All-New Focus ST walk around – Perfect for cruising and sports performance

All-New Focus ST walk around – Perfect for cruising and sports performance

Hi everyone, my name is Leo Roeks. I am here in the South of France to introduce
the Focus ST to the European press. And I will just take you through
some details of the vehicle. Let’s start at the front: You see the ST badge, very prominent, left hand side, magnetite-colored grille, which is specific for the ST. And also the honeycomb shape which is ideal to get cooling to the 280hp engine that we have in the car. Let me take you to the side of
the car and explain some more. Let’s talk about the vehicle dynamics of this vehicle. Let’s start with the tires. 18 and 19-inch Michelin PS4S. Very, very grippy tires. At the moment the best you
can get on the market for the car. Go inside, brake calipers, the red one,
as part of the Ford performance package. 330mm discs on the front, 302mm on the back. If you go further in, we have a very snappy steering, left to right two turns… really, really quick,
really really responsive and really really linear. Also what we have done is put a CCD damper system in. It basically adjusts your damping
while you go and together with the drive modes and again I’ll show you the buttons in a minute, has given you the absolute very nice split, between a normal mode and a sport mode. It basically gives you two vehicles that you want to have, the normal one as a very high-speed cruiser and the sporty one, the one that
you have on the roads out here. Which are really, really cornering nicely, really
sporty, really effective and really strong. Also what we have is an eLSD to make sure that you can actually translate the
grip that the tyres bring you into propulsion. eLSD system – Electronic Limited Slip Differential. All the cars you talk about a mechanical limited slip… this is a lot faster and it avoids any torque steer
that you would expect on a 280hp engine. Ok, let’s have a quick look at the back of the car. Down here you have the twin pipes, left and right, with a kind of a sneaky view at the outgoing RS in terms of how they look. We have the bigger rear spoiler that
gives you the push and the push down and obviously, we have the badge on the back. Ok, now let’s have a look inside. Ok, now the interior. Sport seats, ST-branded, coming from Recaro. Actually, the cloth holds you really nicely in position. Very comfortable, but still holding you in position
and kind of hugging you in the back. The other major change we made
versus the outgoing ST is that we have drive modes now. And on top of what we learned from the Fiesta ST we now have the drive mode
buttons in the steering wheel instead of on the tunnel. And the other cool thing is not only drive modes…
you have a one-touch Sport button on your right-hand thumb. And that is giving you the opportunity
if you see an interesting road coming, you just press the Sport button and bam,
off you go, the whole vehicle changes. And actually, if you look at the modes, what they will do for you is
changing the steering behavior, they change your throttle behavior, the brake behavior if you went to track mode, they change the CCD system, the spring system, the damper system … and it changes the behavior of the eLSD. So that will completely transform the car into a very sporty hatch. So guys, this is it. The new Focus ST. And say goodbye from the south of France.

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  1. At 0:34 what are these two markings? I guess left of the honeycomb grill is the the towing hook? But what is underneath the left front beam? Optional beam wipers? Or what is it?

  2. The rear lights look dated. Surely Ford can darken them and use LED for the indicators and brake lights? The old Golf 7 has full LED rear lights. Ford Europe needs to improve vehicle technology and interiors.

  3. Leo, I know you can drive properly.
    Would you take the car for a decent apex attack and make a video about it?
    I need to see if it's more fun to drive than the FieSTa mk8…

  4. I like the fact that the engine has bucked the trend of reduced displacement. If only there was the option of a 3-door, for me the choice between this and the Fiesta ST would be simple.

  5. It’s 2019 Ford, no led lights, no virtual cockpit, same old orange that’s been around for over a decade….. its needs more than copying the RS drive modes to improve this for the money your asking. It needs a facelift already.

  6. It’s growing on me… didn’t like it at first but think I will trade in my 18 plate focST in 2 years for this, maybe wait for for the RS?

  7. When is the automatic coming out? Need it urgently. Otherwise i'll end up getting end-of-its-lifespan cupra or gti.

  8. Why does Ford always use this ugly monitor? There must be a better way to integrate this in the cockpit.

  9. The point is that the car is very conservative, i could say that lacks of inspiration, a hint of challenge or enthusiasm to the future owner.A Honda Civic, or Renault Megane, tells more.

  10. I have been out in both the Focus and Fiesta STs. I am buying the Focus ST in Orange Fury with the pan roof. The Fiesta is great, but it is a little car, forget about taking passengers apart from kids. The Focus feels like a performance car but also very luxurious with plenty of space and a better road presence. The little Fiesta, no, not a luxury car. Both ride very differently, the little Fiesta a pocket rocket you feel the road surface beneath you whilst the Focus within a very short time you know there is an awful lot more sophistication. The performance of the Fiesta may be more more exploitable given its lower kerb weight and just chuckability, but the Focus is quicker 0-100kmh and higher top end and better in gear acceleration than the old RS. Depends what you want, a small pocket rocket with the Fiesta or a more mature, more powerful larger car with a great deal more sophistication and space?

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