An Example of Good DLC? Yes. But…| Sims 4 Vampires Gameplay Review/Halloween Special

An Example of Good DLC? Yes. But…| Sims 4 Vampires Gameplay Review/Halloween Special

So hey, everyone. With Halloween coming up, I thought I’d look
at some content I haven’t covered and what’s more appropriate than the Sims 4 Vampires
Game Pack. The thing about Vampires is, it’s an example
of Maxis doing it right. I won’t say it’s the best vampires ever, but
the vampires pack delivers what it promises – a well-developed vampire occult that comes
with it’s own mini-neighborhood and a vampire lore skill even regular Sims can make use
of. We’ll be looking at just about everything
Vampires has to offer in this gameplay. Vampires can be made directly in CAS, where
you can customize how they look in regular and dark mode, or you can take a normal Sim
and ask a vampire like Vlad or Caleb to turn you. In this case, a friend made me a great hunky
vampire I’ll use to pursue the master vampire aspiration. I build a house in Forgotten Hollow, the small
neighborhood that comes with Vampires. In it lives Vladislav Strauss, the first vampire. He’s modeled after the 1922’s Nosferatu style
vampire – an old man with a dark form that is directly influenced by that style. In the neighborhood, there are a handful of
other lots you can build on, so I take one of the empty ones. Playing here means you’re far more likely
to encounter vampires in day to day situations. Starting as a Vampire, he’s immediately about
to burn to death because it’s sunny, so I need to build him shelter. I make a quaint house that can fill all a
vampire’s needs and not much else. Because of his aversion to sunlight, I decide
to make him a programmer because nothing is more appropriate. He needs to complete a couple tasks right
away. Vampires gain experience while doing vampy
things like learning the vampire lore skill. I use the computer to Search for Information
on Vampires. This is one of the first things I want to
touch on. See, recently Maxis have used aspirations
as tutorials and it’s kind of upset some people like me. They’re too far on the easy side. What Vampire lore does, is gives you lots
of little advice while you’re learning it. There are four books you can read of increasing
difficulty that provide bite-size tips. It’s really well done and THAT serves as kind
of a tutorial. The welcome wagon in Forgotten Hollow is evidently
Caleb, one of the pack’s pre-made vampires. Given I want to be a master, Caleb can help
in that regard. You can get training from other vampires,
getting gradual xp from it. There is a cooldown. My Sim needs to read Encyclopedia Vampirica
he bought from the computer in order to go to the next milestone. While he’s doing that, I’m learning about
plasma packs that can refill my Sim’s thirst, I learn how to make frogs and fish into plasma
packs, and get advice about what can and can’t kill me. The skill seems to fly by, but it’s interestingly
got 15 levels. It’s the only skill with 15 levels at the
moment, and they extended it seemingly so that they could provide a little time between
tips and improve the pacing of rewards. Vampires have a different style of play, as
they require plasma to live. They don’t actually have a bladder need either. I send Vincent off to Rattlesnake Juice to
find someone yummy to feed on. I bring Vlad along so that I can train with
him first, and they are in no way attempting to do this on the down low. Soccer moms walk by and clearly see something’s
up. When we’re done with training I set my Sim
to chatting with a pretty Sim.It’s good to feed where other Sims can’t see, because they
tend to shun you, so I invite her to the side of the building, well out of sight, and use
the compel for deep drink ability to top off his thirst. Sims 4 Vampires have a lot of mind-control
abilities that take vampire energy to use. They can cause their victim to hallucinate,
or put them into a slumber. The master vampire reward we’re going for
allows us to mind control any fledglings we’ve made. When it’s over, he is a rank 2 vampire and
nice and full while she… is not going to be up for some cloudgazing. The best part about this is the victim is
pretty much unaware of what happened to them but will feel drained afterward. He’s off for a nice bath soak and from there
I get to finally pick some vampire perks. Now for another thing that’s nice about this
Vampires system. It’s fairly balanced. See, you grow in power and get to pick abilities
in the vampire powers menu, but you also have to take a weakness. This makes vampires distinct from one another,
as you can have one that is really vulnerable to sunlight, one that hisses uncontrollably,
or that makes everyone around them feel bad. As they grow in dark power, they take on more
negative attributes and they’re kind of losing their humanity. I like the lore here. I take the alluring visage power and eternally
welcome, which will help with feeding in the future.danger. Meanwhile, he develops an inability to eat
normal food. Before he heads to bed, I have him work on
some programming to fund some home improvements and work on keeping his muscles intact.. The next day, Caleb invites him to a dance
party and I decide… sounds interesting. I need to get out of the house to feed anyway,
as I’d like to hold on to the plasma packs Vlad gave me. Programming all day can be stressful. so a bit of fun and dancing with Jade here
helps him top off his needs. Well, all but one anyway… he’s clearly a
very thirsty vampire. I decide the walk would be a bit too far to
be out of sight, the party’s almost over so I have him feed off Jade right there in front
of all the guests. They… they didn’t like that. No (laughs). I guess he’s going to be alone forever. The jealous trait makes him envious of couples
