All Assetto Corsa lacks as a “Racing game”

All Assetto Corsa lacks as a “Racing game”

It´s no secret that the multiplayer side
of Assetto Corsa is one of the main weak points of the game. While it is able to produce a
great driving experience, it fails to reproduce the motorsport feel. I said this before but adding private lobbies
is not going to magically turn the game into a good league platform. There are many more
additions and features needed, and this is what this video will be about. We´ll go slowly
through an Assetto Corsa racing weekend trying to identify all the little things that need
to change to make possible a serious multiplayer experience. We will split this in 2 parts, in the first
one we´ll talk about everything happening before the race itself, from the menu
settings that I think are missing, to changes that would make practice and qualifying sessions
much better. Then we will have a look at everything wrong with the races, from race starts to
how pitstops work. In many cases the suggested improvements should
be really easy to get working. I´m not talking about fancy animations like the Formula 1
games have or anything like that, I´m talking more about the rules and the environment.
When you select a given car in this game, you just get that car thrown in the circuit
you selected, but there´s not an effort to make it feel like an actual race from that
series. It´s hard to put it into words so I´ll just get going with the suggestions and you´ll
get what I mean along the way. A quick look at the current menus tell us
about what kind of things we should be able to control once private lobbies come. On top
of the lenght of each session, we will probably get control over what assists that will be
available to all players. We can also see the fixed setup option, I would expect the
host to be able to turn it on and off too. It is important that they don´t make the
same mistake many other games have made in the past about this option. In a lobby with
this option turned on they should still allow all players to select the tyre compound they
will use and what fuel load the will take for any session. Fixed setups allow for an even play field
and minimize the practice time needed for events, so in certain cases it is a very useful
option. However, if they don´t get this right, we could end up having to qualify with excessive
fuel loads or having to pit for races where the car could go to the end easily. If this
happens no one will ever use this option. There are other things I am missing here.
The track grip levels and the temperature make quite a difference. Players should be
able to select whatever they want for their races, and that should include an option to
randomize all this stuff to make everything a bit more unpredictable. As for the current
online format, weather and track condition is always random, and I think that´s a good
call. Car limitation is another thing they should
give us control over. I am quite a fan of this idea for public races or any kind of
quick event, the grids look much better if they include a variety of cars, and you are
also forced to switch cars often, learning a bit about all of them. But for leagues they should offer the option
to turn the car limit off and give the organizers complete freedom over what kind of grid they
want. And of course, they should add a menu so everyone can choose their favourite livery,
it´s criminal they forgot about that. Another thing they should include is the ability
to turn parc fermé on or off. And they should be smart about it too. Right now all the public
lobbies have it on by default, which I think is a good idea. It isn´t the best rule in
real life but it´s nice not having to build special one lap setups increasing the practice time needed for events. However, even if the option is on, it is not
enforced properly. This is the start of a qualifying session, let´s say I am preparing
the car to qualify, taking fuel off the car and bolting the softest compound. Now, let´s jump ahead to the final minutes of
qualifying. The game is about to boot the race session, and as soon as it does it, we
are locked away from the setup screen completely. So why do I say this is not working? Because
I can not change the fuel load or the tyre compound now. I am stuck with whatever I qualified
with. That means that we are forced to sacrifice the final minutes of qualifying
to change the fuel load and tyres or our race will be ruined. This is quite stupid. But it gets even worse: the way parc fermé works
now does NOT make it impossible to use special one lap setups, which is the whole point.
We go back to the final moments of qualifying, and you can see nothing stops me from making setup changes now. I could do my quali laps on a special setup, and then load a race setup
in the final seconds of the qualifying, completely by-passing
parc fermé regulations. So, how should this work, you ask? It´s easy, your
setup should be locked the first time you leave the pits in qualifying. From then on
you should only be allowed to change the fuel and the tyre compound at any time, including
the pre-race screen. That way everything works as supposed. In
a lobby with no practice, people still get to load their setups at the start of quali,
before going out. We also make sure people actually qualifies and races with the same
setup. And finally, that way we are not forced to be in the garage in the final minutes of
qualifying changing our fuel load and maybe the tyre compound too. OK, so now we got all the menu and rules stuff out
of the way, let´s talk about qualifying sessions. There´s a bit problem with them right now, and it´s
the “return to pits” option. One of the most exciting things about a real qualifying session
is that you have to deliver right there and right then. You have to do a fast lap and
you can simply not afford to bin the car. If you do it, you will start from the back.
That is not the case in Assetto Corsa… You can make all the mistakes you want and
always recover. That promotes kamikaze driving and changes the way you approach qualifying.
You simply drive like a maniac until you manage to complete a lap without crashing. Let´s see what I mean. These are the opening
minutes of a qualifying session. You can see I haven´t scored any laptime yet. If this happens to me, the session should
be over. I should have got terminal car damage and be out of qualifying. Instead all I have
to do is to pause the game, hit the pits option and… voilá, I´m back at the pits ready
to go out again inmediately. They should give this a big re-think. Even
a game like Formula 1 ´16 got this one right. The first thing I would change about race
day has already been mentioned. We should get partial access to the setup screen to
change the fuel levels and the tyre compound. Changing the “setup” tab for a “strategy”
one would be the fancy way to do it. Another thing I would change is the tyre blanket
option being locked to off for all the multiplayer races. Ideally we would have a formation lap
and every driver would be responsable for his own tyre warming, but since we don´t
have it we should be able to control if we want a start with cold or hot tyres. Some
racing compounds work horribly at ambient temperatures and that makes first laps way
too dangerous. Now, let´s talk about the race starts… We should be given full control over the launch.
Not having the ability to jump the starts is not ideal, and having to wait in neutral
and shift up to get moving is a bit weird. We should wait with a gear engaged and release
the clutch, like you would do in a real car. Also, the game should stop messing with your
clutch when autoclutch is off. Keep an eye on the pedal bars of the HUD, I am not touching
the clutch at all and the game is babysitting me to avoid me stalling the car. Pitstops are another area that need a complete
re-think. At the moment we must select what work is done in the car once we are parked,
fighting with a menu. I can´t tell enough how ridiculous it is to be stopped in your
pitbox with the crew waiting around the car while you tell them what to do. You know how
hard it is to gain 5 seconds on another good driver, but the way pitstops work right
now it´s super easy to lose or gain 5 seconds if your mess up operating this clumsy window. Now, one good thing: repairs are not free
like in Project CARS. While re-fueling and tyre change are relatively fast, fixing your
car is not. Any component you chose to replace is going to cost you time, so you don´t get
by default a new engine in every pitstop. I haven´t checked if the time the refueling
and tyre changes takes is different in every car class, but in case
it is fixed, and I don´t know if it is, then that should be changed. If they have to drop
the pitwork animation so be it, getting believable stop times for every series is more important. Now a solution proposal for the pitstop menu
problem. I would like to keep the ability to drive on the pits and having to stop on
my box too. A small menu in one corner of the screen that
you could operate as you drive would be enough. That way drivers could plan their next stop
as they go down the straights, and arrive to the pits sure about what they´ll get. Driving down the pitlane with the speed limiter
on should be a moment to relax, but at the moment it is a very stressful time as you
know you will have to play Tekken with your D-pad and that you can make or lose seconds
just by being better at moving fast through a menu. That nonsense should go away. Another possible option would be to create
presets for your pitstops in some sort of pre-race menu. In every preset you would set an amount of
fuel, a compound, and repairs. Then you could cycle between all the presets you have created
with a button as you drive. Whatever they do, they have to make sure you
arrive to the pits knowing what you will get, and the pit work should start as soon as you
park. That was all! It´s quite a long list of things
to improve, but the game is being updated quite often, so one can hope for the best.
Thanks for watching!

