Albert Pujols – White Chair Film – I Am Second®

Albert Pujols – White Chair Film – I Am Second®

A friend of mine challenged me about 4 years ago, you know, for every guy that gets to first base, just asking, “what is the most important thing in your life.” Sometimes they get a couple of hits and I would ask the same guy, “Hey, you thought about it?” And he’s like, they would have said, “yes.” And they’d be asking me, “Why you asking me that question?” And I was like, “Hey, the whole reason I’m asking you that is because there’s more than the game.” My mom and dad, they divorced when I was very young in my life, so I was raised by my grandma and my dad. I came from a third world country. We weren’t poor poor like a lot of the people in the DR are, but my dad and my grandma and my aunts and my uncle, they had to struggle sometimes to bring food to the table, whether take some jewelry or stuff to the pawn shops so they can get money to go and buy two or three pounds of rice to feed the whole house. [Speaking Spanish] I moved a lot within the Dominican Republic from house to house because many members of my family came to the US. So I lived quite a time with an aunt of mine, a couple of years. Then my aunt came to the United States. I had to go to live with an uncle. My uncle also came to the US. So, my dad and I were the last ones to come to the US. [End Spanish] If my dad buy me a baseball glove or a bat, he figured out somehow how to find the money, you know. Either borrow from a neighbor to buy me that glove, and used to support me. [Speaking Spanish] Watching my dad and my uncle playing, that is what inspired me the most, to play, to be like my dad. Because we always, since you are a kid, you want to be like your parents. Those were things I saw my dad do, and he was very good at playing that sport. I always wanted to be like my dad. When I was 12 or 13 years old, I started working really hard and I knew I had a very special gift. Perhaps I had the chance to play professionally. [end Spanish] I got drafted in 1999 by the St. Louis Cardinals out of Maple Woods Community College. I remember getting drafted. I was really disappointed because, you know, there was lot of people who were telling me “you’re going to go into a high draft.” And that never happened. While I was still in high school, I met my wife. I remember, she can tell you the story. I remember it myself that… she called me for a whole week, you know, to set up a day to go out. I was either at school or at work, and my grandma never give me the message. And one Saturday I was standing at home. I came from a baseball game, and the phone ring, and I picked it up and it was her. And she was like, finally, you know, I got a hold of you. You know, we started talking and we set up a day to go out. You know, it was just a week after we date, I was telling her that I love her so much, you know. She was like, what are you talking? Are you crazy? You know, we only be dating for a week. She started explaining to me that she had a daughter with Down Syndrome. She just had a baby three months old. [Speaking Spanish] From the first time I saw her, I knew she would be my wife. It was really something special I saw in her. It was the way she was. And she’s three years older than me, nearly four years. She’s older than me. But I saw the love she gave Isabella and the love she had for me. That is what attracted me the most about her. Isabella has taught me a lot. If it hadn’t been for her, we wouldn’t have opened the foundation. We brought our foundation to life. It’s called Pujols Family Foundation, in 2005. And we really focused on kids with Down Syndrome. If it hadn’t been for Isabella, my 15-year-old daughter, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity to help those kids with Down Syndrome. [end Spanish] She pretty much told me, “Hey, listen, you know, I go to church. I made a promise to God. The man or the guy that I’m going to start to date, if I do that, that’s the guy I’m going to get married.” [speaking Spanish] I knew that there was always a God, but I never had that passion for Him. And she really took me to church. We went. On the second week, I started asking questions. [end Spanish] She pretty much told me, you know, the difference between eternal life or hell. And I was like, wow, you know. No understanding that much. I’m like, I don’t want to go to hell. I want to go to heaven. The next week after that, I say the prayer, and I went out there. I dedicate my life to the Lord. I surrendered myself and just say “here I am, Lord. Take control of my life.” I want to have, what all the people had a church, that joy and that passion and that love, and I wanted that. That was a turning point in my life. Because after I made that decision, I felt like my life was changing. It’s transforming me like a 360. [Speaking Spanish] He keeps me humble. I give Him all the credit of what I’ve done in the major leagues and the minor leagues. [end Spanish] I don’t want people to remember me as a baseball player. To me, off the field is more important than what I do in the field. Yeah, I want to be a great baseball player, but I also want to be a godly daddy, and a godly husband, and set an example for my kids. You would have asked me this 20 years ago, and I would’ve told you that that time it was about me. Until I find that love, and somebody to fill that little hole that I had on me. And that was Jesus Christ, who died in the cross for my sins. And that’s why I believe that I am Second. [speaking Spanish] My name is Albert Pujols, and I am Second. [end Spanish]

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  1. Another amazing testimony. Thank you God for providing these videos. They never cease to inspire and amaze me. Very encouraging. Amen 🙂

  2. i had no idea this guy was a christian, thats awesome, makes me respect him more and actually root for him now lol

  3. I am more proud that Albert tries to live by Truth then whether he's the best baseball player. It's about how many lives you can positively impact in life, not how many home runs you hit.

  4. They shoud have Ray Lewis, Tim Tebow, or even one of the manning brothers, well unless they have an inspiring testimony

  5. That comment should never have lol behind it. Don't you realize what is at stake when one does not accept Jesus Christ? It is not a laughing matter.

