AKC 2018 National Agility Championship

AKC 2018 National Agility Championship

More than 900 of the top four-legged
athletes in the country have made their way to Reno this week they will sprint
climb weave and jump in pursuit of the prestigious titles national champion the
AKC national agility championship is next Welcome to the Reno Sparks
livestock Events Center in the AKC TVs coverage of the 2018 AKC national
agility championships tonight we will see 83 dogs competing in two different
classes as they vie for the title of the 2018 AKC
national agility championship 44 states are represented including Alaska and
Hawaii and they’ve come from as far as Canada and Bermuda this is the
culmination of three days of competition here in Reno Nevada we will see
preferred class and regular class and we’ll get more on that in just a bit hi
everybody we welcome you to the 2018 AKC national agility championship I’m Sam
Ryan along with Nancy guys Nancy is the AKC agility world team coach and
competed here throughout the weekend yes I did in fact I had two dogs running in
the 24 inch division my border collies scoop and pie scoop and pie they had a
fun weekend obviously in terms of agility and what we will see what we’ve
seen all week and what we will see tonight what is the magnitude of this
event this is the largest event that we have in the American Kennel Club for
agility every year it’s our national championship we all vie to try to make
it here we have to qualify at local trials which means getting points and
what we call double qualifiers at the local trials in order to be able to have
the honor to come here and compete so I mentioned the two classes the preferred
class and the regular class let’s take a look at the lineup first of the
preferred class how many height categories do we have in preferred so we
have we have five different height divisions in the preferred class we have
the fours 8 12 16 s and 20 s so in the 4 inch class we
four dogs running three of upper papillons and one little all-american
our eight-inch class has five dogs we have a couple Shelties a Corgi a poodle
and a parson Russell terrier our 12 inch division has actually got two cattle
dogs a border collie and a cocker spaniel 16 inches our largest class we have
seven dogs dominated by the Border Collies with one all-american and a
Sheltie in our 20 inch division which is our highest for the preferred dogs we
have actually four different breeds as far as the regular class this has
obviously more dogs competing in the regular class what are they height
divisions in this so those are 8 12 16 20 24 and what we call 24 C what’s the
difference between 24 and 24 C so the 24 inch regular dogs are dogs that are
22 inches and height and above the 24 inch see dogs can be dogs of any height
so you could have a smaller dog but choose to run in the run your dog at a
higher height some people like to jump their dog higher as far as the
difference between regular class and preferred class I had a chance to catch
up with AKC agility director Carrie Deyoung and she explained it to me The two classes are divided based on the height that the dog is jumping we measure all the dogs at the withers to what height they should compete
us so that like sizes are competing together the preferred classes those
dogs jump 4 inches lower and that is a choice made by the handler sometimes
they make it because the dog has gotten a little bit older sometimes they’ve
made it because we’ve got a dog with more extreme body type I think basset
hound pug maybe even a large Mastiff so they look at it to see really what is
the best height for their dog to be working at so regular it is what we have
measured the dog out they must jump the height based on their withers preferred
they get to decide that they want the dog 4 inches lower to be that named the
national champion in preferred or regular is the ultimate achievement that
is what they work for all year they had to qualify to come to this event and
that is the pinnacle of our sport when you’re the national champion so it is
the be-all end-all and it is too a very very exciting evening for
everybody We will see Carrie throughout the evening as she will be
presenting the trophy along with Doug longer Andy executive VP
of AKC sports and events right now we see in the ring along the course we see
the handlers they’re walking the course so what are they doing right now Nancy
agility course is different the judge creates a new class of course for each
and every class we had different classes each day here of the Nationals and when
we go to local trials each of the classes that we run are different than
we’ve ever ran before they’re unique courses so you need to learn the course
so you get you get approximately eight to ten minutes to go out and memorize
how you’re going to handle the course so there’s handling choices to make and
what we call course line choices to make so which way should I turn my dogs if I
turn him to the left and take the short route is that going to buy me some time
and I’m going to be they come the fastest dog getting across the line
because I took the shortest path if I turn my dog to the left am I going to be
taking that the shortest line and my dog is really good at that that turn so I
can possibly get a little advantage by turning that direction so you have poor
handling decisions that they’re making as well as the course line decisions
that they’re making and they’re also simply memorizing where the obstacles
are so because they’re all the obstacles are in a different place all the time
you basically have to memorize exactly where these obstacles are in space so
that when you got out there to run and you only have your you’re trying to
complete these courses sometimes in less than 30 seconds you’re you’re racing
through the course and you can’t don’t have time to think about what’s the next
obstacle is we see a look at the obstacles that these dogs will be
competing and that they will be taking part in if you could take me through the
obstacles and and what challenges they present along the way sure so the first
three obstacles the dog walk a frame and seesaw are what we call contact obstacles
each of them are you’ll see that they’re painted differently they have a
different color paint at the bottom of the of each end of the contact obstacles
and that’s called the contact zone so the dogs actually have to touch and at
least a toenail in that yellow zone in order not to gain a fault so the dog
lock is the longest obstacle it doesn’t necessarily present so many more
challenges other than the fact it takes might take a little bit longer but the
dogs can get up a fair amount of speed on that the a-frame can be challenging
especially for some of the teeny-tiny dogs getting up and over this obstacle
and of course the seesaw is moving so that presents its own challenge the
weave poles or some people call them the slalom is basically a dog training issue
you have to teach the dog to go in and out in a specific way so they can’t just
choose to go in and and weave one direction or the other the dog starts
the first pole by his left shoulder and proceeds forward until he completes all
the obstacles all the tunnels on the course that we use now are called open
tunnels and that’s what we have out here tonight the panel jump um not certain we
have a panel jump out here but we do see the triple bar they have a double bar a
double and the rest of them are all called one bar Johnson oh I see we do
have a number three obstacle is the panel jump so those are the look at the
obstacles for tonight well we will see here in the AKC national agility
championships there is Windle Ewing Ewing is the finals judge here for the
AKC national agility championship now he raises English Springer Spaniels since
2004 he’s competed and agility has served as a judge since 2009 he told me
it all started in the late 90s when he was a volunteer agility ring steward So it all starts in 99′ I actually started as a ring volunteer at my first agility trial and I’ve
progressed to the point now to where I’m going to be judging the Nationals this
year so it’s been a long journey it’s been very fulfilling and it’s a pleasure
to be here this year judging for me is the performance of the dog it’s all
about the dog so I’m watching constantly to make sure that the dog number one is
performing in a safe manner but then also that they perform the obstacles in
the correct manner and obviously if they don’t and it’s my job to make sure that
we relay that information so that we can record it correctly at this level speed
is very important I mean obviously you want to be accurate but at the same time
we want the dogs to also be fast we’re looking for dogs who can perform at a
high level lots of energy lots of Drive and at the same time can also be
accurate obviously I’m looking to make sure that the dog is performing all the
obstacles correctly for some reason they go around an obstacle then we will call
what’s called a refusal and that’s usually signaled just by raising my fist
if a dog goes to an obstacle that’s not in the correct order
we call that an off course and I usually will signal that by raising my hand if a
dog doesn’t perform an obstacle correctly then I signal I fail to
perform and I do that by raising two hands and my cues are to the people that
are on the edge of this of the ring so that way they can record the performance
of the dog correctly we use those signals to create a score together with
the dog’s time to then rank the dog based on how they fall with the rest of
their peers in their Heights class and it’s quite common for us to have dogs
that will have you know a score of a hundred in row or in sequence so at that
point what we do is we’ll actually use the dogs time to determine the order if
you have a faster dog that has made an error and yes you will have a score with
a point deduction and depending on how your cumulative score goes for all three