at the party, so he calls it a night. If you want love, then why do you push people
away, Vincent? You’re clearly desperate for some affection
and I know it’s hard being a fledgling vampire with no great power, and being totally broke. I’m gonna have to turn your life around. Vampires don’t really need to sleep, as they
can use their dark meditation ability to regenerate some energy. It has a cooldown, but it can give you some
power right there on the spot. The can, of course, sleep to regenerate like
any other Sim. I notice as I play that he doesn’t need to
regenerate as often as a normal Sim might. His need to feed is certainly as persistent
as a Sim’s hunger, but he really doesn’t need to sleep much. But then, I’m not really using lots of powers. I decide to have Jade over, hoping she might
let him feed. See, Vampires can ask for permission to drink,
it’s an intimate thing and being on friendly terms helps. He hooks up with her, has a little woohoo
on the side and gets all nasty then gives it a shot. No go. Keep those fangs away from me, she says. She won’t let him, so I have very little say
in the matter. He’s gotta drink or he’ll lose it and drink
automatically actually. Vampires will find a way to satisfy their
thirst. I’m sure he can make it up to her somehow. The whole thing is a little creepy… Something I like about vampires is it kind
of gets you more conscious of the time of day and the day/night cycle. I can’t go out during the day. I need fish to make plasma packs because my
Sim is so broke due to my poor skill choice. I do some night fishing, and each fish he
catches that is not worth much can be used to make a plasma pack. I have about 6 of them, which will help a
lot. I’m getting back on track now and plant some
plasma fruit in broad daylight. Leveling up vampire lore gave me the ability
to purchase them. It takes some negligence for a vampire to
die in the sun, but I dip back inside to make sure he won’t die before watering the plants. The fruit will help a lot for keeping thirst
satisfied without needing to victimize anyone. While the option is not under the vampire
menu, vampires can spar and it’s required for the next milestone. You need to win a duel against 3 vampires. At the time I thought they needed to be different
vampires , but you really just need to win 3 sparring matches. It’s day when I visit Vlad’s house with Caleb
and attempt to spar both of them. The idiots go outside for the match, when
they are perfectly able to do so indoors. They’re immediately at risk of death but thankfully
vampire energy has to be depleted for a vampire to die in the sunlight. A little dark meditation at Vlad’s house helps
to fill his energy and gives me some more experience. For my third spar, I attempt to befriend Candy
Behr so I can make her a fledgling, then kick her butt in a duel but I forgot you require
a perk to create new vampires, so I planned to come back to it. The two of them get along fantastically and
unlike the prudish Jade, Candy is willing to let Vincent have a drink when he asks nicely. c Vincent continues to build up vampire XP,
but my big problem is money. Chasing an aspiration like Master Vampire
can be detrimental to your gameplay in that area, because you’re really not doing anything
that improves the financial situation. Programming isn’t a dead end, it just takes
some time to get going. Making video games and mobile apps are some
of the most time consuming activities in the game – I think it takes even longer than writing
a song. You do get a big up front payout and residual
income from both of them and this helps a lot. I invite a Sim over for a drink, and it’s
actually a celebrity. I’m not able to talk to this person despite
them being in my own house, and the whole thing feels weird. To some degree I think they shouldn’t even
let you invite celebs over if they are going to be this standoffish. While she’s on her face I discover that either
using the alluring visage or forced feeding breaks the ice with celebrities, allowing
my vampire to use regular socials on them. The next day, my Sim is out feeding at the
park when he finally cracks that fourth rank of vampire. He’s taking advantage of a cloudy day for
sure, but I’m lucky the weather didn’t change here. He’s got extremely low energy given how far
he is from home and definitely could die if I did things like this often. That’s another thing I like about vampires. There’s an actual danger to not paying attention. Did anyone get Jungle Adventure, get poisoned
and find that you simply slap $1,000 down for an antidote within 3 days and your Sim
won’t die from it, yet it’s rare and should be this risk you take going into the jungle. I’m cool with giving people a way to save
their Sims, I just want gameplay to occasionally feel a little risky if you do dangerous things. Vampires does pull that off. There was an urgency to get back to shelter
in this moment, and I liked that. I use his perk points to take advantage of
one of the best perks Vampires has to offer – Child of the Moon. It’s a perk with 3 ranks that greatly accelerates
skill gains from around 7pm to 7am. Here’s the thing. Not only does it increase skill gains by 25%,
it also reduces fun, social, hygiene and thirst decay by 25% at first rank, then 50%, and
finally 75. That’s right your needs will only move down
at a quarter of the usual rate during night time. Skill gains are doubled at max rank, on top
of any other bonuses you might get. Vincent and I invite Candy Behr over for a
special day – to turn her into a vampire. Now that he has the perk, it’s as simple as
offering through the friendly social menu. She’ll be a vampire in about 36 hours. During that time, in another example of the