29 Replies to “All Assetto Corsa lacks as a “Racing game””

  1. Man i really like your videos, even though i manly play AC, i've been watching a ton of them. You should definetely post over reddit or some other community, if you don't already!

  2. I really wish AC's multiplayer was better. That could help introduce people to different cars and tracks. By the way, do you guys on console have the Porsche packs yet?

  3. Yeah it's really sad to see how good that game is at driving experience and bad at racing experience! All what you mentioned, add to that some winning animations or at least some congrats are really needed!

  4. What bothers me most is the fact Kunos could have learned so much from pCARS about what to avoid when releasing the game for consoles, but obviously they didn't. It feels like the same fuss all over again.

  5. Hi i doing Nissan GT-R GT3 vs Monza at the moment & my time = low 1:50 v1.11.3 but the current WR (PC) = 1:46 v1.8.1.
    I like to know whats your lap time on that & hopefully i can learn something from you to go faster on this combo. Thanks first 🙂

  6. I really liked "Play Tekken with your D-Pad" sums it up perfectly! I think presets are the way to go a way to tweak them while driving

  7. Es verdad. Para mi este juego es muy aburrido. Lo compré durante las navidades y lo jugué muy poco. Me parecía un gran juego por la presencia de los coches Ferrari. Quiero venderlo y comprar Project Cars GOTY, aunque no tenga ní Ferrari y Lamborghini

  8. On PC, the player is always shown the "pit" menu at the start of the session. For your example post-qualifying, on PC, the driver would be shown the pit menu to make adjustments to set up while the countdown to race start occurs in the background. On some servers if the player is till fiddling with set ups when the start lights appear, the player is thrown to the pits and locked until 20 secs after race start. AC on PC and PS4 is really differently implemented in this regard.

  9. Great Video with good presentation 🙂 Well, I was thinking to buy a Sim racer for online multiplayer only, have no interest in single player or campaign. Which ones do you recommend? Project cars is a bit costly for me 🙁

  10. Console online play is now a total ghost-town.
    Not a single lobby was available the last 3 times I've tried to go online.
    Can't even tourist-mode the Nordschleife, let alone race anyone.

  11. Multiplayer and menu and the billion stupid options in the menu bad control system no calibration for controller most importantly the game feels like sliding shit compare to other games I say that cause my experience with this game was bad I have seen all versions and very few improvements not to say that the Menu on PC is just beyond horrible feeling of feedback on controller is shit no use for the pad view of car while in race and what is with the windows style windows and buttons I seriously sometimes wonder what people find in this game so much I have played other games like PC 2, for forza7,6 etc and all those games feel more natural to real car then A.corsa maybe just PC version is trash.

  12. 7:45 In some race cars in real life, the clutch is handled automatically by a computer, regardless of your actions.

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