Alzain Tareq Olympic Swimming Dream Drives Bahrain Schoolgirl | Generation Rise

Alzain Tareq Olympic Swimming Dream Drives Bahrain Schoolgirl | Generation Rise

11-year-old Alzain Tareq
is Bahrain’s swimming prodigy. After successfully competing
in the World Championships, she’s hoping to be invited
to the Olympic Games Rio 2016 to watch how
the world’s best compete. I knew I wanted to be
a competitive swimmer. I participated in the first
championship outside Bahrain when I was eight years old. I won the cup and I said, “I always want to participate
and win cups.” In the Middle East
and North Africa, the next generation
of athletes rise. An elite force,
exceeding expectation… reach gold. These are their stories… ..through their eyes. I imagine I am a swimmer and I want to beat
everyone in swimming. I swim faster if I imagine
I am at the Olympics and there is a medal
waiting for me, so I have to swim quickly. Alzain’s home, Bahrain,
is a nation of islands. Bahrain’s capital city, Manama, was once the centre
of sea trade in the Gulf. Today, on the international
sporting stage, Bahrainis are carrying
their heritage forward. At eight Olympics, Bahrainis have competed
in sailing and swimming, but they’ve yet
to achieve medal success. Alzain lives with
three generations of her family near to Bahrain’s capital,
Manama. The day I saw her
swimming there and I saw the photographers
and journalists with her… You cannot imagine our joy,
her uncle and I. I am the youngest swimmer
at the World Championship and I was very happy
I was the youngest one. I was very happy
because I thought, “I will be the last one,” but I beat 14 girls. And a foundation
called the Good Word gave me a cup at
the Gulf Championship, a prize for the aspiring star because I participated
in Kazan. Alzain is Bahrain’s
record holder of the 50-metre
butterfly event and is the youngest
ever swimmer to compete at a swimming
world championships. I am the father
of Alzain Tareq. She has been
a swimmer in the Bahrain national team for the past
two years. Alzain, in the last two years, participated
in many external tournaments, including the World
Championship in Kazan last summer,
so she now has ambition to reach higher standards. Alzain’s breakthrough
performance in Kazan brought her to the attention of the International
Olympic Committee. Now Tareq has been informed
that Alzain might receive an invitation to attend
the Olympic Summer Games to watch
how the world’s best compete. Although Alzain would love
to swim at the Games, Tareq knows she’s not ready. All the girls are
11 and 12 years old, so we must take it
step by step. We must not pressure them.
On the contrary. So far, Alzain alone
has set her path towards achieving her dream. I want to be like these
world-class swimmers like Missy Franklin
from United States, Katinka Hosszu from Hungary. I want to be like them because
they are Olympic champions and I want to be
an Olympic champion. Alzain’s commitment hasn’t
wavered since she first started training when
she was seven years old. My routine on a swimming day – I wake up at four
and come to training. In the morning,
she sets her alarm, at 4:10 or 4:15 she is ready
waiting for me. She comes to my room, she asks me to take her
to training. She sets her alarm
before my alarm. So they have the passion. It’s nice that they want
to do something for themselves. Come on! Come on, Alzain,
change quickly. Alzain knows that to
become a champion she has to train like
a champion. I am very happy when
I come in the morning because I like coming to
the pool in the morning, and after that I go to school. She likes everything
to be on time. If we are five minutes late
for school in the morning, she is upset. She wants to be there before
assembly starts. After a two-hour pool session, Alzain arrives on time
for a full day of school. Do you want to act? Maya! Come on, Sara. While Alzain’s at school,
her family receive news that she has received
an official invitation to watch her heroes compete
at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. For Alzain,
it’s a dream come true. Thank God everyone spoke highly of Alzain’s participation
this year at Kazan, and this is an achievement
accredited for her and Bahrain. How I feel about the Olympics
is that I am very happy I am going and I’ll try my best
to do everything I can do.

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  1. Man, not to be offensive, but when I was her age, I was way faster than her. I'm currently on my high school swim team and when I see her dives and strokes, I die inside because they have one of the worst forms I've seen.

  2. I was surprised when they said butterfly. She's so tiny and doesn't look like she would be good a fly, but more power to you. It's always the ones that get looked over first, whether it's size, weight, or build, that you have to watch out for- they are the ones that will be looked up to by the next generation.

  3. I looked up her times from when she was 10 and I was that fast along with everybody else on my team… We didn't qualify for worlds!!!

  4. Her time is slower than mine in each her races I watched, look at her World Championship Races. She is a good swimmer though!

  5. wondering if we ever compete in the same event my dream is also to be in the Olympics good luck with that ??