game establishing lore, she won’t be able to satisfy her hunger. I haven’t yet fed at night, yet I have eternally
welcome so I head off to the BFF household to see how that will play out. Things… don’t go well. They’re all 3 wide awake, and the perk barely
matters as I could’ve knocked at this time. Sometimes you show up and everyone’s asleep,
but this time they’re awake at almost 2 in the morning. The next day, I finally get that third duel
out of the way, which puts me on the final stage of the aspiration. Given I have a couple ranks of child of the
moon and haven’t yet made use of it, I decide to buy an easel to see how quickly he can
burn through painting skill levels. The pace is blistering, with a full 50% boost
to skill gains combined with a positive mood. My Sim’s plasma fruit tree is finally done
growing. It seemed to take forever. After all this time waiting, I make a big
mistake. I took the withered stomach perk, so eating
food like plasma fruit, even prepared in a special vampire friendly recipe, does nothing
for my Sim and the fruits barely move the meter. Oh well, with painting and programming I finally
have a reliable income to afford the $50/pack bloody capri suns all the kids are drinking
these days. I hate that there’s always a but. I had fun, but I came to an impasse due to
old bugs that haven’t been sorted out. I need to be a vampire 20 days, read the ultimate
tome and max vampire rank to finish. The ultimate vampire tome wouldn’t finish
for me – it reset each time I got through all the tips. Meaning I can’t complete the aspiration. My friend told me she’d seen the other requirement,
to stay a vampire for 20 full days reset on travel. So I’d need to stay on this lot for 20 days
without going anywhere in order to finish and will have to use aspiration cheats due
to the book refusing to finish. I found forum posts about the not finishing
thing from 2 years ago. Making sure players can complete aspirations
should be a high priority for Maxis. It’s not some bug that is rare, it’s 100%
of the time. My friend told me, I immediately tested and
confirmed it. My Sim now needs a love interest. I invite Jade back over, and invite her to
move in. She’s turned into a vampire a couple days
later while my Sim hibernates to wait out the transition. Hibernate is a pretty cool ability for vampires
that live alone. If you really want to be awake only at night,
you can hibernate all day and rise out of your coffin when the prey is ready or… it’s
time for work. Father winter shows while she’s going through
the worst discomfort, but he’s not able to be of any help and in fact he’s not interesting
or useful at all in this situation. When Jade has finally turned, I share his
vampire lore books with her, which gives her a fast injection of vampire rank. Since I want to end the video with a few more
vamp abilities, I make them woohoo in the coffin to refresh my memory on that. They also enjoy a very quick round of lovemaking
as bats. This one’s pretty weird, and the animation
is really that short. It’s fine, I don’t think bats would take their
time. Bats have no stomach for floor play. The mind control abilities for finishing master
vampire should work on both Jade and Candy, because Vincent is the master who created
them. There’s a modification to his success rates
should he use any of his mind powers and he uses 20% less vampire energy at all times,
which is an awesome boost that will allow him to stay up longer. One last thing before I go. I had been saving up and I decide to check
to make sure that forever full properly works on thirst, since it’s a replacement for hunger. I pull another Sim into the household to give
them the same powers, top off their needs and give it a try. Turns out it works just fine and I’d expect
never weary to be as useful. The bugs didn’t completely ruin my experience
as I simply skipped that section of aspiration with a cheat. I wasn’t keen on waiting 20 days anyway, but
it’s the principle of the thing. It’s very imperfect and seriously something
needs to change. Maxis really needs to prioritize these types
of things – aspirations are a player goal and getting really far in your goals only
to hit a wall is extremely frustrating – more so than any graphical glitch. Now, vampires are otherwise a well crafted
occult. But I think players should definitely know
about this type of thing before considering it. It is only one part of it, and it’s fixable
both on PC and console with aspirations.complete_current_milestone… But still, people who already bought it and
are waiting on a fix so long have a right to be angry. In the future, hopefully they’ll fix these
bugs. I’ll be making a report tomorrow because while
players have brought them up on the forums, it’s not actually listed on the official bug
report forum. Vampires gets it right by giving you lots
of unique powers, tough choices to make in what weaknesses you’ll take and those weaknesses
not simply being emotional penalties. Unless you go all out with a vampire, he isn’t
going to have every power and you’ll feel the weaknesses molding your playstyle. Unique powers and socials that actually do
things are a positive and always welcome from a player’s perspective. All in all a fun play session but I really
don’t like bugs interfering with a video and even if I weren’t recording, I’d be pretty
miffed about it. Vampires are really cool but about 3 major
bugs that affect nearly all players need fixed. Thanks for watching and let me know what you
think of this style of condensed let’s play. If you like my channel and want to support
me, you can find a link to patreon and some other options in the description. Special thanks to my friend Playalot for the
vampire she made and her guidance on a couple specific vampire issues. Thank you all for watching and have a fantastic