rounds you could actually move up because if you have say around where you
make a mistake but then you have two rounds that are clean as we call it then
you have the ability to more or less leap or move ahead in the order above
dogs that don’t do as well later on the dogs are getting faster our level of
training significantly greater we’ve been
influenced greatly by what we are seeing around the world as well as what we’re
seeing here in the States so it’s an evolving process it’s an
evolving sport it’s become a very competitive sport but it’s still a sport
that’s fun it’s fun for the dogs and it’s fun for the competitors and we
thank Wendell young from spending some time with us there he is on the course
as the walk on the course continues with the trainers they’re out there there is
Windle now as far as Windle he judged the 2013 AKC agility Invitational
but here tonight judging the 2018 AKC national agility championship how
exciting is this for a judge I think it’s sort of like can’t be the
culmination of their career a lot of the judges some of them have other full-time
jobs and judging is a weekend ambition for others they may be judging you know
40 weekends a year and as one of their primary career choices it’s it’s a hard
job so they not only do they have to stand outside in all sorts of inclement
weather or you know cold buildings you know this weekend we’re indoors but you
know often we’re outside you could be in a you know dirt horse arena and in a
barn you could be in outdoors and grass we run in the rain any climate you know
it’s rare that a agility trial is canceled because of the weather so not
only they out there working hard and judging up to a few hundred dollars a
day they actually have to prepare all the courses ahead of time which can be
quite a few hours of work to get ready to prepare these courses and as I said
before each of the courses is individual it’s a unique course so they don’t
repeat themselves they try to come up with interesting designs that are fair
to the dog and handler and yet challenge the dog they have never seen this course
the dog has never run this course that is why we were watching the walkthrough
right now take me through what’s going through your mind when you’re out there
doing a walkthrough I see a lot of the trainers have earbuds and they’re
it seems that they are tuning everyone else out what are they doing with the
earbuds so a lot of people choose to listen to music you may have some
inspirational music on there you might be listening to wild rock-and-roll to
get your heart pumping somebody else might have some classical I need to calm
down kind of music maybe some you know appointment words from your from your
coach the first thing you do when you come out on that course as a handler is
learn where all the obstacles are so very quickly you make a pass through
just something you can memorize where they are because sometimes you have your
back to an obstacle you could watch handlers out there with you know as they
make turns front crosses rear crosses side changes they they have to have
memorized that that obstacle is exactly where they thought it was during the
walkthrough so that when they actually run the course they don’t have to think
too hard it’s out there run as hard as you can and not be looking for where the
next obstacle is where you know there’s there are cones or little numbers at
each one of the obstacles but we’re not reading them we know where the we know
where the course that goes when you get out there unless you forget every once
in a while you do forget we see the trainers and they’re walking around they
have about a 20 minute period where they are they’re they’re enable to to walk
along the course to feel it out for the judge to scope it out so to speak you
know when you have to 20 minutes about how many run throughs do you do on the
course and actually you usually don’t have 20 minutes I believe we’ve got 20
minutes for both of the different – preferred so usually it’s 8 to 10
minutes I think this weekend we had 10 minutes which is a very generous amount
of time 8 minutes is not much more normal for a walk through time at a
normal trial or even a national event so in those eight minutes you have to first
you know go discover where all the obstacles are and then you have to make
your course handling the decisions am I going to lead out which means I put my
dog on the start line and I take what’s called a lead out advantage which means
I might move out and stand by the second or the third or the fourth obstacle and
recall my dog over those first few obstacles will that give me an advantage
how am I going to execute side changes so the dog doesn’t just run you know on
your left side what we used to call heel position throughout the whole course
he’s on your right he’s on your left we handle equally on both sides
there’s no shouldn’t be any priority given to which side the dog is on and
then you have to decide where you’re going to make those side changes if the
dog can’t stay on one side the whole time so that’s a lot of what they’re
choosing I’m gonna run one two and three on my left and then I’m going to front
cross or rear cross or a blind cross and now the dog is gonna be on my right for
one obstacle then back on my left for two obstacles so they’re memorizing
where this where the side changes go there also remember the exact position
on the course that they want to be in to indicate the turn so everywhere that the
dog has to turn the handler needs to do something what’s it gonna do is he going
to call is he gonna stop moving forward and show deceleration to the dog is he
going to do some kind of a small fancy handling’ maneuver with hands or feet or
some other cues or verbal cues we have a huge variety of verbal cues that people
use in agility from calling left’s and rights and wraps and turns and six and
sex and all different kinds of direction cues that we use with our dogs on course
Nancy how important is it when we when we see the handlers out here without the
dog you consider the relationship now between the handler and the dog how
important is that relationship given that the dog is not out here seeing the
course if yep dogs are never allowed on the course prior to running the only
time they’re allowed is once the the time has begun for the handler this
probably does not useful for the dog didn’t need to walk with a handler
anyway he’d just be in your way while you’re memorizing the course but agility
handlers have an incredible relationship with their dog because there’s so much
involved you aren’t just an athlete or trying to be an athlete and do your best
but you have to be a dog trainer as well so some of the best teams really show
the most athletic ability handler as well as dog
as well as the fact that they that the person is a really good dog trainer so
what we will see coming up here tonight at the 2018 AKC national agility
championships the preferred class coming first we talked about the height
divisions the five different height divisions beginning with the four inch
division for dogs Nancy yeah we’ve got three papillons and an all-american so
all-american is what the American Kennel Club calls a mixed breed so the dogs
could be of any heritage and and all Americans can participate in different
dog sports in the American Kennel Club now it is time for the white dogs now
these are not the competitors this is pretty much a rehearsal for the dogs the
rehearsal runs also called the demo dogs Nancy correct correct so and sometimes
we refer to them as the white dogs that’s a terminology probably came from
Europe meaning blank that the dog is not scored this dog serves a variety of aids
both to the handlers who might have to come at the first this class and also
it’s a practice for the judge so he wants to know that he hasn’t done
anticipated where this handler is going to go he needs to stay you can see you
I’m judge Ewing you know staying you know watching the dog but staying out of
the handlers path he needs to follow along but not interfere and so that is
another good reason for having a white dog so the white dogs are this is
basically a dress rehearsal so to speak for the competition prior to the
competition these dogs were are they dogs who
competed earlier some of them I believe that these are all dogs that competed
here over the weekend but didn’t make finals for some reason or another they
were invited maybe they did some really nice things this weekend but didn’t make
finals and so they were invited to participate so there could be a variety
of reasons why they got to be here that was a great run by the little Jack
Russell how how important is the demo dog and the white dog to the trainers
who we see out here watching and following along what are they looking
for they want to see if there’s something that they’ve missed so you
know as they watch the white dog go they say oh my gosh I didn’t realize that the
dog was gonna go so long after that jump after the dog walk maybe
I had better pay attention to that so you hope that you have some really nice
qualified dogs running this in the white division or you know as the demo dog to
help those first handlers get an idea where it goes but you could have you
know the white dog could make a lot of errors too which could also be confusing
so if you’re the next dog to go and they dog didn’t run a very good course it
might not be as helpful but it still would be helpful to the judge to be able
to see what the possibilities are the white dog non scored but we see the
clock and the clock is important here as there will be a time to beat throughout
this competition but it’s a clean run that’s what you’re looking for a clean
run with a time to beat for white dogs we will see here tonight we saw two of
them already but also called the demo dogs there’s a Shetland Sheepdog coming
up next and we see the Shetland Sheepdog getting ready what are they doing now
they’re adjusting the course correct so they’re moving this to the height
