Always Be a Good Sport S4 E6

Always Be a Good Sport S4 E6

yeah Peter you brought your own soccer ball
with you to school today I shared did good spots here is my lucky
soccer ball he never misses the goal when I kick him awesome let’s play soccer during recess ok I love playing soccer anytime it’s my favorite sport my
favorite sport is baseball I don’t like hitting a home run winning
the game winning it’s fun but it’s okay to lose – as long as you try your bath I guess
so it’s true it happened to me at my last
soccer game the game was almost over I kicked the
ball really hard to get past the goalie but the bottle mr. nap I kicked it too high and the other team
won the game this boy from the other team was what my
coach calls us or win it he ran up to me and laughed at me for
missing the cool he said that his team was better than
mine because they won the game but i do with the boy that I tried my best and
that’s what matters my coach agreed with me he said Peter’s right the most important thing
is that he tried his best the boy stop laughing at me and he said
sorry he told me that I’m a good soccer player I told him thank you can we shook hands
and my coach told me that he was proud of me for being a good sport even though we lost it felt good doing
the right thing it’s good that the boys sorry you
shouldn’t have laughed at you because you lost where Noah leaders you should be a good
sport by always being nice to the other team no one likes this or when there you’re
right i guess it doesn’t matter who wins or loses as long as we have fun hopefully today
at recess everyone will be a good sport no oil
loses their winners well there are definitely going to be
winners because I’m feeling super quick today so
you and all spots better watch out you hear that old spot LED teach Chris
how much but it is to lose them dimes

57 Replies to “Always Be a Good Sport S4 E6”

  1. how 2 deal with this situation using the logic: just tell one time that the rival team didnt won

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  3. Uh I'm very like VERY VERY bad at soccer even in roblox. I suck at it. I've only scored like one time XD I used to play with my friends Romano Luca and alexia. I don't like soccer anymore. If I was 19 maybe I'll play but for now no.

  4. If you lose in a game and you feel jealous that the other team won it's ok be cause it could be fun to lose just be proud that the other team won that's called being a good sport

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