100 Replies to “An Example of Good DLC? Yes. But…| Sims 4 Vampires Gameplay Review/Halloween Special”

  1. I love the sims, but it's unacceptable to sell such an expensive tripple-A title without fixing these gamebreaking bugs. :'( I worry they will just come out with new DLC untill TS4 crawls like TS3 (unless you spend a few hours fixing it with mods/worldfixes and so on) and then leave it and move on to 5. It's a shitty way to treat paying costumers and loyal fans. The Sims-team should be given the resources to polish. I'm sure they want to do it.

  2. Definitely my favorite pack! I made two vampire sisters. One was a badass and drank from humans and the other was a sensitive artist who only drank plasma packs 🙂 lots of fun! Love your videos Carl keep em comin 😉

  3. Here is a tip if you want to level you vampire fast : level the vampire normaly until you can get the Vampiric Strength maxed then find another vampire and do a vampiric duel(NOT THE SPAR)do a lot of vampiric duels until you are max level(Vampiric duels is the interaction that gives the most amout of xp )

  4. Was a fun Video. One side thing that bothers me is how Maxis decided to just skip the idea of a Hybrid system. Where a sim out side of skin, teeth, eyes, and ears, could be a true hybrid with minor things carrying over.
    Like a Half breed Vampire being able to consume Vampire Food, for example (Blade from Marvel for example?).
    A thing with Vampires that Witches/Warlocks also suffer from that kind of annoys me a little is If you take the Power to Teleport as a Bat or Mist always on, you'll then get "Exp" towards that Occult's powers just moving around from point A to B almost making it too easy to get new skills/Level ups.
    It also bothered me that Vampires didn't have something similar to Witches/Warlocks with concerns to Babies where the next generation doesn't get any benefit for being born a "Pure Blood" like improved Power gains or Maybe Less Weaknesses.
    Also, in the "Tips" for the Vampire Lore books they mention how a more powerful Vampire turning people should create more powerful Vampires, yet no such thing exists in the game that I saw. Such as an Ancient Vampire turning a human into a Vampire but they start off as a Fledgling and not maybe 2 tiers lower then the Ancient Vampire in power.
    Also in the neighborhood it looked like they might have been considering some kind of spots for adventures or something maybe like Strangerville, but never went through with it and just left it as decorations. (Like the grave in the middle of the lake, or the werewolf statue by one of the houses)
    These are just some little nit picks or my own thoughts.

  5. i do like Vampires you can take or leave the gameplay and come back to it at will very nice pack and gameplay .some nice furniture and outfits too . AHH yes you do need to stay on the lot for the 20 days just throw a lot of partys to feed it too took me a long time to figure this out, and lastly i do love the Vlad charcater and the vague back story bewteen him and Caleb and his sister regarding feeding styles and a dislike for Vlad . Also somthing i choose not to take adavantge of as i like to try and keep my game play real …but… if you own a camera taking photos with anyone around 4 times make you automaticaly BFFs … if you chooose Calebs not feeding on sims life style without permission that may help . also helps with the friendship aspirations if your in a rush lol .

  6. I think the vampire pack is a really good pack. When they 1st announced them I was like meh, but when I saw the trailer it piqued my interest, I sometimes play as a vampire and it is pretty fun. Just a shame the bugs haven’t been fixed.

  7. They have a sale on vampire packs currently. It’s very tempting but I’m glad this came out before I made the purchase

  8. That travel bug that resets your 20 days living as a vampire bug is annoying. I have no idea when it was happened, because I remember being able to get that finished before. I thought it happened around either seasons, strangerville or get famous, I kinda think get famous because before that I think it was working but it happened at some point of those 3 releases.

  9. I was bored to death playing Vampires. And the bug in the final milestone for Vampire aspirations really annoyed me. I solved it without googling. But I was annoyed.

    That’s why I don’t see why this is the best game pack.

  10. now if only the casters had this much polish.
    im starting to hate the emotion system just because the devs keep using it as a crutch to "create" features (more like copy pasto)

  11. I never had a problem with the Master Vimppire Asipiration. It's weird people are having them. Guess maybe because I don't use mods and CC

  12. I bought this for 11 bucks when it was on sale and i got my moneys worth. The other dlc are disappointing especially pets. They dont add enough bang for your buck. I only own vampires and pets but ive done my research and the other packs arent worth full price. Sims 3 was way way better than sims 4.