division for the four twelve inches so the a-frame height changes from tiny
dogs for the eight to they’re twelve inches so the 4 and 8 inch dogs Rona
apron that’s only 5 feet high and the rest the dogs run one that is 5 feet 6
inches high so they’re adjusting the jumps all the jumps are appropriately
sized you know in each division so they check that everything is positioned
accurately so there’s a judge we’ll do a final check of the course to make sure
it’s all correct and this is something that we will see throughout the
competition preferred in regular class when the height divisions are changed we
will see this as well correct so in between each height division they’re
going to change all the obstacles not that all the obstacles excuse me all the
jumps and once we get up to the 12 inch division the a-frame will stay the same
and here is the Shetland Sheepdog ready to do the demo run here for this height
and the crowd is into it the crowd has fun with as I mentioned these are not
scored but they’re getting a look at the course at this height the trainer’s are
watching you hear the crowd oohing so the dog had what would be if she was
competing a fault because it went over the jump and then came back over the
jump and agility we call that back jumping and it is an elimination
actually so yeah it’s fun to watch the white dogs you know there’s no pressure
and everyone wants them to do well and you’re cheering for your friends have a
little mix up there and she’s got her back on track
whoa and then we had another little off course it’s called an off course when
the dog doesn’t take the next obstacle in order so it was supposed to have gone
from that from the little white jump to this number 15 jumped to the seesaw and
instead she went over and picked up the number seven and we saw Judge Windle
Ewing he he raised his hand to signify wrong course five fault points correct
no actually wrong course is an elimination so there’s a couple things
that will get you eliminated if you have if you skip an obstacle so you leave
something out or you take a wrong course so those are the things that would
actually eliminate the dog and not give them a score everything else is five
faults okay so that would have been an elimination for the Shetland Sheepdog
correct and they are getting ready for this is a familiar dog this is Ama she
looks familiar she is handled by Claire O’Neil Claire O’Neil is a junior she
competed this weekend her final event as a junior she’s a high school senior
going off to college next year and she’s hoping to bring one of her dogs with her
nice when you Claire because she’s from sort of our neighborhood in Northern
California lives not too far from here just a few hours away Claire’s a
volleyball player and I think she’s planning on pursuing that sport at
University she’s a great dog handler and has been on the eoj team yeah the
European open junior team will be taking on with her to the Netherlands this
summer and yes she’s looking to play volleyball in college as well and would
like to continue with the agility as well and here’s Claire with Ama here
take a little weight at the end of that seesaw nice run and I hit a clean we saw
a clean run from Ama yesterday as well so as we witnessed our white dogs so to
speak the demo dogs is what they are called here at the AKC national agility
championships setting the bars here and the heights
looks like we’re moved up to 24 inches so now we have a large dog lined up to
demonstrate this course to give us a look at the course here we see more of
the trainers in the background keeping a close eye on this as as they want to see
how the course runs what are they thinking as they’re watching standing on
the sides watching well now that if you run a large dog
you’re looking forward to seeing the large demo dog run so all the dogs
rather you know the smaller dogs may keep a totally different course lined
and the larger dogs so the handlers are you know it’s an advantage to be able to
have different heights run as a white dog if you have a large border collie
and you only get to watch a tiny Corgi it’s not as advantageous and the same
would go if you run a small dog it may not be advantage and advantage to you to
see a border collie run so it’s nice then the American Kennel Club allows
multiple white dogs take a look at some speed here yeah this is a nice dog this
is executing and we see the speed we’re across the jump after the saw really
nice and I believe we’re not getting set up
for the preferred class we are getting ready to begin as they’re setting the
course here for the preferred class we will begin with a four inch in the
preferred class as you mentioned a little bit earlier we will see a three
of the four are papillons and one all-american dog setting the course we
saw the demo dogs run it and we get ready for the competition here at the
AKC 2018 national agility championship tonight we will actually be seeing as
well a Papillon who advanced through the
challenge around a little bit earlier today can you tell me what the
Challenger round is and how they earn their place here in the finals so we
have three rounds that complete the what we call the national championship event
and if you have a Fault in one of those rounds you could possibly and you have
two other rounds that are clean and you have a placement 1st through 4th
placement then you might qualify for the Challenger round and coming up is our
first dog in the 4-inch category it is Sparkle the Papillon handled by Andrea
Samuels it’s a very experienced team she’s been on the world team before she
often has two or three dogs in the finals and unfortunately that was an
elimination as a dog went over the jump and then took the jump again
so essentially she took something out of order which is called an off course and
unfortunately got off elimination on that one but having a great run here the
nice thing about agility is some of the handlers have got a great attitude even
though they know that they that they haven’t won the national championship
they’re still and having fun with her dog they have a nice attitude you can
still see them you know smiling and happy and cheering on their dog and
being really good sports how important is it to complete the course knowing
that your dog was already eliminated um psychologically it’s good for both
you and the dog you know it’s like hey you know get it back together and and
you know get your head together and complete the course here’s Logan now the
defending champ in this category handled by Kim Barton this is a nice little
all-american dog it looks like a poodle across um he’s obviously a mixed
heritage great little dog defending his national championship she’s having a
good run everything is clean so far so cute to watch him go through the weave
poles he finally comes out of that tunnel she did was called sending to the
backside and serpent ooh the next obstacle while he’s on the seesaw she
changes sides very nice run so Logan right now with the time to beat a forty
one point six six seconds a clean run for Logan she’s in that she’s in the hot
seat now leading it up next here is riot handled by Danielle Wagner the Papillon
and she also came out of the Challenger round today so she just finished
of course a couple hours ago that where she beat the other dogs of the
Challenger round in order to get here so she’s at an exciting day cute little red
and white copy on get the yellow zone no faults there the weave poles she’s also don’t she chose to send to
the back side Bend she’s wrapping back out of there so that’s different handler
choices and different kinds of lines that they want to take the dog on and
this looks like it’s coming up on another clean run very nice right now Logan still the time to beat a
forty one point six six so yup so Kim is still leading it now we have a very
experienced handler this is Robin cluck pay with whimsy
another Papillon cute little dog Robins from the Seattle Washington area and
runs none just papillons but he also has Afghan hound so he runs a dogs all the
way from the tiniest division to the largest division and a really fast
border collie as well here comes whimsy to the tunnel and he also chose what’s called that
push back to the SERP and that’s preference that’s my choice
yes we could go any way you want vary the speed forty one point two five for
whimsy and Robin so they take over the lead so Robin took
over the lead and I believe is also our new national champion you know so no
shape is good MC the four-inch preferred champion for 2018 congratulations to
wimzie and this is called the victory lap after
you take a little victory lap around the field cute little dog jumping into his
arms have a nice celebration how excited is the dog at that point with the
victory lap they love it I mean it’s like there’s you know no one telling him
where to go or what to do you’re just sort of running with gay abandon and
having a nice little stretch your legs you know a celebration for dog and
handler what’s in the presentation right now along with Doug Lundgren the AKC
executive vice president of sports and events and director of agility with the
AKC Carrie DeYoung presenting the award to whimsy and Robin the Papillon in the
4-inch category a new champion here at the 2018 AKC national agility
championships congratulations the time of 41 point two five nine the next class
is the eight inch class as we prepare for they’re getting ready to run that so
we have five dogs competing in the eight inch class so you can see they’ve
adjusted all the jumps again a frame remains the same and our first dog up is
a Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi there’s two different kinds of corgis this one
she’ll be written by Tami Rasmussen this opening is a very interesting opening
presented by this judge and so you see a lot of different handling and
unfortunately I think that’s a third dog that we’ve seen along with my dog that
