Always Rock Hard – Band Manager Gameplay

Always Rock Hard – Band Manager Gameplay

Hi, I’m Gwen Stefani and I’ve assembled all of my favorite musical artists to form a supergroup with me A band to end all bands With me now is: Bob Dylan Ey erryne! Thank you for having me [Incomprehensible mumbling] [Harmonica] To my left is The Cure’s Robert Smith Hello I’m feeling a little blue today. I don’t know if I’ll be playing. Uh-huh Over here, we’ve got David Bowie. James Bowie: You can call me Ziggy as long as my paint is on my face And I’m not dead. Thank you for joining us from beyond the grave. And someone that should have died a long time ago Everyone already knows my name Elyse! Yeah!? It’s Aaron Barrett! Bob: Who!? From Reel Big Fish! [Bruce sings the intro to Sell Out] [Bruce sings the intro to Sell Out]
[Now with harmonica!] Gwen: Reel Big Fish? I’m a big ska band. Have you ever heard of ska? You bet I have! It’ll rule the world! What year do you think it is? Well I’m ‘Just A Girl’ So Bob why don’t you take us away? [incomprehensible mumbling] neyh yeeh 🎶generic 90’s theme plays🎶 Darren Barren: Woah is there a SKA entry? Can you be a ska band!? James Bowie: No man it only has real music James Bowie: What are we playing Gwen? Gwen: We’re gonna manage a band. A super group Bob Dillon: A ooper oop?
James Bowie: A super group? James Bowie: A band? I’ve never managed a band before that isn’t entirely spiders [Toy trumpet] Darren: Gwen and I used to sing together in our own band! Yeah, we’d sing about Orange County where we’re from That’s right! And we’re both just as famous as ever! James Bowie: I have to ask you again. What year do you think it is? [Ska Music] James: Map.. Click on map… Bob Dillon: Skip… James: Oh, you skipped a tutorial that’s bad I got finger-banged in a mosh-pot! [Group bursts into laughter, Bob laughs into Harmonica] Darren(?): That’s what they’re called! Mosh pots! Adam: Is that is that true? Everyone behind: No! Robert I’d like to ask you a question. Yeah, what do you want? Where do you find the inspiration for your songs? I like to eat I get a lot of indigestion to be honest. Every time I’m on the toilet I just write a song and it comes to me Here we go! 1! 2! 3! 4! Pick it up hup pick it hup! [Mimicking trumpet sounds] Elyse: This is where the editor puts in the trumpet music Bruce: Are you playing this band manager or not? James: He selected, well first of all Adam selected the hardest difficulty Bruce: And he’s $420 down the hole. James: He skipped the tutorial. James: I dunno you might want to start over dawg. Adam: What are you talking about? I’m recording my song [Laughter] Adam: New game… Darren Mirren: Just remember how Gwen Stefani got her start? Adam: In Hip Hop? In a ska band! Then I outgrew it like everyone else does! Right? Like you did!? Aaron Carrot: No way! I’ve been a m.. [Wheeze] [Ska Music] Bruce: All right pick a song. Love Me Harder Fever. fuck my pussy fuckem [Intro to Sell Out sung by Bruce] James: [through laughter] John… James: John’s sweating Bruce: That’s what Robert Smith would really be doing James: He’s gonna die of heatstroke! Bruce: He’d be eating cake and sweating everywhere Gwen: This is important. Being able to keep to a schedule and meet all your band commitments Robert John: Yeah? Gwen: Can you make band practice this Saturday? Robert: Oh sorry uhh Saturday. You can wait on that one. It’s not gonna happen What about Sunday? Hmm, always comes too late. I’m usually at the deli. Adam: FUCK Robert: What about Friday? Bruce: You lost again!? Oh Friday! Uh-huh I’m in love with that idea Gwen what’s that one song you have about food? I really like it On ‘Sunday Morning’! That’s not about food at all Gwen: Cos the music video’s got spaghetti in it David, why don’t you sing one of your most famous songs one everybody knows James Bowie: ♪ Dancing in the street ♪ What about some stuff from my latest album? Yeah I’d love to hear it Where I’m dying of cancer Aren Garret: Alright yeah, let’s play it let’s play it I wanna hear it James Bowie: Three, two, one You remind me of a boy Adam Dylan: What boy?
Baron Darrot: The one with the.. Oh Bruce: What boy? The boy with the power The power of ska James: Who!? [Toy trumpet sound] James Bowie: All the way down Gwen! We don’t want you cheating Baron Darrot: You only did two? You only did two Gwen! Elyse Stefani: How many push ups can you do? Darren? It’s Aaron! and the last time I performed it was at Disneyland Is being escorted out considered a performance? *casual ska rift plays* (Hi I’m one of the people doing the captions and I hope you have a nice day. Thanks for reading this k bye) Gwen: Look Bob Dylan, I thought you would be better at this because you groomed your son Jakob Dylan to be a famous singer too But it looks like you can’t manage a band as well as I thought you could I think I got that last part Bruce: Wet Puss Fuck Hole is the name of one of the characters So instead of trying to manage a band why don’t we do some trivia? Bruce: Yeah! James Bowie: Oh I love the sound of that. Can we do trivia between the years of 1996 and 1998 Careful Darren that might be a bad thing for us to do It’s Aaren! Oh! [Broken toy trumpet sound] Adam: Real quick what’s that guys name Aaron Barrot? James Bowie: It’s Darren Ferret
