Alien: Isolation for Nintendo Switch – Gameplay and Content revealed

Alien: Isolation for Nintendo Switch – Gameplay and Content revealed

I know why you’re working in the region where she went missing. You’re still looking, aren’t you? Something’s on this station. Something you wouldn’t believe.

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  1. “Landing in 2019”

    Guys, there’s only 2 god damn months left, just give a release date for crying out loud lol

  2. I will buy it if it comes on a game card with all dlc…. ? not like Wolfenstein youngblood -just for example… ?? Nintendo should really stop with that marketing… Empty boxes for sale or half games on a card -sorry Dear Nintendo & game-manufacturers ?

  3. It really looks good! I'm so sick of all those super-ultra-rushed Switch ports with zero work (with waaaay below last generation graphic) into it at lately!

  4. I dislike 99.9% of modern video games. They're a fallen and stagnant art to me. But I found Isolation to be one of the rare exceptions of the past decade. Nothing else plays like it, and it was a perfect purchase which I've never tired of playing.

  5. I played this on PS4 not too long ago. Really enjoyed it! I know Switch won't have the visuals of the PS4, but I hope the quality is somewhere between the PS3 and PS4, and not just the base PS3 version.

  6. What? No 480p resolution? No low quality textures which resembles a game from the early 2000s? No horrible blurry graphics ? What kind of magic is this Feral Interactive ?

  7. Alien Isolation is one of my favourite games. I really hope this is a good port. Also I have a flight in January, so assuming this does indeed come out this year then I look forward to shitting myself on the plane.

  8. Yeah, it's gameplay footage, but definitely not from the Switch version. I doesn't even look that clean on Xbox and PS4. Still, this being a cross-gen game the port will probably be decent.

  9. wow 8.5 user score from metacritic. def going to download this and play for free on my hacked switch. can't wait !

  10. Thank you guys for bringing this to Switch! Aliens is a great franchise and probably a more worthy story to tell than the Prometheus and Covenant movies

  11. What pisses me off about this games is, it doesn't care how well you did evading alien, xenomorph constantly teleports nearby you. Even if you left the alien in the farthest part of the rooms and ran into the next area – its already there. Its pointless to run, outsmart and be good when the enemy cheats like that. I dropped it cuz of that.

  12. Excellent. I also thought that perhaps this title was getting bumped into 2020 or even canx because the last official information came out back in June 2019 and barely a peep since. I wonder why they are being so coy about the release date? I wanna save my pennies for this one:)))))))))))))))))))))

  13. @Feral Interactive, Amazing port job and thank you for replying to all these Switch haters who want to dismiss your efforts for the Switch version. Not many developers do that???

  14. Would be cool if we could get ports of other Sega games too. I'd like to see Anarchy Reigns and Binary Domain on the Switch.

  15. Is this really a Switch gameplay footage? It looks too much superior than Ps3 version and almost on par with ps4 graphics!!

  16. Yea I’ve been waiting on this one for Switch…. I wish they’d give us a release date already. I almost gave up and just bought the PS4 version because the lack of information had me fearful that the Switch version had been canceled.

  17. Lived this one on xbox. But definstly recommend it for all those who only own the switch. Although check reviews. It has a specific vibe that isn't for everyone.

  18. I just want to know whether or not we'll get a physical release. if not, I'll pass. I don't trust Nintendo to keep these games up forever to be redownloaded in the future in case something happens to your SD card.

  19. Man I hope we get a release date soon. Also hoping this port is stable and doesn’t have any framerate or resolution hiccups. I love this game to death and have been begging for it on Switch for years, but I won’t buy it if it’s unstable.

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