Alana Blanchard Oahu Surfing & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Surfer Girl, Ep 201

Alana Blanchard Oahu Surfing & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Surfer Girl, Ep 201

(Phone ringing) Hello! This is Amen, Hello Amen, it’s Alana. Alana, how are you? Good! How are you? I am good! Welcome back to US. Thank you! Well, first of all.. what are you doing November 13 and
14? Will you be cool for a photo shoot? in Las Vegas of the magazines? Yeah! With who? Because…
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition wanted to use you. on the 2013 issue. Really? Yeah, that’s excited! hahaha! You’re going to be in the MOST viewed magazine in
this planet. Yeah, that’s zig! That’s so exciting! That’s huge! Let’s go in Vegas! Let’s go! Hahaha! (Phong ringing) Hi! Hey! How are you? Good!
So, how’s the bikinis coming in? Raquel, got to make me special bikinis for the shoot.
And everyone, the whole team was just so happy. And it was just such an exciting thing. It’s
so cute, right?! Yeah, I love it! To have a request in the Swimsuit edition,is just amazing and
I can’t wait for it to come out. ‘Coz it’s so cute. Thank you so much Raq! Bye! Haha! Going to Vegas for the shoot was pretty nerve rockin’ actually. Just because
I always like “Oh, I don’t know if they’re gonna like me.” Or I don’t know, just stuff like that going through my head. For the shoot they ended up sending me to
Las Vegas which I was really excited about. Just because I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Being in the swimsuit issue is pretty crazy because it’s kind a
of just a childhood dream that I’ve always thought about. And, I never really actually I was going to be in it. Working with all the assigned people, it was just amazing
all together and ‘coz though over the moon about. Being about being part of it. After the said shoot, I pretty much went
straight to the North shore of Oahu That’s kind a where everyone goes in the surfing industry just
because the waves are good, it’s sunny, it’s beautiful! And I always just so lucky to … have as
a house right on the sunset beach And all my friends are there Every winter, we come to the North shore of Oahu til like
surf and photos and hang out with the sponsors. to some of the contests so we’re really excited to all
being in a house together. To be in Oahu. And there’s a lot of fun things going on right now. Yeah! This is a pretty much a prime spot.
We’re so so tired right now. We’re gonna surf … right now, it’s not the best weather, I think somewhat… The skies like it’s always so intimidating for some reason. Everyone’s out and watching. Where’s the … room? There’s expecting something. When you first get to Oahu, it’s definetely a little nerve racking It’s because everyone is just here, especially during
the sign of November and December. The triple counts going on and on…There’s literally 20 photographers
on the beach at all time. It’s crazy! Even just going out today, in the back of mind, “Oh
my God! I wanna get like a big flip. And then I kind as a littler bit
a stressed and someone’s gets a little intimidating. I guess you just kind of block that up,
you know ave fun with it.

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  1. Only remember Alana Blanchard from Soul Surfer! Woooo, go Alana and goo Bethany Hamilton! 🙂 My names Allana (double L 😉 xxxxxx )

  2. I think the video could have focused more on her surf and not the body or the clothes she wears, but it is what moves the industry of capitalism, is not it? I surf because I love to surf, and not because it is beautiful or tan my body, period.

  3. I surf and these girls are not bad at all actually. I mean, the waves are not that big, but Hawaii is definetley the most beautiful place to live and surf every morning.

  4. anyone know the music at 1:55? Would love for Network A to list all the music used in these videos! I love them allllll even the quick instrumental ones! Amazing PROFESSIONAL made videos! LOVE alana! The surfing, and getting to know her personality a little better everytime!

  5. Yeah I checked out that song but doesn't sound like that is the one at 1:55 when she gets to vegas. But I did only listen to a preview on itunes so maybe its further in the song??? Thank you though! I just thought maybe it was a different rap song perhaps! 🙂

  6. At 4:02 she said "we will just be floating around" and the subtitles said "where's the…room?" WTF?

  7. When does the swimsuit edition come out? Sorry for not knowing, but I just haven't had someone I like as much as Alana make it into the magazine to ever buy it!

  8. She's such an awesome inspiration for female surfers, I'm so glad SI and Network A are giving us more chances to see Alana Blanchard!

  9. What I love about Alana is how you know she really worked hard for that killer body – no need for photoshop or crazy surgeries or anything! That's all her!

  10. Her SI picture at 2:37. YES. They definitely picked a good one, can't wait to hang that up on my wall!

  11. Theres something incredibly hot about a girl who surfs. Great body, always in a bikini, knows how to "ride the waves"… 😉

  12. So wait, there's a whole alana blanchard SERIES?! this is so awesome, im so glad i stumbled onto this video

  13. Surfer Girl is so great, I love getting to see more of Alana every week. And I'm happy she got to cross sports illustrated off her bucket list!

  14. Never heard of Network A before today but I'm so glad I found it, they've got so many videos of Alana! I seriously can't get enough.