  13. Vampires is definitely one of the best packs for a game as…. questionable as the Sims 4. An occult-themed pack may not be for everyone, but the gameplay features it offers is integral enough for it to be solid, since it provides a fresh take on a thing that's already done in the previous games, without being shoehorned or forceful. It provides the sort of mayhem that you'd expect from an occult lifestate, but it adds character and depth by differentiating them and nerfing them through the weakness points. On top of that, Vampires not only have access to powers that are perfect for a chaotic player, but said powers are actually UNIQUE and different from what we've seen before in the game, and not just copy-pasted mood-changing cheats. This kind of setup makes the cheaty-ish gameplay you'd get be actually rewarding and rightful since it's not handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work hard to get these powers at the cost of some things. Not only that, but there's small details that are integrated into other parts of the game too, such as the Master-Offspring tag for relationships, and the Dark Ley Line Lot Trait for legacies & the new lot traits system.

    I was pretty excited for Realm of Magic since I was expecting a level of depth comparable to Vampires, but it just falls so short compared to Vampires. Which is so ironic since there's a whole Pandora's Box to be unleashed from the concept of spellcasting and magic. Oh well.

  14. So, I'm not a fan of the sims4, but I will say that the game has the best vampires and the best toddlers out of all the sims games, in my opinion. Vampires is one of my favorite additions to sims4

  15. I never hit those bugs. I completed the aspiration and the last vampire tome. I have done it a couple of times. with the plasma fruit, I have seen you eating it from a bowl? You can just poke a straw and drink.. works better that way.

  16. Happy Halloween, Carl! I might try to make one of my Wonder Child's future siblings a bloodsucker now that you've shown how to play vampires properly. Nothing beats the Sims 2 Vampires, though. 🙂

    Also, a warning: when you are editing a vampire in CAS, do NOT copy their dark form onto their normal form of they will be in their dark form looks. I made that mistake when playing a Power of Ten Dynasty(the heir's adopted sister became a vampire to hold the house down when the parents died) and she was stuck looking like her dark form even as a normal form. If you want to do that, that's your business, just be wary.

  17. Thanks a lot Carl for this video and time you put in in ALL of your video channel and homepage. I‘m glad that you also saw these bugs and hopefully the team will finally FIX them AFTER YOUR report. It‘s been reported many times by the players, but as you know, never got fixed.
    With that said, I sure hope that you will never stop creating your constructive video reviews, and please never stop sharing your own mind to what you see and how you feel about it.

  18. "Now for another thing that's nice about this vampire system. It's fairly balanced."
    Um … not really.

    I happen to be the sorta guy who powergames in a life simulation game and with the right choices you can become rather OP rather quickly.

    First of the purchasable trait "Carefree". It cost 3.000 satisfaction points (which are shockingly easy to get if you switch between the vampire aspirations alone) and prevents the aquisation of Stressed moodlets. You'd normally gain stress through the "Guilty Drinker" and "Day Phobia" weaknesses, so thats essentially two weaknesses neutralized.

    Second we have "Sleep of the Undead" and "Withered Stomach". These two weaknesses are hardly a problem. Either of them can be your "weakness" at the end depending on whether you'd want to share your bed with your lover or you're okay with a plasma fruit diet respectively.

    Thirdly there is an easy way to farm vampire points (VP) if you don't care about your reputation. If you combine the power "Manipulate Life Spirit" with the weakness "Sloppy Drinker" you gain 2 VP about every 2 sims. "Sloppy Drinker" lengthens the drinking duration slightly and "Manipulate Life Spirit" gives the most VP out of every dinking option in addition to already being long.

    Simply take "Bat Form" first (to teleport out of the sun if necesarry), then rush to "Manipulate Life Spirit" and the to "Sun Resistance" for obvious reasons. Afterwards you farm enough points to purchase every other power. Lastly you make the "VP-reset-drink" which you learn through vampire lore and put 3 in "Day Phobia", 1 in "Guilty Drinker" and 1 in either "Sleep of the Undead" or "Withered Stomach" as descriped above.

    Now you have a vampire with all powers and (basically) no weaknesses and that without needing any other dlc. If you have seasons installed simply equip an umbrella. It prevents sunburns and allows a vampire to use his powers in broad daylight.

  19. It's weird how the Offspring stuff works. I thought the offsprings would have the powers of their "parents" with less weaknesses and become stronger over time. That's just what I had wanted 😂

  20. Great video Carl. Vampires had tons of game play. It's still my favorite pack of all time, and about, 75% of the reason I even play the sims 4. Your weaknesses shape you as much as your strengths do, and forcing you to make interesting choices is what makes a game great. Really wish Maxis would learn from that . . . .

  21. Easily the best pack out.. though the myriad of game breaking bugs it came with (and still comes with) is unfortunate. Traits that don't actually reset when reset, leading to stacking flaws with each reset. Vampires coming home from work and just hanging out in the street roasting. All sorts of good stuff.

  22. I gave good ol' Vladdie one of the red froots from Strangerville and something funky happened. He did start walking around all penguin-like, but… he also retained his vampire teleportation powers.

    So you can imagine my ''Oh god, what have I done…'' when this thousand year old vampire with unparallelled power starting walking like a penguin with beady eyes suddenly vanished into thin air.

