All Around | New Series Trailer | Olympic Channel

All Around | New Series Trailer | Olympic Channel

Gymnastics means
absolutely everything to me. I’m ready. I have this goal and I will literally
do anything to achieve it. I like the active way of life. As athletes,
our goal is to fight to become world champion
and Olympic champion. One little misstep… It’s just that cut-throat. A vital part of this sport
is having fun. You can’t just keep going,
going, going like a workhorse. Why are you having a meltdown? I have nothing. It’s been almost two years
since I last saw my family. Gymnastics
is my whole identity. This magazine is about me! Fight! Focus on the Olympics. An Olympic gold medal
around my neck, that’s all I can dream about. Guys, they’re filming us! That’s so funny!

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    Can't wait to see this, especially Chen Yile since Chinese athletes don't really have social media beside Weibo so I never saw her training progress ?

  2. Omg MY FAVOURITE GYMNASTS, it will be so interesting to see Chen yile since I can't understand WeChat

  3. For everyone asking or wondering why Simone isn’t in this video, read the description. Simone is great but she isn’t a teenager and she has already been through this. Giving some other girls a spot is awesome. I love Simone, and Morgan but they are from the same country to, so that would take one of the other girls chance to. Sorry for the long comment.?

  4. Please Olympic.. Post Full Artistic Gymnastics All around too (ALL COMPETITION) 2004, 2008, 2018 Please S2 all comments on artistic say this.

  5. The series is now available worldwide for free on the Olympic Channel! New episodes monthly:

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