has backed up that jump it’s a tricky little sequence and the handlers have
options they could turn left but they could turn right at that jump so that’s an elimination yep because she
took the jumper retook the jump so essentially she took an extra obstacle
and it was out of order so we’re watching Shelby now with dad because
she’s having a wonderful run great little dog indicative the time we see the
time they’re two we have super time so she had the great time but the faults
the wrong horse and we saw Wendell raise his hand up next we have penny the
Shetland Sheepdog MJ McCall is handling penny it’s fun to watch all the
different ways that the handlers are attacking this opening and that was
nicely done so she wrapped the same way some of the
other handlers have wrapped to the inside but she did a good job of it the
dog was clean coming through that when we say clean we mean that the dog
doesn’t have any faults he has been illumination he hasn’t had garnered five
votes for any of the variety of reasons he would so that’s called having a clean
run she pushed to the back end did a SERP because he saw some of these little
dogs are so small that it’s actually an effort for them to push that seesaw down
so we have to be careful that they don’t fly off so with a time of 41.96 five
penny now has the time to beat we have another Shetland Sheepdog Cooper who
advanced earlier today via the Challenger round yep so he’s really
earned his earned his way he had the three regular classes in the national
championship and then he also won the challengers round so it’s not just doing
well in challenge around they have to win it and all the best dogs from all
the classes are in that in that challenge around in his during his run
in the Challenger round he fell coming out of the tunnel and still continued to
run it was amazing watching Cooper a little bit earlier today and I was
around yeah speed if you fall down you got to get up yes and he did it’s doing a really nice job get him
through that yellow zone and here we go nice 41.4 for eight and now Cooper takes
the lead the time to beat I’m sure Steve is gonna be happy with that round was a
good one advanced few hours ago in the Challenger
round now has the time to be we move on to a person Russell terrier named moose
handled by Carla McAllister ready to run Carly McCallister herself was a world
team alternate I believe two years ago so she was an experienced handler has a
couple Jack Russells or parson Russell Terriers doing good job get through the
yellow zone it’s a we pulse cleanly let’s see how she handles this one so
she’s choosing the pushback option but with a wrap oh no another one this
judges put up an interesting challenge in that there’s a opportunity two
different times for the dogs to make an error they’re still a fun run the Moose
is happy and our final competitor in the eight inch category is snafu the poodle
who was excited and jumping waiting getting all amped up for this run
handled by Nancy J Lewis looking to beat the time of Cooper the Shetland Sheepdog the final carefully make sure the dog
stays it’s a quick little dog let’s see if she can make it through this hard
point here she dead well done so she rear cross that jump fryer to the
dog walk that’s one of the side changes we talked about and hits a weave poles
cleanly see how she handles this little section she’s choosing the push back to
the SERP okay little bobble there almost look like a possibility of a colloidal
collision but you pulled it off turn the wrong direction she’s still clean now
Wow they have cost her a little bit of time
let’s see what her time is but did she move ahead yes she does she does 39.95
so not only does she move over in the first place she wins a national
championship at 8 inches that’s the poodles not fool with Nancy Lewis taking
her victory lap so we saw the little bobble and still she had the speed she
was efficient enough had the speed and was able to top Cooper with the time of
39.95 3 yeah these quick little dogs if they even if they turn the wrong
direction here or there or take a little bit of a wide turn they can often make
it up with the ground speed so it’s an advantage to have a fast dog so the they
look so happy AKC national champions have been
presented in the 4 inch and 8-inch categories right now moving on to 12
they’re getting the jumps adjusted for dogs competing in the 12 inch category
in this they preferred class as we mentioned a little bit earlier so this
is the preferred class we’ll move on to the regular class once we complete the
preferred class the preferred class we also have another dog who advanced via
the Challenger round a little bit earlier today but for dogs we will begin
with the cocker spaniel once they get this course all set and we do see
Wendell Ewing as you mentioned check out over the adjustments it’s at the age
range yeah it’s up to the judge to know that his course is safe and that all the
obstacles are set correctly so that’s the last thing the judge always does is
take a look around the field and then he signals the timer that he’s ready that
he below and another back jump so the dog went over in the number-two obstacle
and then took the number two obstacles so that was Spencer yeah Spencer is
having a good time so he also took an extra title there he may he make like
tunnels he’s having a good time and it’s a handlers job never to let him know
that he’s done anything wrong Spencer was handled
by Holly Schmidt and she continues oh and a little pop off the seesaw and a
and a bar down while she’s been eliminated the judge is still continuing
to call the faults just so everyone knows you know what what faults could be
possibly called out there but as you mentioned Spencer Spencer had a good
time out there Spencer was having fun we’re getting ready for Scholl the
Australian Cattle Dog is next in the 12 inch class we have two Australian Cattle
Dogs in this division which is a little unusual because they don’t often this is
no ordinary puppy this is a cherub you’re making with all this speed this
is obviously a really competitive one running a frame which means she doesn’t
stop on the bottom in order to get the contact zone and she runs right through
the yellow Martine koepcke is the handler for skull and her cheering
section is directly behind us as we can hear the excitement in the crowd so she
also chose the option to approach the jump from the right and to wrap around
rather than pushing from the other side wonderful run into the arms of Martine
skull new at a time of thirty eight point three seven eight the time to beat
now in this 12 inch category 12-inch division here in the preferred round up
next we have Ian so Michelle Persian is from Minnesota Oh know where well this
little dog has been our demo dog or white dog at actually world team tryouts
quite a few times she’s also affectionately known as the
purple puppy so she has an interesting colouring coloration to her as a as a
border collie she won the Oh Challenger round today so she’d also we have one
dog from each division that came out of Challenger unfortunately a little Fault
at the at the we post and Michelle chooses the option of
pushing and doing a SERP out of that and is having a nice finished well done for
the purple puppy 45.5 Oh still we have the Australian Cattle Dog skull as the
time to beat at thirty eight point three seven and as you mentioned another
Australian Cattle Dog in this category in this 12-inch category highly handled
by an Swan here’s Kylie this is a wonderful little dog extremely fast
shoot hands from the Santa Barbara area extremely competitive she goes to the
Invitational every year with Kylie and another one of her dogs named Maisie and
she’s a pocket of one she’s having a great run absolutely great run just so
this is no youngster this old dog I think she’s if she’s not ten she’s
coming up on close to it or around that see how she handles this so and she
handled totally differently oh I like that a lot
very nice super efficient let’s keep an eye on the clock here go and well done
and that is for the national championship thirty six points six nine
six congratulations and slightly 20 national championship preferred at
twelve inches we have seen here here’s the victory lap what we’ve seen tonight the final run
the final dog in each height right now has taken the championship well
sometimes the last dog it runs is also the fast can be the fastest dog not
necessarily but the dogs are seated in order of the least amount of time that
they’ve spent on the three regular classes to get to these finals
other than the dog who came out of the Challenger round so it is not seated by
by the fastest time that came through the round so it is sometimes that the
fastest quickest dogs are reading at the end of the class so that’s why the
excitement builds as some of the best not always I mean some of the better
dogs are running earlier if they’ve had a bobble here and there in course you
could have the fastest dogs running at the beginning of the class but often
that’s not the case up to the 16 inches and here is druid the border collie you
know by Mandy Muller know she got through that gnarly little spot but so
many handlers and dogs have faulted taking a little time extra time to make
sure she gets that yes yeah well she looks quick enough to take a bobble or
so and still be able to get through it she chose the option to come to the take
off side of that jump to pull her dog through the gap a time of 43.77
8 for druid the border collie up next is Rula the all-american dog
handled by Ann Marie more this is a really fun dog
she’s a handler that competes in some of the classes that I go to in our local
trials it’s very competitive having a really nice run oh dear and what do we
just see on the dog well that’s a very good question we do actually have a
extra judge to judge the down contact so because the dogs often are running so
quickly that it can be hard for a judge to get into position so he didn’t have
