American Graffiti (10/10) Movie CLIP – Drag Race at Paradise Road (1973) HD

American Graffiti (10/10) Movie CLIP – Drag Race at Paradise Road (1973) HD

Laurie, what in the hell
are you doing in there? – Is she gonna ride with you?
– Mind your own business,John. Yeah, she’s going with me.
You take care of yourself, man. You guys ready? You son of a bitch! Come on, she’s gonna blow. I don’t know.
Please, don’t come near me. I’m gonna be sick.
Oh, Steven. Oh, Steven!
Please don’t leave me. – Don’t leave me, please.
– I won’t. I couldn’t bear it.
Please. I’m not gonna leave you. – I’m not gonna leave you.
– Promise me. – I promise.
– Do you? I’m not gonna leave you. That was beautiful, John.
Just beautiful. – I was losin’, man.
– What? He was pulling away from me
just before he crashed. You’re crazy! You creamed him
from right off the line. Shit, Toad! The man had me.
He was beatin’ me. John, I don’t know
what you’re talking about. It was the most beautiful thing
I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I've got the Johnny Lightning dioramas of this scene and the opening scene at Mel's Drive-in. I posted videos of them on my channel recently if you want to check them out.

  2. Harrison fords first millennium falcon. And his first test gone to waste well guess that just means you crash and burn and that it's all about trial and error before you get it right later.

  3. Love this movie. Ever noticed that when the broad was beatin up ole Harrision Ford there he had his hat in his hand, and ole Milner was hustling him away from the broad, he still had his hat in his hand till they got up to the 58 Chrvy, then Milner handed his hat back to Harrison Ford. That's gotta be a movie film mistake of some kind.

  4. Hope nobody minds a silly question, but at the opening of this scene just before the cars get ready, it appears that there was a '62 Chevy Impala SS that pulled out ahead. Am I right?

  5. I'm not sure how to discribe it but, 1:14 to me is pretty cool. Booker T& the MG's fades back in with country for miles and a neat sunrise.

  6. Back to see this via a guitar players channel (British Guitarist…) , latest installment featuring Steve Cropper. Saw this movie back in the day and this scene is perfect. Also nice to know Jeff Beck has a replica roadster with THX138 plates.

  7. Pretty sure Lorie showed Falfa her kittycat causing him to lose control. Remember later on she moves to Milwakee and vodey oh doh dohs….

  8. I love this drag race no matter who you root for, but I gotta say, that 55 REALLY HAD AN OMINOUS HOWL TO IT !!!! SOUNDS GREAT !!

  9. All the modern fast and furious tuner scene can trace its start to this era of hot roding. The tri five chevs and T-buckets are retired either in museums or classic car shows. But hot roding is still alive and well with the modern import scene. 90’s Honda’s and Toyotas Rome the street keeping the spirit alive.

  10. Universal wanted to call the Film “Another Slow Night in Modesto”! ?Luckily Lucas didn’t go with that dumb title!

  11. SO…he flips a car without seatbelts, and…not only lives to tell the Tale…but, they both walk away almost unscathed?? Rollovers-even below the speed limit-are pretty Deadly!

  12. …and, interestingly, Lucas himself wrapped a sports car around a tree in about 1962. The seatbelt broke, and he was ejected (which in that case saved him) but he had Bad injuries. He straightened out after that.

  13. Milner taking header plugs out made difference. No baffling got Falfa spooked into leaving way too hard off line smoking his tires and being bias when shifted into 3 or 4th it popped. Drag racing gotta know your machine.

  14. American Graffiti was a time capsule into my youth. The music was amazing. The cars, chrome with style, and drag racing was a nightly thing. I'll never forget the Wolfman, my favorite DJ, playing on our AM radios. It was a simpler time when everyone got along. Life was actually fun, not like today with all the hate and division dividing our country. I feel sorry for the youth of today, who missed out on the joys of my youth. Those memories will never die, and I was so blessed being born into the greatest time period of our country.

  15. I fell in love with this movie when I was seven years old (I'm 25 now) this scene is still at the top of my list. Green Onions and drag racing? Dose it get much better than that? American Graffiti is one of those movies that never gets old. My money is on the 55. It would've destroyed that 32 in the 1/4th mile.

  16. I grew up in that era in San Leandro California on the strip drag race all the time totally relate to that movie never get tired of seeing it

  17. They started this clip too late .. Lori was yelling at Falfa but he can't stop bragging about his driving skills, then he rolls it. Anyway, still a decent film. Poor Richard Dryfus never did meet Tbird lady

  18. The girl wasn't hurt in the wreck…her sweater isn't torn…her hair isn't messed up…lol. Sorry George your movie has too many flaws!

  19. In real life Harrison Ford's crash would have been fatal to both driver and passenger too. There were no seatbelts in his car. Even still they'd have died. As soon as Harrison over-corrects at abt 1:02 we see the driver's fatal mistake.

    It is always the over-correction that throws the rig into a roll. Snapping spines and necks like chicken parts.

    You just bury the remnants together as most times the clothing gets separated and body identification becomes near impossible.

  20. I used to street race in the central valley and this scene really reminds me of the all-nighters we used to pull out on desolate country roads. The way the dawn light is starting to light the sky and still out from the night before trying to get another race in… Miss those days

  21. Any idea what road this is? I would work out in the country side from Modesto to Merced and I wonder if I ever drove this road.

  22. The problem I have with race car driving as a sport is that everybody makes it to be about the drivers when it really is about the cars. Mario Andretti in a slow car could not beat Don Knotts in a fast one.

  23. Harrison Ford's characters have been around some epic sounds; The two V-8s roaring off the line here, and the Millennium Falcon blasting off from Hoth.

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