  15. She's already conquered the surfing world, I'm glad shes gonna start conquering the modeling world too! It'll be nice to see some genuinely athletic, cool girls in magazines.

  16. She's so composed lol, she's been dreaming of the chance to be in sport illustrated for years but didnt even freak out like i would have when she got the call in the beginning.

  17. With that bikini they have her wearing, it looks more like a victorias secret shoot than a sport illustrated one. Not that I think anyones going to complain…

  18. Geesh, she looked WAY better in this video of the photoshoot than she does in the pic they used for the magazine – so glad we've got this behind the scenes look.

  19. Tim O'Neil! I was a huge fan of him a few years ago, glad to see him again… even if he didn't get behind the wheel in this video.

  20. Why did I have to see this video now?! There's no snow on the ground anymore and now I HAVE to try boarding on the back of my buddys truck!

  21. 1:30-1:38 is so cool, it's like wakeboarding in the snow! I doubt this is legal but it should totally become a sport… maybe if pulled behind a snowmobile instead?

  22. guys just a heads up, network a has a ton of other vids just like this of Ryan Tuerck and friends doing crazy stuff on their channel, you should definitely check it out

  23. Im seriously terrified of driving in the snow, these guys had to have some great tires to stay so straight when theyre driving

  24. God drifting is so crazy to watch. Im definitely not good enough to do it myself, but i love watching it.

  25. If you guys think this is cool, you need to watch the tuerck'd episode where he gives a car opposite controls and still tries drifting with it. hes insane and i love it.

  26. Like, this video doesn't look that impressive at first glance, but if you've ever driven on snow, you know how intense that is. You drift without even trying to… so when you TRY to, im sure its ridiculous.

  27. I had NO idea Bucky was a driver, I just know him for his skateboarding… this is awesome! He did really well

  28. Theres a huge field right by my house thats probably perfect for drifting, im tempted to try this next snowfall…

  29. This would be such a cool thing to try, too bad its way too expensive for me to actually get a stab at it in my lifetime lol

  30. The whole time I was expected them to get up to the mountain, step onto the snowboard, and have it just shatter before they started moving haha. glad they got to play with it a little

  31. Wow, that thing lasted a lot longer than id expected, I figured itd break the second they hit the tiniest bump or something! Cool experiment, wonder how much it cost them to make.

  32. Anyone think they'll ever actually distribute glass boards? The ease of turns sounds awesome, but I feel like the fact that it occasionally just stopped out of nowhere could get dangerous.

  33. I definitely want to go boarding in italy someday, those mountains looked perfect. Just… with my own board.

  34. No way Id ever try snowboarding on glass, i know it was tempered, but id be too afraid of falling and landing in shards of broken glass. And then having to walk the whole way down the mountain because my board would be gone lol

  35. Giorgio Morell didnt seem like THAT great of a snowboarder, would have rather seen Dave ride that thing more. Especially since he was so pysched about it… couldnt they have made two?!

  36. I'd be too busy staring down at the snow through the clear board to pay attention to where I'm going… that's gotta be SO cool. Here's hoping they find a way to perfect it in my lifetime.

  37. Signal snowboards is one of my favorite companies, glad network a is giving them the publicity they deserve!

  38. Did yall see the every third thursday episode where they stage a snowboarding version of call of duty? its hilarious and on this same channel, you should def check that video out if you liked this one

  39. Im seriously bummed this video ended with the board breaking on their first run with it. And that they couldnt do more tricks with it.

  40. Why don't they try thicker glass, and adding something to make it glide better, so it doesnt stop randomly? I feel like a glass board could work, but that thing was WAY too fragile!

  41. Signal Snowboards needs to become more mainstream, they seem to really love the sport and I'm sure they could come up with some awesome boards.

  42. That's really cool for Giorgio, getting to design and work on such a revolutionary board like that and then getting to ride the first and only copy of it. Super jealous.

  43. Dude, I could totally ride that thing better, he was barely even trying! If youre going to do something crazy like make a glass snowboard, youve got to ride it without fear!

  44. I wonder what made the board stop like that… ive seen glass slide down a snowy hill before… it went incredibly fast and you couldnt stop it if you tried…

  45. Dave lee is WAY more chill than I am apparently… if I put all that time into getting a board made and flew all the way to italy to ride on it, and someone else broke it… id be furious.

  46. The idea behind a glass board is awesome, I'm sure itd look super cool to have a see-through snowboard… just try plexiglass though, way less breakable but similar enough to still be awesome.

  47. If this girl smokes weed then shes my dream girl!!!! Knowing that she has a little hippie in her i bet you she does

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  49. All of you are pretty, but my favorite one is Leila, she's super pretty…haha, kisses, and congrats for the series, I love it. I'm awaiting for the next episodes.

  50. Is surfing easy? Id like to try it because i looks so fun and i love swimming but i have never even surfed….do u think i can accomplish it? Learning to surf is on my before i die bucketlist😊

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