his hands in the air so it could be that he called that one sake a time of 40
points to 69 for Rula we’ll see when that score comes up how she did this is
Stephanie Speer with motive a border collie this is the very fast cute little
dog nicknamed Otzi Stephanie’s having a nice run so Stephanie won the Challenger
class today with motive through the polls into the tunnel she’s choosing the
OPP’s option of approaching from the right side of the jump and wrapping
around oh and a bar down but what a nice run Stephanie and motive we move on to easy the Shetland Sheepdog
you know by Jenny burrows this is a big black and white shell team very cute got through that opening very nicely no
problems with that back jumping and safely through the a-frame she’s making
it look like her name easy the tunnel quite a few of these handlers now
choosing that approach from the right side but you sir pout of it why is that
why would they take it whichever think what you think is gonna be best for your
dog so if you have a dog who can wrap a wing really tightly and you think you
can cut a little bit of time off by going there that direction
a time of IB they choose the way they chose to go 41.3 seven seven and easy
moves into the lead 41 another border collie
this is spell handled by Kristen Chester it’s a cute little dog she stole my
husband’s dog’s name now he has a dog named spell I have to talk to her about
got some speed nicely through the weave poles let’s see which way she approaches
this jump don’t you choose the push to the syrup option having a really nice
service clock super that’s gonna move her into first-class
37.3 eight nine four spell a spell takes the lead but follow with another Border
Collie we have three Border Collies in a row in this category secret Caitlyn’s
got a couple dogs here this weekend this is just one of them she’s also the I
believe the assistant coach for the European open junior team so she’s an
experienced handler no I thought many years off of being a junior handler
herself nice job on that push to sir still clean let’s see how she
commissioned on the time doesn’t quite pull it off no clothes 38
point oh five eight but falls behind spell not far behind spell still holding
the lead at 37 38 and our final competitor and the 16 inch prefered
power a Border Collie handled by Kate Moreau oh that’s too bad
Kate’s a very experienced handlers got a couple dogs here at the event she’s won
championships many times and doing a great load job with the dog how we
definitely got misreading the speed she’s a quick one ago shouted that
section easily pushes the seesaw down waits for her release so a lot of the
handlers are asking the dog to wait until they allow them to come off of
those contact zones and it looks like our winners gonna be spell with Kristen
Chester the border collie spell with the time of thirty seven point three eight
nine a 16-inch category here in the preferred
class winners we’re waiting for the handler to come
out and take her take her victory lap and here comes Kristen & Spell writing
what the matter man I was getting worried what a nice team Kristen Chester
and her little preferred border collie spell 16-inch national champion three
divisions complete here in the preferred class four divisions complete in the
preferred class here the AKC agility championship finals with twenty inch
class remaining this is a fun class I’ve got four different breeds only one
border collie and and that’s fun you know because there’s Border Collies
dominate you know quite a few of the divisions here so we’ve got a Belgian
tavern a Vizsla a Dutch Shepherd in the one border collie and the border collie
Ruger advance via the Challenger round a little bit earlier today which we spoke
about a little bit earlier but our first competitor is stell vo handled by Ann
Miller oh that was a little unexpected I bet
you the handler didn’t think that was gonna happen Calvillo having maybe a little too much
fun taking a few extra obstacles out there you know if sixteen ops Hills are
good 22 might be better stay out there a little bit longer yeah and ler doesn’t care she’s running hard
you can having fun with her dog that was a nice push to the back of that jump
with the serpentine she’s got the dog really working nice we can’t go back and
start that one over well done you mentioned the Vizsla the Vizsla is our
next competitor Sam the Vizsla handlers name is pam buness I may be partial to
Sam Sam I am here we go the a-frame she’s doing a great job she did a blind
cross between the spread jump and the a-frame I don’t know that any other
handlers chosen that handling line nice running dog walk super efficient and she
chooses to go to the opposite side of the jump and cue the dog to come over
nice side change but a great run beautiful forty point three eight seven
four Sam nice left run for Sam and Pam I know Sam is the time to be up next it’s
the border collie this is Ruger we talked about Ruger a little bit earlier
advancing via the challenge around earlier today
Carla Gonzales is the handler chose a rear cross option throw those first few
jumps and a front cross off the a-frame so you can see all the handlers are
choosing so many different kinds of ways to handle not just the path that their
dog is taken which makes this course quite interesting but also how to handle
that path how to change sides oh that’s too bad her down so she chose
to push to back to assert but sometimes I can be a little risky little puts a
little bit of pressure on that bar for the dog and she had the bar down which
gets her five folks but a really nice run fast time 38 sit had the fast time
of thirty eight point five seven but a bar down so we still have Sam and Pam
leading it it’s our last dog a Dutch Shepherd you don’t see them very often
handle by Amanda Wilson this is flash you can see Amanda was careful coming
through that little section to make sure she didn’t allow her dog to back jump
that jump safely down the a-frame touching in the contact zone and again
through the dog walk forty point forty point three eight seven is the time to
beat oh good for her she kept her off that off course Oh do it so Sam and Pam oh wait up just
edging out salmon Pam a time of three nine five three two topping Sam the
Vizslas I’m a forty point three eight seven so the victory lap right now for
flash and Amanda Wilson awesome as they are the 2018 AKC national agility
champion in the 20 inch preferred category so here are our preferred class
winners we saw in the four inch category whimsey a little bit earlier today
wimzie with the time of four one four one point two five nine in the 18-inch
snafu in the 12-inch Kylee in the 16 inch spell and in the 20 inch flash wonderful job fun to watch that run and
we’re getting set up now to move to our regular divisions of Lundgren and carry
to young presenting the championship to flash but time for a quick break when we
come back we will present the AKC national agility finals in the regular
category we’re coming right back this is no ordinary puppy this is a hero
in the making he is born raised and fed to reach his mental and physical best
Eukanuba gives some animal proteins and high levels of DHA for a strong body and
mind feed the extraordinary in your puppy and
make your dog a Eukanuba dog this is Andrew Samuels with her Papillon
Carly we saw Andrea earlier with sparkle in the preferred division so here she is
back again on the regular division with Carly this is our first dog in 8 inches
we have seven dogs competing in the 8 inch category here in regular class you
could see she chose who almost got tangled up underneath your feet there
thank goodness that’s all safe she had to ride that seesaw down his teeny tiny
little dog well done 39 63 Andrea and Carly our second competitor here in the
8 inch category and regular class is being the toy fox terrier handled by
Corinna Costco actually this is Karina’s husband I believe they have a couple dogs and they they
both handle them it’s a wonderful little dog thing right now having a great time
let’s see how close and hold him on that seesaw that’s so cute 39 68 39.68 Carly
with a time of thirty nine point six three oh so big doesn’t quite get passed
on the remaining competitors here in the eight inch category all puppy ons we
begin with pink here this is Halford car and this is howard car yeah cute little
dog got through that that gnarly section that is how so many people in
elimination still clean quick over that dog walk running right straight through
the yellow zone howard came out of our challenge around today we have one team
and each one of the divisions that came out of the challenge around and they had
to be clean in the challenge around they didn’t just have to win with faults they
had to have a clean round nice run and there’s Pink’s time of 41.2
one-one next it is Nitro and nitros handle by Chris shanks then we still
have Andrew Samuels leading it thirty nine point six three with Carly the time
to beat some nice handling coming through this
opening and the handlers careful and safe through there and actually quick
very nice talked earlier about the 44 states represented here
New Mexico is we’re Nitro hails from fastly pulls let’s see which way she
chooses so she’s gonna push from the right side and do that serpentine out
that’s one of the Hanley maneuvers that we call an agility lovely run let’s see
if she can get past Carly and Andrea 48 61 and she does it now the time to beat
nitro thirty eight point six one nine next handler up is done in Fox with her
Papillon Studdard it means a very experienced handler she’s won this just
national championships at least a few times with a variety of dogs so this little dog is called stunner oh
boy that was one we haven’t seen yet she decided to take the jump from the other
side unfortunately that’s an elimination center with the early speed but the
elimination early on stunner continues – through the tunnel oh and that was
