Alberto El Patron RETURNING To GFW?! Rey Mysterio WWE RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

Alberto El Patron RETURNING To GFW?! Rey Mysterio WWE RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I’m Oli Davis. And The Mae Young Classic Winner Is… After Smackdown Live last night, the Mae Young
Classic final between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler took place. We’re about to enter the Spoiler Room Brawl
here, so get ready for the result to be revealed in 3-2- IT WAS A RETURNING CM PUNK! Nah, I’m kidding -1: Kairi Sane! Following her victory, ESPN announced that
Sane will now challenge for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Huston
– which will take place the day before Survivor Series. There’s no word yet on who her opponent
will be, but a hearty congratulations to the Pirate Princess. Yaaarrrgh, bottle of rum, scurvy, Paul Burchill
Alberto El Patron Returning to GFW GFW – the new name for TNA, for now at least
– hasn’t had the best few months as of late. Executive Producer Jeff Jarrett was put on
indefinite leave last week, and there have been reports of the promotion “hemorrhaging”
money. In addition to all this, GFW’s World Heavyweight
Champion Alberto El Patron was suspended following a public incident with his fiancé Paige in
July, and he was stripped of the title last month. But near the end of August, it was reported
GFW had big plans for Alberto, possibly involving a match against Jarrett at their biggest show
of the year, Bound for Glory. With Jarrett’s “indefinite leave of absence”,
though, many speculated Alberto would not return. Jeff had reportedly been El Patron’s main
supporter backstage throughout the airport incident controversy, when others wanted to
cut all ties with Alberto. In a conference call with the company’s new
creative team Scott D’Amore, Sonjay Dutt and John Gaburick, however – where outlets were
asked specifically not to bring up Double J – it was revealed Albero is still a major
part of GFW’s Bound for Glory plans. “We have plans for Alberto, we’re excited
that he’s gonna be coming back at Bound For Glory.” Bound for Glory plans which could be…
Rey Mysterio WWE Return Update …a feud against Rey Mysterio
Gaburick added that Alberto vs. Rey has been discussed backstage for one of Bound for Glory’s
headlining matches, but revealed there have been no negotiations involving Mysterio and
GFW. This could just be GFW *masking* their plans
for a big Rey Mysterio debut – get it, because he wears a mask – or it could also suggest
that previous negotiations between him and GFW have broken down. Rey currently wrestles for Lucha Underground,
but its third season – which almost over on TV – is rumoured to be its last. Presumably looking to his future, Sports Illustrated
reported in July that Rey was in talks with both GFW and WWE, but WWE were put off because
Mysterio was being represented by Konnan – someone Vince McMahon reportedly has a long-standing
dislike for, dating back to Konnan turning down the Max Moon character (in which WWE
invested a lot of time and money) in the early 90s. Dave Meltzer reported that this isn’t the
case, though, as Konnan would step aside if he was in any way preventing a WWE move that
Rey wanted. It was thought GFW would make a huge play
for Mysterio, offering him a lighter schedule and the ability to do other projects and dates
outside the Impact Zone. GFW’s Karen Jarrett even posted a picture
of the two on Instagram [IMAGE] when the talks were reportedly taking place. But if Gaburick’s comments are to be believed
and GFW really haven’t been in talks with Mysterio – or negotiations fell through when
Jarrett left the company last week – Rey could start entertaining offers from WWE again. Did Vince McMahon just shoot on CM Punk?! And what are the plans for WWE next big debut? Click the videos to the left to find out more. Press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on
Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 Replies to “Alberto El Patron RETURNING To GFW?! Rey Mysterio WWE RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017”

  1. I think having NXT Takeovers before the main PPVs are damaging the product. Basically the Takeovers are on average doing better than the ppv. Basically Survivor Series last year was great but the takeover I don't know had better matches

  2. Rey is my all time favorite, but I hope he stays away from WWE. I can see it now, they use him to get younger talent over, or they're gonna put him on 205 Live. He needs to be on the main roster, at upper mid-card competing for the mid-card titles. Or, I wouldn't mind a tag team run, as long as he finds the right partner, I used to love seeing him teaming with Edge. But as I said earlier, if they're gonna use him to push other talent, he needs to stay away from WWE.

  3. not at all true OLI DAVIS  GFW IMPACT is not being sold and they are not having as many problems as other so called sites have said there were.

  4. mysterio sucked for like the last 5 years on his wwe contract, it's safe to say he's only gotten worse and its a guarantee that i wont be watching that

  5. I like Rey one of my all time favorites but he should just stay away from WWE look how they doing the Hardy's & Shelton benjemon smh

  6. I grew up watching Rey back in 2003…I've heard he had numerous knee Injurues & that's the reason he was let go

  7. jus imagine if rey mysterio was still a cruiserweight and was wrestling on 205 Live he'd be running the cruisherweight division right now & he would be the champ

  8. Luchador World Order confirmed to take over 205Live! alongside Rey, we welcome back BotchCara, former US Champ Kalisto, and La Parka!

  9. Kari Sane's gimmick is mad stupid. Pirate Princess indeed. They need to move her away from that bullshit.
    Rey can come 205 live and face Neville.

  10. if anything we need rey as a heel! him saying to the wwe fans thst they don't care about guys like him or how dare you all boo'ed me during royal rumble 2014 when i was number 30 because i am not "indie midget" enough for you all! or when during my last match with barett you boo'ed me?! or something.

  11. as for del rio… meh, don't care. he would get another title run anyway. if anything i want to see paige as the impact knockout champion.

  12. If rey is coming back( you can bash my fucking skull and still i don't believe it's gonna happen)he will made neville his bitch in 205 …and gregory helms hurricane needs to be back and give the 205 division something fresh …but i don't think that will happen either …neville will become a combination of cena and triple h if he doesn't drop that title soon

  13. If GFW gets purchased by WWE I would be extremely happy to see Rosemary come over to the main roster as well as getting to finaly see the debut of the Broken Hardyz gimick

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