    I regret nothing.

  23. Nice review, I might consider getting this pack, as it has many cool build/buy items, but the mentioning of bugs has me on the fence.

  24. GREAT vid, as usual Carl. I also use programming, but I use the Freelance Programmer career. Makes plenty of money while you level up and you do NOT have to spend DAYS writing a single game or app. Brings in nice money!

  25. You can always add a umbrella stand and have your sim equip one. Then whenever they go during daytime they will be safe from the sun.

  26. I never got the bug that prevents you from becoming a master vampire so it's not a 100% thing. I think it could be one of the mods you use. The only mod I use is Master Controller.

  27. I'm finding it interesting that once I am a vampire of a certain rank, I can ask someone if they want me to turn them. It's weird when they say yes. It's also strange that not everyone shuns me when I drink in front of them. Even my victims wake up and invite me to stay for dinner. I move next to the Goths and Mr Goth just kept coming to my house. I use hibernation as it tend to work fast.

  28. Oh!!! So it’s traveling that resets it! I got to 10 days and then I thought it randomly went back to 0 and I was so confused/pissed. I ditched my vampire and havent played her since. Might give her another go now and try to finish the aspiration. Love love LOVE your videos. They’re always so helpful

  29. It's been a while since I tried this milestone from vampires, and I stopped playing with vampire because of these bugs.
    So, WHAT DO YOU MEAN, they still didn't fixed that? Damn EA…

  30. To skip the ultimate tome bug you need two sims in household,select sim that needs to read the book and chose reread while book is on the floor,then select another sim and wait until sim finishes reading by himself. You can also gain vampire knowledge by rereading third tome indefinitely,it is slow process and you must disable free will but with peace and quiet trait and other bonuses it goes relatively fast.
    Also i have some tip for trapping sims you invite for later snacks;place 1×1 block with men's and women only bathroom doors side by side facing opposite way,sims can enter but can never leave (including pets for some reason). Don't wanna wait for fire or grim reaper to finish,just click on calendar and organize dance party with starting time now.

  31. I hate the whole thing with not being able to talk to celebrities. I had a celebrity painter, and her grandchild wasn't allowed to talk to her, because she was famous. -_- It was ridiculous.

    My main bug issue with vampires was that if you reset your skill points, it doesn't change the traits you had chosen. For example, my vampire took the flaw where she is sad randomly, as she recalls her mortal life. I got tired of seeing her randomly cry, so I gave her flaws that would make her less miserable, yet they never removed the sadness flaw, she just had new flaws then in addition. She still randomly cried. As well, she married Caleb; and I wanted him to be able to enjoy their life together and raising their vampire children; so I wanted to remove his deadened emotions trait. I reset him, with the potion; but he still had the deadened emotions. It doesn't remove the previous choices, no matter how many times I tried to change them. I even used cheats to reset them both, but nothing changed. It's like you said, there were reports to them from years ago, and it is still an issue.

  32. Completely agree with fixing the bugs. Every new pack breaks something in what we already have. Or when they update. Crazy. Thanks for sharing, was fun to watch.

  33. I didn't have these aspiration issues when the Vamp pack first came out, but I did notice these bugs start a few years ago. It's been an issue for a long time but wasn't there at the pack's launch (I bought Sims 4 after Vampires and toddlers came out b/c it finally looked like content worth playing at that time).

    I really wish Spellcasters had as much gameplay as vampires did. There's so much different things to do as a vampire, but with Spellcasters I'm just sitting there watching my sim wave a wand around or stir a cauldron for hours until they finally rank up or learn that new spell/potion recipe.

  34. Good thing I saw this before starting a vampire!
    (Yes, I'm rather late with the game, started about 3 months ago, and catching up has been a pain but fun ride!)

    Thanks for the vid!

  35. This is a good point, every vampire I've played has felt very different! The diverse powers and need to kind of specialize really makes them interesting. My one gripe is thirst, I have given sims Forever Full and it's NEVER filled their thirst???? I get so frustrated with how quickly that need decays and how impossible it is to fill. The plasma packs seem to only fill like 10% of the bar even when my vampire is fully tricked out to be as efficient as possible at drinking. Also, you can't direct them to drink multiple plasma packs in a row from their inventory. They will drink one and then just delete the drink actions for all the others. I used to line up packs on the floor and have them drink before I finally got fed up and downloaded a mod to slow their thirst decay. If there's been an update that allows Forever Full to fill thirst I will be VERY happy.

    After that huge rant on thirst, I was also hoping mages would be similar to vampires in that each one would feel unique but… alas…

  36. I have played with Vampires way more than I had done so with witches (Mermaids even less so since there is no sense of progression there) and I never get bored. I love that freaking pack. I love CAS, I love build/buy mode, I love the gameplay, I love the town.

    I do have that master bug thing. I cant never finish the 20 days one.

