Amazing ringside rescues: WWE Top 10, July 21, 2018

Amazing ringside rescues: WWE Top 10, July 21, 2018

>>Aah! [MUSIC] Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens,
trying to head him off. You gotta be kidding me!>>No way.
>>What the hell is Seth doing?>>Don’t, don’t do it, Seth!>>Seth Rollins from the top of the cage,
from the top of the cage!>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>You’ve gotta be kidding me!>>You’ve gotta be kidding me is right-
>>You’ve gotta be kidding me!>>Hey, wait look at this! The king!>>It’s Lena!>>It’s Lena! Lena stopping the carnage!>>Whoa!>>Lena’s stopping the carnage! Lena
>>There’s a DDT for you.>>What a DDT on Molly.>>And Lena beats Gale to the puts.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>A lever bomb.>>Wait, we got one more squad member. Mitch, come on out. I almost forgot.>>That was Mitch.>>Mitch tripped. He flew out here.>>Mitch broke?>>My God, Sean Michaels! Sean Michaels is back.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Sweet chin music. And Michaels, bad knee and
all, Michaels in the ring.>>This showstopper has started the show!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>This crowd has come unglued here. There’s blood,
bodies are flying everywhere. There’s another one!>>Shocked to see Michaels’ back!>>[SOUND] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] But wait a minute, Mysterio,
Taking it to CM Punk. And then the gallows.>>Man!
>>It’s CM Punk! Gonna regret this trip to New Jersey.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No! [APPLAUSE] No, wait a minute, Holden is going down in the abyss,
and there’s Cena. Cena is back. [APPLAUSE] [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] There’s King in
the NWO Hall of Fame. [APPLAUSE] Look at this! I love, now wait a minute. They have an ankle. Nash just center pressed Hogan. Pole and Nash,
they’ll go teaming Hollywood Hogan. And here comes the Rock back,
and the Rock now defending Hogan. The Rock turn and fight,
and Holden is out. Holden and
the Rock fighting Hall and Nash.>>Look at this!>>My God! I don’t believe this.>>Whoa! And Natalya driven into the barricade.>>Rhonda Rousey headed out! Here comes Rhonda! Rhonda Rousey going right
after Mickie James. And Mickie now whipped into the barricade. Again, Rhonda Rousey. Rhonda Rousey’s lost it,
sending Mickie into the apron.>>Somebody get security out here. Rhonda is not allowed on
this side of the barricade. And Rousey, with Michey up high.>>You go tell her, Corey.>>[APPLAUSE] Rhonda Rousey!>>My God.>>Vince McMahhon and Shane have been taken out of the picture.>>My! What is he? It, it is!>>It’s Batista!>>The animal!>>And Batista with a spear. And Legacy.>>Being picked apart by Batista. Spine buster!>>Batista is back!>>I now pronounce you as
the unholy union of darkness.>>You may now kiss your bride.>>For God’s sake. [MUSIC] Don’t call in the Undertaker. Going toe to toe. Mideon from behind. Austin fighting for all he’s got. The ceremony is over, the ceremony’s over. What is this? What an ingrate!>>Look at Elizabeth,
she’s about ready to cry.>>She is crying.>>She’s on her way to the ring! Elizabeth’s inside! She couldn’t take it anymore.

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  1. The captions… are like roasting wrestlers even shawn michaels… caption called shawn michaels “ sean michaels”

  2. Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ? Ronda Rousey ?

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