because she took that the jump from the front instead of the presentation from
what we call a backside which means that the dog has got an approach that he has
to go around behind the jump and take the back of the jump nice run first
unearned Dineen but unfortunately a couple eliminations and it doesn’t get
passed Ren is the defending national championship and rent is up now Brent is
handled by Betsy Lynch this little dog is teeny but quick negotiated that
tricky bit without a problem she’s got a running a-frame
she’s blind crossed at the bottom to get to the other side lovely running dog
walk can she defend nice dog training skills being presented here pushed to
the back in a SERP so smooth this one two minutes today this might be one
who’s going to push the time alright 3597 she moves into the lead and
run the defending champ into the lead now the time to be with one remaining in
the 8 inch category that is Gabby the Papillon handled by Andrea Samuels so
this is a third dog Andrews hell handled if so 2 of them in this division and 8
inches alone so she also had the dog in the preferred purple Sparkle dog yep
she’s familiar with this course so now she has to beat herself and uh and
another handler Gabby’s got the speed she’s running last we know I’m not
certain and it’s because she’s the fastest dog here in this division but
she’s sure going for it now they’re blind cross off in that running a frame
and see how she does that dog walk I’m afraid the judge may have signaled an
air nice run unfortunately incurring an Arab
really believe on the dog mock and I think we’ve got is our is ran Betsy
Lynch are a repeat national champion I have her at 35 97 and Abby had the
faster time but ran with a thirty five point nine seven oh and the clean run
and how cool is that there’s run for a repeat national champion and in the
eight-inch division Betsy Lynch and Ren thirty five point
nine to seven and Betsy comes out with run for the victory lap a little tangled
up there taking a little unexpected off course
thank goodness she didn’t do that the competition awesome run congratulation
to Betsy and Ren so to the presentation with Kerry to young and Doug Lundgren
for Betsy and run as she’s a repeat national championship here with the
National agility championship finals and we’re setting up for a 12-inch division
while they do their Awards this is a large division 11 dogs competing here in
the 12 inch division including the defending champ which always see a
little bit later today and there we see Betsy and Ren so we’ve got a lot of
Shelties in this division how many do we have we have five Shelties competing in
our six shelters actually excuse me competing in this 12 inch division we’ve
also has them have an all-american and a dog you don’t see too often not that
it’s not popular but a lotion and a couple poodles and also a miniature
American Shepherd we begin with Erin the Sheltie handled by Cindy Medora nice handling through that section we’re
not gonna have any more of those eliminations those handlers have watched
all the other handlers make that error and they’ve sorted out how to how to
take care of it there is some advantage to running a little bit later in the
classes you know when you see other teams have have errors and you adjust
what you’re what you had planned on doing nice clean run for the time of
3763 Cindy and Aaron back-to-back Shelties we go Elsie is the next
Shetland Sheepdog to run handle by Mike Padgett I know this team well they were
on the world team last year and Mike is also our dirt guy so Mike flew out here
and helped prepare the surfacing for this event so he’s experienced at doing
that and he’s having an incredible run here Wow look at that dog water it’s a nice team likes nice guy and LC
it’s a really cute little dog hope he does well here so he went from the left
side yep so he pushed from the left side of the jump and then surfed around and
actually did what you’d call a blank cross out oh my goodness
unfortunately he got in a fault but fun run lots of speed unfortunately he’s not
gonna get past Cindy and Aaron who are in the lead at 37 seconds now we have
our all-american Sunday it was the defending champion as well as came from
the challenge around today she’s had her hands full with Angie been a quest oh
wow look at that turn she got we spent some make that with Sunday yesterday she
had to make that Judge run to get out of the way I send to the tunnel and she’s
chosen this option I like it well handled this is a quick little dog
sunday running on sunday the all-american moves into the lead at 31
41 the defending national champ back to the Shetland Sheepdog radiance handled
by patty ganyan so now these handlers know they’ve got tame in front of them
that laid down an incredibly fast time is it gonna change how they decide to
handle maybe they weren’t gonna choose a rescue handling method and now they’re
like they know they have to go for it because Angie laid down such a fast time
with little Sunday but these teams have they want to beat her they’re gonna have
to really go for it Patty’s having a nice run with radiance first that seesaw all the way down Oh unfortunately if judge Ewing calls a
fault on second-to-the-last bar but a nice time 37:42 and she been acquiesced
oh and Sunday with a time of thirty 1.41 up next we have Dino this is the lowchen
Don robic running his little Lochan Dino cute little dog
Dino’s been to our world team tryouts event a few times often very competitive
he’s quick and cleaned thus far let’s see what option he chooses after the
tunnel he’s gonna push to the inside answer Oh so unfortunately the judge called a
refusal there so because the dog approached at the jump and then began to
turn away didn’t take it in a clean smooth line he got 5 faults nice time
nice run great team unfortunately he’s doesn’t get past Angie and Sunday who
are in the lead at 3141 jeter the Shetland sheep whoa they’re from New
Jersey they must be Yankee fans oh I’ll bet you
they are Jeter is handled by Nicole Logan this is a nice team Oh unfortunately
judge Ewing calls a fault on that a frame which means that Jeter didn’t
touch he’s some portion of his Anatomy in the yellow zone on that contact zone
and that’s a fault so that’s five faults doesn’t mean she can’t place she could
still pull off a second place depending on what the rest of the team’s do nice
time 36 38 for Nicole Logan and her sheltie Jeter barb Davis is handling
sketcher another Shetland Sheepdog our seventh competitor in the 12-inch
category this is a number another extremely experienced handler so
Skechers been on the world team before he’s won national championships before
he’s quick Barb’s a extremely good dog trainer and handler knows what she’s
doing let’s see if she hits his running dog log and the judge says yes barb chooses to push back to the syrup all right a nice quick run nice run will
not top the time of Sunday though Sunday still with the time to be 230 1.41 Christi is our next Shetland Sheepdog so
Kristi with Dorothy food tomorrow oh wait a second this is not Dorothy and
that’s not Kristi this looks like work the poodle
so we possibly have something just a little bit out of order here look at
this quick little poodle go poodles are starting to become more popular and
agility we didn’t used to have that many of them few here and there but oh my
goodness starting to get quite a few super
competitive very famous dogs running dog walk look at him go what’ll she choose here very nice push
back to the syrup let’s watch the clock she’s getting close 34:16 she doesn’t
get past angie but what a wonderful run and a great little dog nice tie but
sunday still with the lead we move on mrs. Cassie Schmidt with her little
poodle another poodle this is blameless she was on the world team last year she
was on the world team a couple years ago she’s extremely experienced and this dog
is amazing oh dear so she took a jump out of order
she missed the mr. rung number one two three four five jump so she gets an
elimination unfortunately still having a great run lovely wrap whoops I call those waterfalls see sighs
but the dog just sort of comes off the top of the seesaw like a waterfall too
bad for Cassie she may have gotten a little confused on the course this now
is Dorothy Fuji Mira and Kristi I happen to know that because I trained with
Dorothy and this little amazing dog is having a nice run got through that tough
little bit another shell T in this category this would be the last shell T
we will see in this category second-to-last dog competing in the 12
inch it’s a popular breed and agility Border Collies and the Shelties dominate
in sheer numbers of how many of these little dogs what a well-trained little
dog this is I might say so myself Wow good job Dorothy beautiful clean run
doesn’t make it past the the leader Sunday and Angie Bennett Cristo but a
fabulous run and we will complete the 12-inch
category with a mini American Shepard this is pixel this is an amazing little
dog this little pixel this is a miniature American Shepard also used to
be known as a mini Australian Shepard they’re their own breed down look at
that little one go oh my gosh she chose a push back to the Serb
everyone’s rooting for her see if she can do it
time to be 3141 unfortunately judge Ewing calls a fault on that seesaw
that’s what happens when you’re pushing sometimes a little too hard cause the
Falls the time was just off and it looks like
Sunday and Angie Bennett whist Oh are back the defending champs two years in a
row 2017-2018 national champions and she’ll be out in a second for her
victory lap and I suspect in a second well they have to wait till the victory
lap obviously before we start resetting the jumps for her 16-inch division
Sunday had a nice run today in the Challenger round and earning the spot
here in the 12-inch regular class for the 2018 national agility championship
finals so the defending champ needing the final day in the challenger to