  37. Vincent looks like the bad guy from Practical Magic, lol. Also, I’ve had the Vampire pack, but never actually played as vampire. This actually looks interesting and I think I’ll give it a try. The bugs are super frustrating. That pack has been out for how long and they’ve not been fixed. I’ve enjoyed this video. I’d like to see more like it.

  38. Vampires are easily my favorite thing about Sims 4. In fact, I didn't get Sims 4 until the vampire pack came out. Besides the terribly small world, they did a good job with the game pack.

  39. I love using these two mods for my Vampires. It really makes them deadly. 'Vampire death and more mod' by PolarbearSims . and 'Bloodborne Aspiration' by Sresla . All my vamps have the aspiration which gives them a random trait :D.

  40. The travel thing is same for the freelance career. If you travel when you have a programming job open, you can complete its it’s such bullshit.

  41. I think those bug are same as Freelance's tasks job. Everytime your sim travel, the task won't be able to finish. So you must using World Map for travel.

  42. Ok so I wanted to see if reading the ultimate tome worked as it did for me in the pass And well it worked I completed the tome part of the aspiration

    Now left survive 20days as vampire which I completed so many times before I’m gonna test out the travel glitch you say happens But so far I found no problems with completing the vampire aspiration still and never knew this was ever a glitch to begin with

  43. honestly i feel like you said they do the vampires really well but the issue is there are so many elements that i feel like should be added and or added that are just as detailed. parenthood for example the foundation was clearly there and a lot of things they did they did right. but after being an adult it seems like nothing else maters. other then getting the 5 traits nothing really affects what happens when your sims becomes a young adult. it just felt a bit arbitrary and role playish which is slightly why i was i guess at the time a bit upset i was not seeing what so many people were seeing with parenthood as people were saying i barely have even sartched the surface while i felt like in that same period i saw all the pack had to offer(and honestly its slightly ironic as the response to me seeing all that the pack had to offer or feeling that way was it was my own fault for rushing through the pack)

  44. Hey all. So about the bugs that come up in this. The travel bug was confirmed to be reported to EA on the official bug report forums and is easily replicated. Some have questioned if the Vampire Lore book not finishing might have been a mod, but I did go back in and do a test on a fresh save with no mods and again had trouble finishing the book. However, playing around with it by picking Re-read and interrupting him finally got it to finish. Something is causing it to break and I'm not sure what, but it's not a bug that will happen 100% of the time.

    Some people finish it just fine. It's kind of weird, but the vampire lore tips went by 5x just now until it properly finished. So, if you play around with it when you're sure it's 100% read (it will say re-read) and have the Sim do other commands, go back to the book you may get lucky as I did if this bug happens to affect you. If you want to play honestly, I'd note the day and give myself the cheat once I was sure it'd been 20 days. Staying in the house 20 straight days isn't exactly fun.

  45. 要培養一支吸血鬼實際上是非常簡單也不須花這麼多時間,總而言之吸血鬼GP對我來說只是普通,跟RoM差不了多少,這只是亞洲玩家想法,兩者都不太吸引我。

  46. I love the vampire pack I think this is the best pack maxis has ever given us I really enjoy playing with vampires instead of just regular sims I don't know I guess it's because of their mortality and powers but yes till this day I'm enjoying vampires it's my absolute best pack in sims 4

  47. You don't need a cheat to get rid of Book bug. When you're sure that the book is finished (and by the time you need to complete this milestone it certainly is), just shift-click on it while your vamp is reading it and reset it. The milestone will complete.

  48. Don't get me wrong. I completely understand why people believe spellcasters are overpowered and that is because they are. There is no denying it. But in defense of spellcasters, you're not required to learn or use all the available spells and potions. If you are playing out a story you created, which a good portion of simmers do, you don't have to make your spellcaster become the most powerful as part of the story. For example, I have one in which my spellcaster refuses to use spells and only makes potions (It's because she is a scientist and doesn't completely buy into the whole magic aspect. She believes science can explain everything within the sims universe.). She doesn't know any of the spells. I also make it so she has to grow and graft plants on her own and act as if buying produce such as the death flower is not an option. So like, that is one solution I had to restricting my personal spellcasters, but obviously not everyone is going to willing restrict their spellcasters if they don't have to.

  49. I love to make my vampire sim possessing Guilty Drinker, Sloppy Drinker, and Insatiable Thirst weaknesses. So fun and interestingly quiet challenging.

  50. When I Play a vampire I usually use the night to go fishing frog hunting they can give u plasma packs very easily and its FREE! you also get to do some collecting and frog mating mechanic is very useful for this, fish and frog packs have the same thirst amount as regular plasma packs that u can buy in the computer.

  51. I'm preaching to the choir, but if they put this much work in to the other supernatural states I feel like their associated packs would be much more worth it.