  6. I think I'm going to beat her in olympics because I'm going to be the first African American woman to compete in Olympic swimming so she better watch out??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  7. I am not trying to be offensive but she not a got swimmer at all and she is very regular plus i am a swimmer , i am one of the fastest girls in my team and i have got many medals.I am just 11 years old

  8. I've been swimming since I was four; I'm 11 now. I'm in the second highest swimming group throughout the entire place where I swim. Surprisingly, I hate swimming. Unless it's fun swimming where you can do tricks. But yeah, swimming is my least favourite thing to do, ever. I hope she gets to Rio, she clearly loves swimming and has talent. Go you, Alzain Tareq! You clearly don't have the best resources in coaching. (In 25m my record is 28.05sec) but you will get htere.

  9. i am determined to go to the Budapest Olympics in 2024 to compete in the 400 IM, 200 Breastroke, and the 100 Breastroke. Leave a like if you think I can get gold!!

  10. Are the world championship cuts different in other country's, i have watched her swim in Kazan on YouTube and no way that would make the cut, I live in the U.S

  11. She's not fast she just has no competition in Bahrain so she can qualify for big meets with slow times

  12. she made it to kazan for 50m fly and she same 41 seconds and I swim a 36 and it my worst stroke

  13. Io faccio nuoto da quando ho 4 anni.. Ora ne ho 13, e mi avevano chiesto se volevo andare nell'agonismo perché ero più brava dei miei compagni… Io ci volevo andare ma mia mamma lavorava un sacco e NN poteva portarmi quindi ho continuato a fare corsi normali e sono riuscita a fare solo 1 anno di agonismo. Il nuoto é la mia passione, mi sarebbe piaciuto tanto andare alle olimpiadi…. ????????????tutt'ora faccio nuoto e mi chiedo sempre se avrei mai potuto ricevere la lettera di ammissione alle olimpiadi

  14. Why is this a big deal?
    She’s not even fast.
    Just plop a decent swimmer into a undeveloped country and they would get as much recognition as this girl

  15. No offense and not trying to hate but she's EXTREMELY slow for a 11 year old. How is she a prodigy? Her parents just spoiled her and paid to go to the world cup

  16. She does all these things for many years but im still faster even though i have only trained for almost a year.

  17. Awww I want to do that but my family is to poor…..I’m a 9 year old swimmer and I compete with 11,12 year old people no one thinks that I’m a 9 year old I’ve never competed…o started when I was 5 months old.when I grow up want to be a swimmer..and I train where Emily seebond dose..and SHES 11 and I’m 9 and I’m better than her I will even post a video of me.???

  18. yo soy nadadora y la verdad mi opiñon al respecto es que no se merece ir a las olimpiadas yo con su edad tenia 37 en 100 mariposa y no fui a las olimpiadas como ella yo creo que su nivel de natacion y esfuerzon es muy bajo o regular lo siento pero tengo 13 y ahora tengo 35 en mariposa y ella seguramnte tiene lo que tenia yo hace 3 o 2 años jajajajajajaaja te odio niña que se cree rapida te crees pedo y no llegas a heces

  19. Я конечно понимаю её , но блин , мне 8 лет и я плаваю куда быстрее и техничнее её

  20. She is 11 and trying her best stop hating I do swimming and I love my sport and I always push myself to try harder she is practicing a sport that she loves and she has a dream to qualify to the Olympics and she could you never know so stop hating

  21. She needs more training and btw she is like around 10,11,12 years old she is not yet ready to join there because there are fast Olympians than her.

  22. She’s really not that fast there are plenty of girls in the states her age that are much much faster I’m not saying she can’t do it I’m just saying she’s nothing special right now

  23. I’m confused… she’s good, but she’s not amazing, like I’m 12 and my 50 free lcm is a 28.77 and my scy is a 25.09

  24. 99% of the comments: I went [insert number less than 42] when I was 7 years old. I should go to the Olympics
    The other 1%: Great job! Keep on pursuing your dreams!


  25. Tbh, I feel that if she does a competition with me I would win, because I know that I am way faster than her (trust me I did competitions) and still my mom is beating me, so if she really wants to go to the olympics she should get A real coach

  26. XBravo. Alliajian. Tarique. Accept My Best wishes. Keep it up And never give up. We wish to see you in next Olympics❤️❤️❤️??????

  27. If she REALLY wants to go to the olympics, she needs to move to the USA to get the coach and the training she needs. Her times aren’t faster than mine when I was 10, I went 33:00s in my 50 free lcm. There is just no competition in these islands.

  28. I am 10 and my 50 freestyle is a 29.12 and my 50 butterfly is 30.08 so how did i not make it to world championships i would beat all of her times but keep up the good work good luck!

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