73 Replies to “Aly Raisman: US Olympics betrayed the athletes”

  1. The shit is horrible and they are banning Russian athletes from the Olympics… such fucking crap. the Russia ban was obviously a smoke screen because this happened right after… fuck you very much America…

  2. these girls get in his car, they get in his bed, WTF these girls will do anything to win and have more one on one coach time. and their parents thought this is o,k, for their daughters to be out doing this, great, now play the victims.

  3. Says she who is in a racy underwear ad, objectifying herself.Real victims of any sex crime don,t put themselves in racy ads.

  4. Move on with your life Aly….for God sake!!! offering some good advice to a strong young woman with a lot going for her, I'm not minimizing her abuse and injuries. America has a way of creating permanent victims after awful events… she should not let this define her, I get the cause of making sure no one else gets hurt, but she seems stuck in her depression which is not healthy for her. Move on Aly, best wishes to you!!!

  5. Aly Raisman-: -US Olympics betrayed the athletes go to "The Hill" instead and read about William Campbell's testimony about transferring cash t the Clinton Foundation from Russian operatives.

  6. It don't matter he did…if his policies was good for the olympics then leave it . The sexual harassment he did could be consider seperate ….it's just as saying hitler made the cure to aid but since he a monster they should take the cure out the hospital

  7. Proves that professional "image" is no indication of substance and the "village" is dangerous and shouldn't be given access to your children. Keep your child out of competitive sport when coaches and committees take over your parental role. It is the parent's job to protect their young from wolves. Look at the way these gymnasts dress! They should have their rears covered, it is appalling young women are paraded in front of the world with their bums hanging out, what is expected when young women dress like this?

  8. CNN you are fake news dog shit worse than the enquirer magazine. You need to be taken off the air and put into a paperback crappy 20 page brochure in a supermarket.

  9. I swear I bust all kinds of nuts to this girl on images on bing…. When this shit happened I usually don't know who the hell their talking about… I did this time

  10. I can't believe people are trolling this poor girl's comments. It's a big deal that so many people and organizations ignored Nassar's abuse – so they actually ENABLED him. If it isn't talked about, it will happen again. Hold them accountable, and it will stop. Ugh.

    Also, trauma like this takes a long time to heal. Yes, she IS stuck in her trauma. That's exactly how trauma works. Look it up. I hope she is able to heal, and bless her for continuing to speak out and make sure those who covered it up are held accountable.

  11. Never one to let grass grow under her feet, or her ass for that matter, Aly has decided to bare the latter for Sports Illustrated. We all knew she was sexually abused by Nassar, but who knew she was also a common whore?

  12. This problem goes beyond Nassar. It is institutionalized within USAG and USAOC. They protected and ignored Nassar. This runs deep. 100% support Aly and the other women speaking up!

  13. Aly rocks so bad. The entire scope of protecting the violator is such an involved and complex dynamic. I can attest to many reasons why and how a perpetrator will get away with molestation for so long and this extends right up into adults in a professional environment. The web of shame, loss of reputation and a host of other threats real or imagined keep the situation in a powerful grid lock until someone or something becomes more powerful than the elements that keep it in the dark. That's why I really like this girl. You can risk everything by coming out about abuse and its so good to see these girls bringing this out. They are literally saving lives as we speak. Dammit, do I wish I had an idolizable person standing as a proud and courageous spokes person around when I was a kid that would give me permission to talk about what was happening. This lady is giving other young ladies and kids permission and an environment of safety and acceptance to come out with their story of whoever is abusing them. Super cool Aly and her buddies are making it super cool to do this. Rock on Aly.

  14. People did not care because when a sociopathic machinery is in place everyone is afraid of speaking up for fear of retaliation.

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