Amazing Nike Football Experience in England with Mario Götze & Nike Highlight Pack Play Test

Amazing Nike Football Experience in England with Mario Götze & Nike Highlight Pack Play Test

The most essential thing is to stick to your path and say: “I have a goal in front of me and I’ll go after it regardless of what happens.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a defeat or a setback not even if you’re injured or don’t get to play games. You just have to tell yourself: “I’m focused, I know what I want, I know I’m fit and I can play.” Basically just believe in yourself, that’s the most important thing.

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  1. Couple of questions. Did they have you all try different boots according to intended purpose on the pitch (the big "boot by position" debate which I don't buy)? Or was it more about just getting a variety of feel/touch of each boot? And I noticed that all the boots they gave you were FG versions on AG surface. Considering that companies are pushing surface specific boots, why was that not important for you all? Did anyone ask about that?

  2. Can you please share and exercises you did there to become a better football player? Mainly the gym workout and exercise on the field. Thanks

  3. Hey , i am a 17 yr old living in Holland. I am originally from Brazil where i have played in 2 professional clubs (such as Flamengo) until i moved to holland at the age of 11 in 2008. It was very difficult to adapt here as initially the kids where taller and stronger than me. Also , the weather , cold dark days would make me very demotivated to play. I did not know how to speak a single word in Dutch , making the kids group against me. This carried on for 3 years , where i played for decent clubs, but nothing high level close to professional. As i started developing my dutch and adaptong to dutch football (believe it or not it was very hard)  i started getting better chances at clubs that played a level closer to professional (there are 16 divisions here until professional with various pools).
    Despite all those obsticles i never for a day reconsidered to stop. I moved cities 4 times within 6 years due to my fathers work. On my 4th year in Holland i was the capitain of a 4th division of club (out of the 16) . My dutch was good , not fluent but my passion in field made it up for it. unfortunatelly i could only enjoy 3 months of it as i again had to move cities because of my fathers job. But again that did not stop me from trying , i went to the highest level club after the cities professional club (ado den haag) and walked in to a training and asked for a tryout, after the training the coached sai he wanted me , it was a second divison club , and in the pool there are various professional clubs pf whom we play against . Now i have played in many professional stadiums (im 17 now) and have had many shots at pro dutch clubs. I am unfortunatelly still playing amateur, however i believe i can make pro! If you managed to read all of it , i just want to tell you that obsticles will come, but if you survive through them , you will make it!

    I have a video with my recent highlights on my channel called "Lucas Bueno Highlights" in case you are curious or interested.

  4. bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, Joltters hair ahahha. Imagine all the memes that would've been if he would've rocked that hairstyle in a vid to day :)) Love it

  5. Hey jolter….I am big fan of you..your narrating is very understandable and useful to me.. besides,..I really like your hair style…. thankyou!!!

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