the best, if your tests did not detect that, the tests are flawed. Her VO2max is low actually.

  9. "those are indicative of an elite level athlete", he said to the olympian. who writes this stuff??

  10. She should be a boxer with that upper body strength. Imagine and uppercut from her. Lol.

  11. I like the text which is off at times. Right near the end its of typing Abbey, the text states a baby! 😉

  12. Dude, you need a long toso and shorter but more powerful legs and not short toso and long legs. Look at Phelps. He should be the good standard physic of swimming.

  13. Anatomy of a surfer please!!!!!! Plus i also swim, row and do treadmill….. but surfing owns all sports!!!!!!!!

  14. I was a swimmer for 10 years. I believe as a professional swimmer, we truly have the best lungs. One day I was getting an x-ray done and the Dr who viewed them said "you have incredible lungs! I want to take a picture of them and place them in a book!" I adore swimming, it is my passion and always will be. And yes, I still swim but on my own at the gym.

  15. I met her at the cal swim camp! She’s really inspiring and nice! I will cheer for her all the time! She has a great heart!

  16. The film is not that precise about the start. It is not about quickly jumping in the water, it is about doing so in the right angle. Wrong angle can cost very much time.

  17. Lol a "level of exhaustion she has never experienced before". As a competitive swimmer, I'm sure Abbey experiences this almost daily in practice.

  18. Great to mention the vo2 max test result should be totally different in a so specific disciplin like swimming. the max Hr too because of the horizontal position during swimming. She has a lack of control of her ankle and knee during the counterjump… Did she was tired during the test?

  19. I mean a v02 of 48 isn't that impressive, very good but not extraordinary. Although she's a female and also a swimmer so then it's kind of good then

  20. This video just made me to measure my arm span, I guess I would have made a decent swimmer. I am 1.93m tall and my arm span is 2.04m

  21. Inspiring that she started so young. I was self conscious starting swimming at 11, because I was in a class with 7-9 year olds. Now I'm 12, and I'm in a class with 14-16 year olds. Keep working hard, any other late start swimmers!

  22. Yes I’m also skeptical of what the academic sports scientists are proving with the test on explosively pushing a 6 Kg ball away seated ( the pectorals and pushing action of triceps and deltoids) has to do with a swimmers power during a freestyle stroke.

  23. 6:02 until you've got Noella left…😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀 an I the only one who finds this hilarious? Ok.

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