Amazon 1080p Sports Action Camera

Amazon 1080p Sports Action Camera

Hello everyone and welcome back it’s
CivilGuy here and today we have an unboxing of the CamPark 1080p action
camera before we get started be sure to hit that subscribe button and
notification bell so you won’t miss my next upload also give the video a like
it truly does go a long way yes what you just saw was raw video
footage right from the kam Park 1080p action camera and I have to say it’s not
too bad for a $40.00 camera now for those of you who are out there on a
really tight budget this camera might just be another option worth looking
into let’s go ahead and check out what’s inside now be sure to watch for the
entire video so that you can see what the actual footage looks like from this
camera alright so right now I’m gonna go ahead and open the box and see what’s
inside all I have to do is open up this little flap here and then pull out this
plastic container and here it is the package is pretty much like usual
when it comes to these kind of cameras I’m going to set the action camera to
the side so that we can see what else is in the box we also get a number boatload
of accessories that probably won’t see the light of day here’s the user manual
for those of us who need the extra assistance and I’ll tell you what I mean
operating these little things isn’t really that difficult but I do
understand if this is your first time picking one of these up you might want
to you know just take a moment and glance over the instructions we also get this customer support card
so if you’ve got to contact the company for any reason here it is and here we go
again with the crazy amount of accessories which includes a micro USB
cable micro cleaning cloth attachments etc by the way you also get two
batteries and alas the camera now the case does
look a bit different from the other cameras that I’ve unboxed the lens now
it has a circular design which actually makes it look a lot different it’s a
redefined look it actually looks a lot different than the genuine GoPros that
are out nowadays but overall the body of the camera doesn’t look too bad at all
the waterproof housing for this camera does feel pretty solid and I’m sure if I
were to just drop this from a 20-foot building it would probably survive the
drop though I’m not gonna do that unless you guys want me to anyway all joking
aside this is the camera body itself the button on the front of the camera
actually controls the camera it turns it on
and turns it off you can also use these two buttons on the right hand side of
the camera to select through the menu and on the left hand side of the camera
you have a micro SD slot a micro USB port as well as a HDMI port and no it’s
not the big one it’s the small anyway let’s go ahead and boot up this
camera and uh oh yeah I almost forgot the battery is not even in the camera
yet so you have to take a little moment and you have to open a little latch at
the bottom of the camera and just easily slide the battery inside and then turn
the camera one now you might need to charge the battery
because it might be partially dead and please please just as a rule of thumb
and I really shouldn’t have to say this always be sure to charge your devices
before you actually use them seriously do as I say don’t do as I do I’ll just
take a brief moment to place inside and voila there it is
so far this camera looks very promising the number of features goes on and on
and on however one thing that I don’t see is is how to disable this Annoying
splash sound effect can we please get an updated firmware to fix this problem
and another thing I just want to say this maybe it’s just me but there
appears to be a seemingly long delay before the camera even starts up that
might be a problem for some but if you can get over these small inconveniences
this might be what you’re looking for now just some technical stuff the camera
does apparently record 2.7 k 1080p and also 720p it can even go lower than that
don’t quite necessarily know why you would want to record anything lower than
720 but you do have the ability to do that also you have varying frame rates
you can do 720p at 90 frames per second but sadly you can only do 1080p at 30
frames per second and yes if you’ve seen any of my other videos on these action
cameras you already know that I’m a big fan of time-lapse video and yes this
does come with that feature so you can actually time your time-lapse pictures
or videos from 0.5 seconds all the way up to like 1 minute so that’s awesome
and before I forget I just want to mention this one thing this camera does
support Wi-Fi so you can connect the camera to Wi-Fi if you want to watch the
livestream for your phone however that’s one of the features that I personally
don’t use because I have no need for it the camera already comes with a pretty
decent screen so I everything that I need to see through
the camera I can see on the back of the camera I think the only reason why would
be necessary to have a Wi-Fi feature in the first place if it was one of those
older GoPros that didn’t have a screen at all however I think it’s a little
extra gimmicky it’s not like I said something I would use personally but one
of the things I would have wished that this camera came with because it has all
these bells and whistles for of a low price tag $40 you should have the
capabilities of disabling that sound effect that starts up and shuts down the
camera all right so you’ve heard me ramble
enough I’ll let the test video speak for itself you so you might be wondering should you
purchase this action camera and you know I would say if you have only $40.00 and
you don’t mind the intro sound effect in the delay also there might be a slight
jittery effect you might get if you turn the cameras for fast this might be
something that you might want to consider if you can get past those
shortcomings if you want the best looking footage from this camera I would
suggest investing in a tripod in preferably good lighting I just want to
say thank you to everyone for the outstanding support these last couple of
weeks my channel has grown so much all because of you for watching my videos
liking subscribing and sharing I just can’t thank you enough I hope this video
really does help you with your future action camera purchase be sure to leave
a comment down below if you have any questions and like I said again thank
you so much everybody for the outstanding support it really does mean
thank you and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. This camera could actually be used. The colours look grim, the lens is low quality: distortion, aberration towards the edges – you did peel off the protective plastic? 😉 I was just wondering what is 2.7K if it's a 1080 camera. And does it really do high fps. How the moving objects would look like, real action? Anyway, thanks for this, I'm always interested in low budget gear!

  2. Not that bad. Not that bad at all. My problem is that I haven't done anything action in awhile. Would be kinda cool in/on a car. Not have to worry about it.

  3. Low budget fpv racing wifi can be used, just be advised that both wifi and the transmitter and drone run on 2.4 mhz meaning it will interfere. For a cheap camera it actually doesn't look bad at all, at least it isn't all grainy and crap like most of them, good job on the review 🙂

  4. Nice video. I didn't mind the sound. It let me know if I turned it on or not. It looks like a gopro knock off.

    I just subbed 861 and thumbs up on the video. Please support my channel as well. Thanks.

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  6. Not a bad image I have been thinking about getting a GoPro for our honeymoon and this may be the next best thing saving me some money. Which is very helpful considering the wedding/honeymoon expenses lol 😂 thanks for this info and video new sub her for sure 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Decent Value for 40 bucks ! Might pick one up to strap on my trolling motor or some other stupid place on my boat. Thanks for sharing ! Congrats on getting to 877 ( as of now).

  8. new s – u – b – s – c – r – i -b – e – r, just showing your channel some support, hope to see you over on my channel, thanks if you do

  9. i have one cheap sports action cam .. but my problem always the battery life time .. need to connect to a powerbank .. if shoot for more that 30 minutes ..

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  12. Quality review and great edit—selected that red button and would love if you did the same. BTW—you have a great speaking voice 🙂

  13. Yes, we want to see you drop it from 20’ – just kidding. Looks like a very nice buy for under $40. Here to support a fellow small creator.

  14. Not a nice camera at all for $40! You definitely have a voice for these videos too! Mine is way too Southern for people to want to listen for long lol

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  18. Okay now I got to go get this camera good selling job wonderful voice wonderful video and you got it together will be a hundred thousand before long

  19. I use a LGXPower phone. Another great affordable option. It has the lowest cost 1080p front cam that I've ever found so I can even watch myself while recording.

  20. Thanks for showing the video content, and NO sound. We wouldn’t want everyone knowing that it sounds like a potato being thrown against a wall for sound now would we?

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