Alisson’s amazing last-minute save | Liverpool 1-0 Napoli: Highlights

Alisson’s amazing last-minute save | Liverpool 1-0 Napoli: Highlights

STEVE HUNTER: Clever little turn to get
the better of his Brazilian compatriot. Wijnaldum, shooting chance
perhaps – blocked. Salah, Alexander-Arnold’s cross – Mane! JOHN ALDRIDGE: Offside. STEVE: Milner. Salah has turned Koulibaly
in the penalty area, he’s beaten him again, Salah… ALDO: YES! STEVE: Stunning goal! ALDO: What a goal! STEVE: Trent Alexander-Arnold in support. Not a bad ball in, and the header. ALDO: Good position, lovely ball in,
Milner’s attacked the ball really well. Just couldn’t keep it down. STEVE: Henderson, brilliantly won back
by the captain. Firmino. Into Mo Salah, he’s got a big chance! ALDO: Ohhh, he’s put it wide! Alexander-Arnold can hit these from here. Deflection! Mane’s been fouled, good advantage,
Firmino puts Salah away, round the goalkeeper. ALDO: Ohh, penalty! STEVE: Play on, Salah… Robertson goes forward
into the attack. What a ball by Salah, great ball
from Robertson, Mane! What a save by Ospina. Milner, it is to Salah,
just outside the box, good ball back in, Van Dijk! ALDO: Ohhh, it’s a sitter! STEVE: And he’s onside. Mane wins it back again. Great ball by Wijnaldum, Salah is away here. ALDO: Surely, surely, surely. STEVE: To Mane! ALDO: He’s missed! He’s missed! STEVE: Callejon with a cross into the area, Fabinho on the first header – what a save by Alisson Becker! Absolutely sensational, that was.

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  4. If anything, the Napoli keeper was more of a hero in this vid, he made nuff saves and the ball for the supposed heroics was directly at the keeper, pretty much point blank range, keeper was just in the way of it, luckily! YNWA

  5. Support from Mexico for 15 years!!! Too many time to support the biggest club in England! , please give us the Champions League and Premier League, YNWA!

  6. It was not an amazing save, it was a poor shot by Napoli striker. When will people stop being biased and start being honest.

    I despise this Planet and society.

  7. Alisson made one of the most beautiful save in the 🌎 it likes the most important save i have ever seen in my whole life as Liverpool fan ! YNWA

  8. That is how important a world class keeper is, nothing to do the whole match but steps up when it really matters.👍❤👑

  9. 6 months later:
    Liverpool are in the Champions League final after knocking the favourites Bayern out in the last 16 at their own ground.
    Outsclassing Porto at their own ground.
    Making an impossible comeback against the favourites Barcelona.
    Now they will face Spurs in the final…
    Wow, congratulations Liverpool❤👏You have earned my RESPECT❤😍
    Good luck in the final even tho I am supporting Spurs to win…
    I would be happy for both to win it…

  10. jesus christ that second commentator doesn't stop screaming. I know he's a club commentator and all but f*ck me have some level of professionalism.

  11. With this match the FATE has been SEALED.

    Liverpool proceed to become the winner of the season, just like 04-05 season, when Liverpool nearly didn't pass the group stage.

  12. Once I turned the tv that match was on I felt the pressure of both teams 🤯🤯🤯and whats great becuase of the save liverpool won the champions league

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