advance and defends her title congratulations to Angie and Sunday in
the 12-inch category she chose not to take our little victory lap around she’s
just gonna take stand there for her victory pictures and up we go with the
jumps they go four more inches from the 12 inches eight to 16 inches a frame
stays the same so the jumps are the only obstacles to get adjusted and we’ve got
another Sheltie coming up we’ve got a few another quite a few of them in this
division again three Shelties and so far we have our
champions in our 8 inch and 12 inch Ren and Sunday and they are the defending
champs back to repeat and back to win two years in a row for our eighth inch
and our 12-inch categories here in the regular class at the 2018 national
agility championship finals we move on to the sixteen inch as you mentioned the
Shetland Sheepdogs a popular breed for agility we saw several Shetland
Sheepdogs in the 12 inch once again in the 16 inch and we begin with lucky
handled by Jennifer crank Jennifer crank another very experienced handlers boy
we’ve got a lot of incredible handlers here today oh and fortunately she had a
bar down having a nice run with lucky Jennifer spent on the world team she was
even though in the world team when she was still a junior handler I think maybe
only 18 or 19 years of age she runs I think she’s running about four dogs here
at the event she has her hands full nice run with lucky we just saw pixel the mini American
shepherd in the 12 inch here’s mini Americans shepherd Ozzie in the 16 inch
an Ozzie up next handle by Colleen Andrews she chose a little bit different
way to start the course so she sort of ran off the line with her dog what we
call pushing oh oh oh my goodness that was a little confusing don’t know why
that happened maybe as you said she just didn’t want to do that a friend today so
she skipped that obstacle which unfortunately gives her an illumination still having a nice fun run here let’s
see if she want to do the seesaw she says yes so as you continue after
missing the a-frame now we have with the first of quite a few Border Collies in
this division this is wily with Sara’s strobe she won the challengers round
today quick little dog
all these little all these Border Collies they’re in a few different
divisions but they’re less than 18 inches tall so they’re their height is
deceptive they’re very small so we’ll see Border Collies and almost all the
divisions except for 12 inches having a super nice run chooses the push and a
wrap whoops whoops whoops maybe a momentary lapse of remember her she was
going on all right let’s hope that little
momentary adjustment there in space doesn’t cost her too much right now or
she’s gonna be the leader at 3605 after the first two were eliminated due to
false now we have a Sheltie this is Teddy with
Renee Foster doing a nice job of negotiating through this little jumping
section this interesting jumping challenge presented by judge Ewing clean
through the dog walk and the weave poles she chooses the wrap option
oh dear we’ve seen that before here so she got a refusal she started to
approach the jump from the backside at the last second the dog maybe took a
little bit of misinformation there and didn’t take the opto so she got 5 bucks
for a refusal call from Judge Ewing this is cold with Jennifer Thomas another
Shetland Sheepdog another sheltie with some fast and fancy footwork coming
through that a jumping section and a blind cross before the a-frame oh and a
beautiful running dog walk a lot of people stop their dog on the dog walk
because it’s hard to get the dogs to understand they have to hit portion of
it so if you stop them in the yellow they’ve obviously going to learn to to
hit a portion of it so when the dog is what can run all the way through it like
Renee’s little dog did that’s a wonderful talent 3603 so that is now the time to be 36.0 3/7
is executed by Colton Jennifer now we move on to the Border Collie trio
handled by Samantha Parsons whoops you know there’s Border Collies like the
weave Paul’s any chance they get and we thought she was gonna get a free pair in
there now she gets to do him nice end to the back spine and a blind cross out on
her way to the seesaw having a nice run thirty seven point one four six four
trio Colton Jennifer Thomas’s thirty six point oh three sevens still the time to
beat here in the 16-inch division regular class now we move on
here’s Rizzo the all-american dog handle by Gosha sweren cute little Terrier type
Oh unfortunately we have a bar down and the judge is gonna call it
although me he maybe have calling the dog luck on that one I’m missed what
happened for that the bar and we had another bar all right Lily Rizzo has a
fun time out there on course but we have a few errors I think I’ve added up about
15 faults on that round dynamite hoping for a dynamite run here another of all
American dog handled by channel M key wasn’t the Sheltie still the time to be
this is a wonderful team they’ve been on the European open team they’re from
Minnesota I’ve seen Shanna handle Doug since she was probably less than 10
years old her family was involved in a been involved in agility a long time and
now she’s a dog trainer and doing a great job here with dynamite nice I like
that option chose to push around the back nice seesaw watching the clock this
could be close and 34 points six to one for the lead should dynamite with the
time to beat here into 16 inch division and in the regular class dynamite run up
next – this is Ashley Deakin experience handler
from the San Francisco Bay Area now she’s been on the world team a few times
in fact he was world championship with his other printing in Shepard Lucca and
– has been on the world team before this is an amazing little dog let’s see how
he does is run that dog walk oh my gosh perfect he’s pushing hard for a win
let’s see how he handles this little section push to a blind cross oh well
done on the seesaw and then once again the time down to thirty five point three
one six oh my gosh that was a chance right I was almost expecting to see that
that time clock a little bit quicker on there but Jenna still keeps the lead
with dynamite couple more Border Collies now to finish out the class up now we
have Annie and he’s a baby Nazis from California Southern California this is
his youngster I believe you had her first national championship what a cute
little dog having a nice run to see how this time
holds up amazing that’s gonna move him into the lead Annie now with the time to
be 30 to 30 our final competitor the 16-inch division is pink the border
collie so this is at least Jen’s second dog to run in the finals we said
Jennifer earlier yes this amazing little dog so let’s see if she can sneak find
ah she ready a frame where cross on was a final job she’s gonna choose the pushback option
to a blind she’s still clean and fast and then look at this time oh my
goodness see a time on their Oh twenty four point three five can that be true
Rock issue we’re hearing there was a clock issue
I was pretty quick but we can’t ever ever estimate so a fast run by pink and
Jennifer crank but there was a clock issue is what we are hearing
she ran lucky as the first competitor in the 16-inch division and lucky was
eliminated and Jennifer the final competitor with pink so we’re waiting to
find out what happened to the clock we’re hoping that the computer actually
has the right time as of now Annie the border collie with a time to be thirty
2.30 – you see Carrie do young is talking it over and she waved over
Jennifer crank and pink yep they did it they took over the lead
first national championship for Jennifer and cake I’m Jennifer taking that
victory lap as the national champion in the 16-inch division congratulations to
pink into the arms of Jennifer crank so so far we have named the winners of the
18 the 8-inch the 12 inch and a 16 inch divisions here in the regular class of
the 2018 AKC national agility championships coming up next it is the
20 inch division we have three divisions remaining here the 22 24 and the 24 see
divisions and their pose for the photo pink with a with the tongue out
pink is excited Jennifer must be exhausted from running twice in that
division I think your adrenaline takes over at that point coming up on the 20 inch class next
events in the border collies are popular with in terms of agility Border Collies
and Shetland Sheepdogs we will see several Border Collies
competing in the 20 inch division here here once again are your regular class
winners the 8 inch red the defending national champ Sunday in the 12 inch
defending national champion congratulations to pink the border
collie in the 16 we move on to the 20 inch division here at the ABC national
agility championship in the regular class tally is the border collie handled
by Kelly Neilson so this is the class I actually ran in this weekend so I know a
lot of the people in this in this class a lot of my friends running in these
finals I’m rooting for decided to see how it all plays out 14 of the 18
competitors in this division are Border Collies Kelly does a nice job handling
through that jumping section chooses to rear cross the a-frame haven’t seen that
too much but now we’re getting up to the large fast dogs you can possibly say
some different kind of handling options nicely through the
weave poles oh and an extra obstacle in there unfortunately that’s an
elimination for our first dog in the 20 inch division Kelly Neilson and tally
fun run and now I believe we have our one and only shot one sheepdog this is a
big one this is player with Samantha parents we saw Samantha in his 16 inch
division and here she is handling player unfortunately a bar down called by Judge
Ewing nicely through the a-frame so while you can’t win a national
championship with a fault you can place so she could have a second place a third
place those are you know podium placements but there’s lots of
placements and lots of ribbons to win my faults doesn’t mean you’re totally out
