Alpine Ski Racing Champion Alexis Pinturault

Alpine Ski Racing Champion Alexis Pinturault

This medal during the Olympic Games in Sochi was a big step for me, Even more because I’m only 22 years old. For the future it’s a nice thing and I’ll try to continue on this way and push harder and harder. This season I have two different goals. One of them is the overall. I think I can make it now. The second one is the world championship. There aren’t many skiers in the world that can win the overall. There are only four or five, and he’s one of them. There are a lot of different big guys who can win this overall. Marcel Hirscher for sure, Ted Ligety. I have a big chance because I can be really fast in 4 different disciplines. That could be my advantage. The big strenghts of my competitors, for Ted it’s the GS for sure. He won this Globe during, I don’t know, maybe 6 times. Marcel is all the technical disciplines and he won the overall for 3 years. All of them are really strong so it’s not going to be easy for me But for sure I will make all my best and it’s going to be a big fight during all this year. My style for sure it’s more like I think Marcel Hirscher, Which is really explosive and full of attack. In downhill my ambition will be to be stronger and stronger for the future. Downhill is the additional discipline where he must try to improve, and score points. I will not make many downhills this year because When you make GS, Slalom, Super-G and Super-combined the schedule is really very difficult to manage. So I will make maybe two or three of them, it could be interesting for the overall. This is a must for him to reach his objective, which is to win the overall. Well I think, now I’m ready to be the gold medallist.

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  1. I ski a little but I am not fortunate enough to be able to do it often…really wish I could ski more!!! Especially after watching this video.

  2. a me piace molto è un buon professionista , deve solo rischiare di più a molta tecnica però a perso troppi punti per errori banali , sono un suo ammiratore , io sono di Grenoble  trapiantato a Riccione italia , e quando vedo perdere punti preziosi , perché speso rischia dove non dovrebbe . detto questo e un campione 

  3. you can see that Alexis's turns are very useful by the fact that there not much snow blowing all over! Keep it up man!

  4. I'm 17 and want to be a ski racer, I've never officially raced before but I'm a very good skier and usually the fastest on the field, where do I start?

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