Alina Kabaeva Before Her First Olympics | Before They Were Superstars

Alina Kabaeva Before Her First Olympics | Before They Were Superstars

Hello. I’m Alina Kabaeva!
Welcome. Alina Kabaeva
was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, but moved to Moscow when she was 12. Her mother decided that Alina
should be in the Russian capital so that she could pursue her dream of becoming one of the best
rhythmic gymnasts in the world. Amazingly, it had been reported
that some coaches thought Alina to be too fat and not pretty enough
to make it in the sport. But by the time she was 17, the youngster had blossomed into a
major force in the gymnastics world. I’m a rhythmic gymnast and that’s
different to an artistic gymnast. I dance tango with the ball,
eastern style with the ribbon, I perform a gypsy dance with the
rope and the toreador with the hoop. The hoop
is the most difficult routine because it contains
specific elements and loops. Both Alina’s parents
excelled at sport. Her father
was a professional footballer in the old Soviet league and her mother played basketball
for the Uzbekistan team. They passed on their experiences of
elite level sport to their daughter and at this stage of her career, Alina was already
a fiercely determined competitor. I have no rivals. Overcoming myself
is the most difficult task. That’s my Olympic motto. When you enter the arena
you are on your own. Even your coach can’t help you
while you are in the arena. That’s why you have to overcome
yourself at those difficult moments. I may have won medals, but
I’ve also been criticised by people, the sort of people
who can’t do what I do. No-one in the world
can match my flexibility yet which is why they criticise me. It’s jealousy. The little girls who just start
their training begin with my exercises
and that makes me happy. Alina would go on to win gold
at the 2004 Athens Olympics and she remains
a household name in Russia, not only due to her sporting
success, but also because of her alleged
relationship with Vladimir Putin. Being the favourite for gold
puts added pressure on me. It’s not only my hopes and dreams
that I have to fulfil, but those of the whole country too.
I can’t let anyone down. Even President Putin
wished me lots of luck. I can’t let Russia down at such an
important moment. Alina Kabaeva!

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  1. Definitely she is an icon of the sport, for good or bad she marked an era in the sport, sadly at the cost of the aesthethics and execution of the routines, but what it is clearly is that Kabaeva never has been an example of humility, there are thing she said that are far away of the truth, the criticism about her flexibility wasn't about she being able to do element that most of the other gymnasts couldn't but that she relied heavily on it and the apparatus wasn't playing a key role on the routine but was something put aside of the performance and not being a important part of it

  2. I still spend hours surfing through her routines on YT, literally. And to think it's been 10 yrs since her retirement. She'll be forever my favourite. <3

  3. I love Anna Bessonova but you have to accept the legacy of Kabaeva, hopefully and you can make a story of Bessonova.

  4. Thanks for making this video about an incredible woman. She was my first love in RG and attracted me to it when I first saw her in Sydney 2000. However, I personally think that the Putin part is inappropriate as the official Olympic channel should not speculate on such things. Instead, you could've focused on her involvement with the state Duma or her business career.
    While you are at it, please do one for Kanaeva, as hers seem like a cinderella story.

  5. Алина-Это явление в художественной гимнастике ! необыкновенная, неповторимая, самая яркая из всех!

  6. Про Клин Блинтона говорите, после которых платье с биологической жидкостью много лет сохраняется!)))

  7. such an ugly muslim prostitute good only for trafficking and she is supposedly with the president. lmao if true that is the joke of the century.

  8. Ослепительная красавица, с очаровательной улыбкой!

  9. Seriously? She had been involved with Putin at 17? Someone should arrest that monsters. Nevertheless, Olympic official channel should know better and edit it out. This is misogynist, throwing dirt on women's achievements. You made this "Superstars" series because these athletes accomplished greater things afterwards and changed sport history. Her private life had nothing to do with that.

  10. Житие А.Кабаевой почему снято? Святая?
    Арашукова в юбке? The best? Охамевшая..
    замучилась танцевать за нас, за миллионы..

  11. I don't think it's at all inappropriate to bring up politics, but it's messed up that they didn't mention her actual political career. Regardless of my disgust with her as a person and political figure, I find this quite sexist.

  12. "Some thought she was fat"?! Oh, boy! That someone was The Great Irene Viner! The very coach who made Alina into Olympic Champion!!!

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