what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel we’ve got an awesome video for today got the whole squad coming over
but wanted to do a quick quick intro what the is that you can’t have the
whole squad without Caleb Nash Feemster where did you
come from? I’m back did you get attacked by a bear no a bear got attacked by me okay
. Guys! Caleb is back! I’ve been in the wilderness for a month and a half Josh
you’re back but I’m back guys drop a thumbs up right now is back and they
conquer YouTube make sure you welcome him in the
comments you ready for today’s video my face first perfect okay we’ll be right
back all right let’s do this we’ve got our little bowling alley here with
regulation real bowling pins we’re gonna do ten frames Caleb every frame a
different sport broken toe broken toe and the loser of today’s game gets a pie
to the face that’s this new series that came up with while you were gone
we’re the loser I’m calling it I think do or pie you know I killed a bear right
I’m just kidding that’s a series that Caleb does on his channel so make sure
you subscribe to Caleb you haven’t yet so we’re just we’re doing a pie to the
face on my channel but before we get into this today’s video is sponsored by
tic-tock thank you that’s okay Thank You tik tok for
sponsoring this video I’ve said it before tik toks is an awesome app where
you can easily add effects and music and all sorts of things to your videos and
they have these these hashtag challenges and the the challenge going on right now
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we did a great job so we’d love for you guys to download tic toc using the link
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beats okay let’s get into today’s challenge Caleb we’re starting off with
a bowling ball real bowling ball and gutter ball no no lay back if you want
to go this part to your last video bowling video where you threw a football
and it bounced back from behind and you said it counted you’re not even throwing
it and about a dozen caribou meringues there’s no backboard in bowling words
that have been said if it goes past it and it hits after the fact it doesn’t
count correct okay you sure said that our last video well that last one didn’t
hit a backboard there’s no didn’t if we were at the
hockey rink yeah it just bounced backwards no no I
promise you we already played the clip okay
10-4 Caleb kid not bad you got a spare I’m gonna get a strike ten to ten hey
Caleb next up is football what do you think in for a football throw old
pigskin here I’m thinking that if I didn’t play basketball would be a
professional football player right now that’s it 1800 I’ll be back to the channel code Oh impressive can he pick up the spare free
12 17 37 into the neighbor’s yard don’t know how some little Caleb lost his
sandal retrieving the football huh how did that happen okay Caleb got eight
for his football round hey um excuse me neighbors that we’ve never met we were
bowling and we dropped our football all right this one goes over the fence it’s
a negative yeah we got another football we might hop over there no I’m winning
by one point I’m not sure ping pong yeah you have to hit the ball with the paddle
but here’s the catch you can go as close as you want Caleb I don’t think that’s
gonna matter you ready yep you ready ready you hit it you hit it with the
paddle okay fine I think you hit it so I’m gonna be able to use the paddle how
I wanna use the paddle see you got eight you got eight for that round you just
mad that I’m an incredible ping-pong player actually thinks I cheated I’m
gonna do reverse ping-pong okay yeah seven you’re such a cheater I can’t
believe you okay back to the tie ball game
is it tight yep okay next up why would you do that why would you do any of it
if I didn’t play basketball and then I also decided not to play in the NFL
I’ll be a professional pitcher okay let’s see it
nope slider do whatever you want I’m really nervous for this one actually zero can he redeem himself that’s a big
fat zero for Caleb how does it feel hey top to the people you gonna dress
the camera or just gonna take your big zero and cry about it listen um
that was good strike you’re about to see a rarity overhand throw from Josh
Wharton can’t throw too hard or my shoulder will fall off but if your
shoulder falls off in this video YouTube gold front-left Shinnecock cynic
although good thing we’re doing the baseball Caleb what’s next we’ve all
missed it tell them tell them what sport is next and how you are skilled at it I’m pretty decent in soccer so that
might be my most commented thing ever guys let us know in the comments would
you buy I’m pretty decent at soccer merch I think that’d be pretty funny
okay Caleb are you gonna redeem yourself here sure Caleb just just just go yeah your soccer
juggling is not ideal not not bad um army to upgrade it so I’m really good
at soccer 9 for Caleb can he pick up the spare get this Josh okay that would have
been really cool hit it no I’m sure yeah I’m sure because I was
gonna hit no I’m gonna count that but you still got nine that’s good I should