  6. Be happy he left The Lou. If he had stayed he'd have killed our chances for another world series. God told him to leave? Isn't it strange how people who profess to be so religious use God to justify themselves?

  7. I am Second
    my father had a stroke on September 17 2012 he can not move his right side of his body my mom has cancer she is getting treatment I believe the lord is going to heal her the lord gives me strength every day thank you you Jesus for going threw the day with me love ya I AM SECOND Danny goomba 

  8. hey msmerryland stfu only a nasty old ugly person would put their pic up as 3 dogs stop judging others life stories…honesty is beauty please share your story so people can dog you and how you grew up & lived…did you ever do anything important doubt it…bye bitch

  9. Albert, I never saw you off the field until just now. Thank You. You are missed in Saint Louis. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Enjoy your new home. God Bless in Christ Jesus.

  10. As a Cubs fan I've always had reason to dislike Albert Pujols but truly the man is a class act, on fire for Jesus, which is something that far transcends baseball for me.

  11. I love Albert, all that manters is that he's a Christian and he puts Jesus first and the rest of his life second, really neat, I'm with you Albert lord is first everything is put off later.

  12. Hey do you guys know Albert goes to my doctor here in St. Louis, and he still does, People say Albert has made a home in LA, well their wrong his family stays here, and then once in a while they go to the city Albert and the Angels are at and watch them there, You know I'm not lying because one of the doctors at the office goes with Albert to the Dominican Republic.

  13. I must admit :  As a Reds fan , I always viewed Albert only as a baseball player and always respected his ability, but never really liked him.  Now I can say I see him as more than an athlete and I both like and respect him .

  14. pujols was my favorite player as a cardinal my favorite team we gave him a chance and we couldn't afford him after 2011 but thank u albert for the memories the world series the 2 championships everything I jus wished u would of took less and stayed home but I understand actually we are better without you made the ws last year on the way this year the cardinal way wont quit we are gonna be in playoffs every year almost so we are fine you are fine I respect your charity thanks big al

  15. With all due respect to his wife and family, I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this man.. I recently looked him up, his history in baseball and his background and it is all very touching. Albert Pujols to say the least is a man of faith, commitment, family, love, generosity and kindness. 
    I am not religious at all, more spiritual than anything but I do believe that there is a God and after hearing Alberts testimony, little bit about who he is and what he believes in has touched my heart. I have much more respect for him not as a person with fame but as man who is devoted to his beliefs. I think people of his caliber who are in the spot light and make tremendous amounts of money tend to forget who they are at some point and/or where they came from. Money always seems to be the reason why people change, most times, for the worse than for the better. 
    Albert Pujols is a great example of what it is to be the opposite of greed. I am a great believer of humbleness. 
    I believe that God gave every single one of us a gift that it is up to us to be absolute with it and driven to make something out of ourselves with it. The we acknowledge our gift(s) in life and honor him for giving us something to be different and great at. Only God knows why he gives us certain struggles in life, either to make us stronger and show us that we must never give up our faith and believe… or to show us that life is precious and we must love each other in order to be ahead of everything that is put in our path. 
    My respects to this man and anyone else like him. Have faith, believe, and stay humble for you do not need to show off what is yours and others already see in you. 

    #5 you will always have a place in my  heart… God bless you for all that you do and being a great example. 

  16. Albert Pujols no es sólo un gran jugador de béisbol . También es una gran persona.   Albert Pujols is on of the few positive role models in the entertainment industry.

  17. Love this story. One of my favorite baseball players. Hated to see him leave St.Louis but his life off the field the true test of a man points people to Christ. Thank you for sharing this truth!

  18. Albert, you are truly attracted to all the right persons. Thank you and your family for your commitment to an authentic Christian life.

  19. Whoa, so beautiful, thank you for sharing your story with us. And, it's extra special that you
    named the Lord Jesus as your Savior. Bless you and those you love Albert!!!

  20. 11.1
    ישוע אמר: ״משום כך אוהב אותי האב: משום שאני נותן את נפשי ואקח אותה שוב.״ (יוחנן י’ 17). כלומר, ‘אלוהים אוהב אתכם כל כך, שהוא אפילו אוהב אותי יותר ומקריב את חיי כדי להושיע אתכם. בכך שהפכתי קורבן תמורה ועירבון בעבורכם, בכך שהקרבתי את חיי למענכם, בכך שנטלתי על עצמי את חובותיכם, משאותיכם ועוונותיכם, הפכתי אהוב יותר בעיני אבי, שכן באמצעות הקורבן שהקרבתי, אלוהים יכול להישאר שופט צדק, ובעת ובעונה אחת להצדיק כל אדם המאמין בי.’ הה 11.2
    אף אחד זולת בן האלוהים לא יכול היה להושיע אותנו; שכן רק הבן ששרה בחיק אביו שבשמיים יכול היה להכריז ולהעיד עליו בפנינו. רק האחד המכיר לעומק את עוצמתה של אהבת האל יכול היה להפגין אותה. דבר זולת הקורבן, שאין ערוך לו, שהמשיח הקריב למען האדם השרוי בחטא, לא יכול היה לבטא את אהבתו הרבה של אבינו שבשמיים לאנושות האובדת. הה 11.3

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