  52. My fav dlc because this system when you get strong and weaker at same time.but like you said theres bugs and a lot ( one big example is the npc vampires dont attack anymore at night= they get stucked on any door in freezing state.)i feel sad about realm of magic because familiars are just a walk light decoration for you sim saddly.i was expecting familiars to be interactive like cats and dogs and plus they can talk or even do simple tasks.for me they just need made familiars like the patchy the scarecrow he just is awesome .

  53. do you know why i can't get the trophy circle of life. on ps4? you have a child and let it die from old age i did and the trophy did not pop.

  54. Ppl get creative!

    I just discovered you can teleport inside vaults and then use burglariate to steal stuff!

    Give the pack sometimes and try out stuff!

  55. The Realm of Magic pack has that same issue of not being able to become a true master without cheats because of a glitch/ bugs. It sucks😩

  56. Hello Carl,
    Hooray for you new video. I'm currently replaying my newer version of my old vampyra sim because my old one is too buggy due to creation from older patch hence I duplicate in CAS. Upon replaying I find two unexpected blessings for vampire if simmers got Island Living and Outdoor Retreat Pack.
    1st blessing from Island Living: I got 2 days of full nourishment from Island Spirit. The thirst bar was full in 2 days due to that blessing. The 2nd one form Outdoor Retreat: the Tent. Yap even a Vampyra sim with Coffin Only Sleeper debuff can still sleep, nap and relax in tent/Cabin O'Pack.
    Oh lastly for Vampyra who wish to gain exp quickly, reading Ultimate Tome is the best way aside drinking plasma from another sim or seeking any conflict from other Vampyra. Just patiently read the book till 5 messages pop up, you'll fill up exp bar fully. Another way is boosting Moonpower, Sailormoon? LOL, ALL~ the way to the max then have only level 1 day phobia to lose a quator dark power duringday time then dark mediate during the night time.
    Fun fact: Having vampyra with Moonpower would help simmers to know when the night time begins. I'm surprise to know Del Sol Valley is the 2nd best place to live for Vampyra better than St. Myshuno due to night time earlier than other.

  57. When your vampire is reading the book just command them to do something else without canceling the book action

  58. They will never fix the travel bug, we have been telling them about it forever and nothing gets done. Talking about it is futile.

  59. And yes, the whims and aspirations not completing has been on the bug report because I have put in in answers JQ about a million times

  60. The master vampire aspiration will also drain less vampire energy and make them more successful in commanding

  61. Master of darkness perk boosts skills ultimately, so if you combined it with the top notch toddler, scouting reward trait, savant trait and also a morning sim/night owl trait then that's gonna be Amazing

  62. I just bought the pack, and was very confused not to see anyone in french Sims spheres mention a glitch about the 20-day aspiration goal that comes with one of the new aspirations in this pack … Now I can finally confirm that this is a game-wide problem, and not just something wrong with my game !
    I only wish they'd fix it, as I can definitely not afford to play 20 in-game days straight ;-; Thanks a lot for this excellent review, I learnt a lot !

  63. Huh — I'm not sure how I managed to get past the book bug (earlier build that may not have had it? Doing the right things at the right time to interrupt it?), but I am sadly well-aware of the "survive 20 days" bug. It's ESPECIALLY irritating to me as I do ROUND ROBIN-style play, so I really CAN'T stick with my vampire OTP to complete the aspiration! sigh I wouldn't mind so much if the count stop while I wasn't playing them, but having it constantly reset. . .ugh.

    Anyway, nice to see some love for the Vampires game pack. Vampires are one of my favorite life states, and I thought the Sims 4 did an AMAZING job with them. Powers, perks, weaknesses. . .it was all lovely. 😀 And yes, you can really customize your vampires with perks and weaknesses! I can make a daywalker if I want, or a VtM-style vampire who will pretty much immediately die in sunlight. :p Vampires definitely set the standard with occults for me. . .and it's kind of sad that they've never lived up to it past that. (I AM one of those freaks who likes Spellcasters, but I acknowledge people complaining that magic makes things too easy. Maybe if they'd done curses more like weaknesses here? Hmmmm. . .)

  64. I remember when i accidentally hallucinated my bulter outside and forgot to dispel it. He froze to death, probably karma for using my hot tub

  65. If you're interested in making a "veggie" vampire you're better install some mods to increase plasma/fruit recovery or wait until you can purchase the forever full trait, they really should be more generous and let those things recover more of the thirst bar.
    Something that you forgot is that vampires can also drink plasma jane, I believe that they really wanted us to prey on other sims as playing the good vampire is more of a chore.

    Another tip is if random vampire attacks annoys you, just lock the door of your bedroom to house sims only, I never encountered a random NPC that could open doors but technically they could be generated with this skill.

  66. I honestly can't remember the last time I played a non-vampire Sim. I just love this life state so much! It's the only reason I still play. But, at the end of the day, I'm far more obsessed with my Sims 3 fairies.

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