get like a actual shot though no header ready yep that doesn’t count
no those four don’t count the one does yeah one of them council dang it
okay what’s now what’s the lesson we learned Josh you don’t always have to
try something cool next up Caleb uh are you good with the
basketball I’m not as good at basketball as I’m at soccer but I’m still previous
pretty decent okay let’s see you have to bounce pass it for the basketball we
decided okay put those two back yes we said no bounces ain’t you got four
you’re gonna pick up the spare you know it a right-oh doesn’t doubt doesn’t know I
know it doesn’t count although in in basketball you do this
backboard that’s why I was confused did you miss me Kayla did you miss me
did you miss me bounce 12 times I’m in the bouncy how did you I’ve rolled it
it was the bounce back I might as well have rolled it though really curious to
see how this one works go for it Caleb no way oh my gosh
skateboard number two what are you doing no no no Caleb that doesn’t count
I don’t I’m not gonna count it nope I don’t I don’t care if they’re rules for
that you can’t do that why you could just push it you could put
your entire body into it okay then I’m gonna do it too
well no yeah because I don’t get ten as well dude you have to you only on the
second one okay fine also guys y’all know I’m notorious for
getting hurt on this channel that really wasn’t smart I just scraped my whole leg
I jacked my hand up ready but like get creative do your own thing you’re just
mad because I outsmarted the system very creative Josh you’re gonna ride a
skateboard and how you write it you stop cheating I got one okay Caleb it is 49
you yeah 42 to me going into the tennis we done three rounds left I need to step
it up a little bit drop a come right now who do you thinks gonna win Josh or
what’s your name again oh I don’t know nurse take over you
or Caleb let’s see it oh my gosh Oh most okay you get a zero alright so
not the best showing by me hey hey something on the board this is by the
hardest one though okay can I have it and it’s just the wall but
can I have yeah it’s like we have bumpers up
I got a one Josh is down six going into the final two rounds let’s see what’s in
store next up archery kind of you know what they called me right call me the
male version of Katniss okay so dinner from jail on Jennifer Lawrence if you
see this we’d make a great couple those come in too hot though if I hit
any pins on this you have to tag Jennifer Lawrence as much as possible that’s it one how many did that hit zero no way right down the middle I was
expecting a little more but okay fine five okay I have 48 caleb has 50 some
down by two going into the final round but the final round is the most athletic
sport of them all juggling you see what I’ve been working on I’m gonna get for
it also guys we’re using the Josh Horton Pro Series juggling balls available at
juggling warehouse comm right Caleb yes where I buy all of my juggling needs
there you go okay so you have to throw the ball from a juggle oh close scales
nervous Athy should be why do people decide to
mow their lawn right when we were filming you better not leave this door
open for me Kaylee better get some points around right now doing fakes
right now who are you picking out so no I’m just happy I got a point you
got one so that is a you’re up by three so I need three points to tie four
points to win if I win I get to smash a pie in Caleb’s face ready recording No you are huh yeah oh sorry game set match alien need my next frame
let’s go put a pie in your face welcome back I’m glad you’re back though
Caleb touch me thank you so much for watching on make sure you subscribe you
haven’t yet and subscribe to Caleb cuz he’s doing pies in people’s faces every
single week on his channel right do ur pies make sure you subscribe I’ve ever
does every Monday of Wednesday every Saturday we do interns here every single
video here they are this time thank you for following us both on Instagram
juggling josh caleb nash beamster you ready buddy welcome back thanks it’s
glad to be back I’ve been in the wilderness please don’t
touch me sorry very sunberg yeah you also really

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  1. He’s Back! Like and Comment on this video to win juggling balls from like Braylon Uysondid from the last video! Be sure to subscribe to me and Caleb! Links in description! 🙂

  2. Josh, I hope I’m not late. I hope you still reply to comments. Anyways, I just slowed down the video where when it was Caleb’s turn with the ping pong round. You’re right, he hit with the paddle and not with the ball. I still love you and Caleb. Caleb, I love you man!!!!!!!!

  3. Caleb had actually cheated in football one there was a side board therefore the score changes and Josh wins for fair play

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  7. Ok, but isn't the saying, "I'm actually decent at soccer." instead of "I'm pretty decent at soccer." It'd be rather awkward if you put the wrong saying on a t-shirt. Anyway, glad to see Caleb is back. Can't wait for what else you have in store, Josh.

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