Alessandro Pittin 2012: Portrait Clip

Alessandro Pittin 2012: Portrait Clip

The silence in the woods of snow falling, sacrifice, never give up, a lot of determination The freedom of being alone in the middle of nature alone with yourself. The sound of the skis banging on the ice while gaining speed, and then suddenly the silence, only the sound of the wind that keeps you in the air. Seek perfection in every gesture to try to fly farther and farther away, the wind that blows on the face, the unique feeling that only flight can give. I am Alessandro Pittin and this is my sport, Nordic combined. I am 22 years old, born in Tolmezzo and I live in Cercevento in the province of Udine, Friuli, I started as a boy with this sport, I started to get good results in 2008-2009 with three wins in the junior world… until last season when I got three straight wins in the World Cup, and now I find myself with nine podium finishes in the World Cup. I chose this sport because I love it, it is the only discipline to combine two different specialties such as cross-country skiing and ski jumping which are completely different… but they are my passion. On one hand, adrenaline and speed and on the other the hard work and perseverance, suffering, but also a lot of satisfaction and end of the race. During training I try to be focused on the job and I always look for perfection in everything, both jump on the bottom, a gesture done well takes less effort and better results This sport is capable of giving the wonderful moments, after the victories, after the podium, but there are also some bad times… such as when things do not go well in the jump, and it happens very often, so it’s tough going back, sometimes you fall and it hurts, and you must have patience and tenacity to go up. I knew from the past that in this sport you cant just focus on your result but the important thing is to try to have fun and give their best. In the future I hope to go back to the level it was before the accident, and then try to improve more and more to get to reach my top results in the coming season Greetings from Pitbull, I hope this sport, this Nordic combined was enjoyable to you and excited you, and follow this season agonostica 2012-2013

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  1. nordic combined, cause they are combining ski jumping and cross country skiing, biathlon is when they ski and shoot targets with a rifle they are carrying on their backs. Next time you feel like being a douchebag, have your facts straight!

  2. It is not allowed, the suit must be EXTREMELY tight to be legal (2-3 tenths of an inch and you're DQed), just to avoid the wingsuit effect

  3. you're an idiot, the wingsuit would slow you down on the slope and you'd just drop off the edge. Wingsuits only work well at terminal velocity, which is not achieved on these slops

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