Arin Barrot: My name is Arin Barret! Oh! Gwen: David Bowie I love your kicks Barren Darrit: That’s not it! Barren: That’s a baseball player! Adam: Is this him? Barron: He’s the lead singer No! James Bowie: That must be him Barron: There that’s him. Adam: Uhh James: That’s just Reel Big Fish’s Twitter acount Aaron Marit: They’re basically the same thing Picture on the bottom left That must be you Sharon Darret: No! Adam: Who did Billy Idol hit? James Bowie: White wedding Bruce: WHICH is the Billy Idol hit? Aaron Arrit: Robert Smith Do you need more sugar to make you more energetic? Well I was curious where you guys wanted to eat after this If you wanted to go to the deli? Gwen: I think we should eat at Downtown Disney because it’s near Orange County Hit it! Gwen: 1 2 3 4! [Bruce singing the intro to Sell Out] Aaron Barrel: Sell out! [Adam Dylan trying to get everyone’s attention]
Oran Blarret: ♪ I’m gonna go to Disneyland and gonna buy a churo can someone show me where I could go ♪ [Adam Dylan mumbles gleefully] Aragon Barlit: Guys! You know what me and Eminem have in common? We both dropped new albums just the other day! James Bowie: I don’t know if that’s true Gwen: You just literally dropped yours on the ground. That’s true Gwen you got me again James Bowie: Hey Darren? Aaren: It’s Aron! If you can explain ska to someone who’s never been to Earth before how would you do it? Darren Barret:I would say it’s the most fun music you can listen to They already stopped listening and walked away Robert did you get those promotional pictures I sent you? Oh those ‘Pictures of You’? Yes Daron Barrot: You’re supposed to sing it! John: Uh. Oh……. I haven’t heard that one Bruce: It’s his song Robert Smith, when Elyse asked you to do this game play. How did you respond? I should have done more research to be honest What form of communication did you use? What!? Did you call her on a phone? *John perplexed* Send her an email or maybe you wrote something She wrote me a letter and I wrote ‘A letter to Elise’ There you go, you nailed it Darren Darrit: Now ask me a leading question about a song that I wrote! *James struggles* I know you know em! If I had one piece of advice for Aaron, it would be- 🎶Don’t Speak🎶 Erin Beret: Thanks for knowing my name! Is your name Aaron? I’ve been calling you Darren or nothing this whole time Baron Aaret: We’ve only doing this for 30 minutes. James Bowie: It feels like it’s been a lightyear Sometimes when we do these complex game plays it’s a little bit intimidating. I wish we had a ‘Simple Kind of Life’ James Bowie: That’s one of your songs… Ellen Barlet: There’s one thing I should tell you No one can steal my wallet! Cos I have a wallet chain! James Bowie: Or maybe because there’s nothing in it Adam: This whole gameplay is just ripping on Reel Big Fish Bruce: Just ripping on me Adam: There’s nothing else James Bowie: We should destroy all this footage ♪ With Gasoline ♪ *James Bowie trippin balls for 30 seconds* Gwen: Let’s all share something that we think would make a great band member, I’ll go first I think it’s having a story about having your heart broken in Orange County James Bowie: I think this is a small detail but it’s a big one Eight legs. Banana Barret: What about you Bob Dylan? Aaron Merit: That’s enough Now Robert Smith To join my band all you need to do is bring me a backpack full of food. [Aaron goes to talk]
Gwen: Robert Smith… Oh you too Arren… I forgot you were here… James Bowie: Sorry Darren we forgot you were here Just like the entire music going audience Anybody want a bite? Bruce: No! Urgh Ugh! Urgh! It started to really stink in here and I think it might be me No I’m pretty sure that’s Robert Does anyone have anything to eat? Bruce: Oh boy look he’s got it all over his teeth Bruce: You’re starting to look like the real Robert Smith Elyse: Is he looking up Robert Smith now? Adam: Hold on real quick I just want to see what he looks like today. John: Holy shit! Bruce: I told you! John: Oh my God! I mean… [Robert Smith voice] Yeah that’s me Bob Dylan (mumbling) : you beautiful young woman Bruce: Young woman…? Gwen: Did somebody say young woman? Because I would love if someone would say that to me… David Bowie…. [Broken toy trumpet sound] [♪ Stock Trumpet Sound No. 4 ♪] Bruce: Let’s hope Aaron Barret never sees this It’s gonna get tweeted at him like a hundred times! Bowie: He’d have to own a computer [Violent Wheeze] Or a phone capable of downloading twitter Oh my gosh James Bowie: Well… That about wraps it up. I guess it’s time for me to go back to my planet Which is somehow less strange than this ♪ Ground control to… Me! ♪ ♪Relaxing guitar rift♪ And don’t forget about me Aaron Barrett From Reel Big Fish Wait wait wait what no No no no stop it no! Surfer Bruce: This smells like asshole. Surfer James: Yeah it does! *Surfer Bruce Gags* Surfer James: Make sure you get the bottom part too *Surfer James gags* Bruce: That is really bad. Surfer James: Also I want to make it feel natural *Opens water bottle* Like you’re actually hitting the waves Surfer Bruce: Oh bro! Surfer James: There we go! Surfer Bruce: Hey put it on me! Surfer James: Here we go! Bruce (breaks character): OH SHIT Surfer James: It’s a- *everyone breaks character and laughs while Bruce shivers* Surfer Bruce: It soaked right into my underwear and now my balls are wet.

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  1. Wow I can't believe Funhaus got David Bowie, Gwen Stephanie, Robert Smith and Bob Dylan all in the same room! Also there is a hobo in that room who keeps playing that weird music

  2. Honestly how could anyone dislike this video. I have watched it so many times and always laugh just as hard as the first time.

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