of having a good time well done a bar down for player but a
time of 37.3 to freedom is a border collie advanced via the Challenger
around earlier today handled by Terry Arnold
here goes freedom Terry Owen was a very experienced not
just agility handler but obedience handler and she’s had an elimination on
the on the back jump at the number 5 obstacle a wonderful handler who employs
some extra distance working skills it’s the dog to go out and do a little bit of
work for her lovely turn at the 14 jump and a blind cross off the seesaw
now he’s finished from start seeing some faster times now with these bigger dogs
a nice finished by the elimination so rich the border collie
is handled by meeow meeow grant mia won the Challenger round today just a couple
hours ago I like her handling options on the champion see Clint she’s got a very
fast running a frame it’s gonna be ridden oh and she nice dog walk see how
she handles this midsection here push to the back and a serpent aligned well done
Mia super a-frame pushes it down the seesaw I mean wow and what a time thirty
two point thirteen which is going to put me a grant and Richard in the lead rich
with a time to beat you move on to another border collie not not looking to
beat the time of Mia grants rich here’s amber McCune handling notch amber had a nice opening line she
chooses a front cross before the a-frame to get that direction change
unfortunately the judge calls an a-frame contact missed this point after rich put
down that kind of a time everyone’s gonna be pushing occasionally that’ll
cause you to rush a little bit too much maybe not be a little bit patient and
wait for your dog to touch the contact zone so oh and unfortunately a bar down
to so there’ll be ten faults for Amber and not but what a nice run Carly Renee
is the name of the next border collie handled by Katelyn juries I think this
is her second dog to have in the finals she chooses a blank cross before the
a-frame could do the side change and safely through the dog walk who chooses the push to the inside still
clean at this point let’s see how close she can get to me and Richards time
thirty-six point sixteen a nice time but won’t put her in the lead rich the
border collie still the time to beat at thirty two point one three up next it’s
the border collie with the name classic handled by anna lewis this is a nice
team i like how she did that opening a little bit interesting so she wrapped
the dog at number two through the inside to have a little bit better line
handlers choose a variety of lines for the dogs depending on what the next
obstacle is what’s gonna present it the best the fastest way and of course
sometimes taking an account how you want to handle it which she’s gonna choose
the push back to the wrap option at that number four team jump a little bit of a
wide turn but she’s still okay she’s clean
nice run and a nice time but not quite enough to get past rich 34 six-six her first golden retriever of
the evening the Goldie named ray handled by Pat white Pat’s been at this event
many times and also the aqc Invitational oh well done Pat she pulled her through
there that’s a local favorite out the Sacramento area where I compete often
you know where well she’s having a great run here this is an awesome little dog she chooses the wrap option dual rear on
to the seaside to beat is thirty two point one three well done nice time run
for Ray for Pat and Ray we move on to Boca the Australian Shepherd handled by
Dave grubo another California handler from the Bay Area Dave and Boca and
ashlar handler is also a judge super experienced Oh
unfortunately Polka has a bar down lovely dog wat contact Oh Superfund
handling I don’t think we’ve seen anyone do quite like that before I like that
option nice Ranma Dave oh what a great time
would have only been barely a second behind Richard what she still is only as
I kept behind but unfortunately bringing him home five faults back to the Border
Collies we have four in a row now beginning with relay relays handled by
Melissa Henning relay is nine years old I know that because relay is a sibling
to my scoop really yeah so Melissa’s from Southern California this is a
wonderful dog nine years old still running strong it’s amazing how long a
career some of these really super healthy sound dogs are beautiful running
dog walk she’s going for it push to the back with a SERP to a blind
eye singsong is she close and Richard Mia is deleting it Melissa
had a great time 34.4 a not quite enough to overtake move
on to and Richard Rock the border collie handle by Diane Mead thirty two point
one three the time to be this Diane’s first national event she has a young dog
I think he’s only maybe three years old doing a phenomenal job she was super job
at the event this weekend I know she’s thrilled to be in the
finals it was a little bit of a risk that’s a competitive move to push to the
back and CERP good for her and occasionally we pull a bark but a great
time thirty three point seven seven time really Paulina Renee Simpson handling
graphic graphite the border collie Pauline has been a multi time national
champion with a variety of Border Collies over the years this is a fun
interesting colored border collie I really like that shaming she’s gonna
choose a wrap from the inside and a nice run a little bit out of the
time but super time 33.8 for four still shy of rich and MIA grants thirty two
point one three has been the time to beat mrs. Robin Club K again he ran
earlier with his teeny tiny little Papillon and here he is with his border
collie this is minks having an awesome run
quick through the dog walk and clean unfortunately again we have a had a nice
push to the back with that surf but can be a little risky move occasionally if
the dogs turn a little bit too tight awesome time 32.5 sex next competitor
here in the 20-inch division is itchy the golden retriever gitche it’s our
second golden retriever in this class get she’s an experienced competitor handle biased of Stepan Fernanda Lopez
unfortunately a bar number four jump Duggars this is indeed gitche the
graphic was wrong that you saw on the screen but this is indeed gitche the
golden retriever very competitive golden retriever was the other the other one
handled by pat white lovely run and a wonderful time 33.6 for
but unfortunately bringing home 15 faults Frankie the border collie waiting
in the wings jumping up getting amped up for Frankie’s run handled by Lynn Baker so many experienced teams here today
great handlers blends from the Seattle area this is an amazing team amazing
running dog walk that’ll help her with a little bit of catch-up on the time she
needs to try to get past Richard and Mia nice move on that push back to the SERP
time to be thirty two point one three all right is she gonna get it here she
comes thirty two point five oh my gosh so
close quarter of a second wow what an amazing run for Blinn Baker and Frankie
Fargo the border collie up next handled by Cathy wells as we have three competitors to round
out this 20 inch division here at the 2018 national agility championship and
here comes Fargo I love all the different ways these handlers are
handling these first three obstacles it makes it so much more interesting to
watch when you have options that the handlers can pick their strengths for
themselves and their dog Wow an amazing Rea dog walk and look at the distance
the handler has which I unfortunately was just gonna say was amazing but it
may have cost her the dog missing the the we post cuz she was a little bit far
away possibly to cue that a turn but what a run and a lovely time even with
that bobble and taking her back Wow she would have been up there
Kathy Wells in Fargo amazing two more dogs two more two more Border Collies to
beat the time of rich and these are fast ones this is Cassie handled by Robin
Terry another handler from my backyard look at the speed on Cassie running dog
running a frame moves through that dog walk pretty fast down to the jumping
sections and that seesaw now thirty two point one three the time to beat
close oh my gosh oh I think she did she do it she did it
there one point we need five guys alright our new leader will put Richard
in second place and our second pixel of the night this is pixel two Border
Collie handled by Annie Pyle and he’s another experienced handler 31.8 five
now the new time to beat but this is her baby dog this is perfect pixel that’s
her nickname amazing young dog I don’t think she’s barely three years old and
he teaches at clean run back in Massachusetts she’s having a phenomenal
run pushed back to his SERP well done she’s going for it let’s see how she
ends up here thirty two point twenty three so it’s her in third place and I’m
sure it’s good to be thrilled with that became she couldn’t get past Robin Terry
and Cassie I believe our national champions and wait to see if they come
out here and take their victory lap confirm it and here they come all right Robin Terry and Cassie so by my very unofficial accounting
Robin Terry and Cousy are in first with the national championship me a grout
richard are in second and annie pile and with her little baby dog thirty two
point two three but congratulations to cassie the border collie with the time
of thirty one point eight five the 20-inch division here the 2018 AKC
agility championship going to kasi two more divisions remain here 12 dogs 12
dogs to go lots of Border Collies but we also have in the 24 regular division a
Vizsla and a German Shorthaired Pointer talked about it a little bit earlier
there’s a 24 division and in the 24 see once again what is the difference
between 24 and 24 C so the 24-inch dogs are ones that measure 22 inches and
above that so any almost all the you know really good sized dogs big sporting
dogs are in that division they’re working a lot of working dogs in that
division the 24 C is a class which anyone can enter doesn’t make any
difference how tall your dog is if you’d like to jump 24 inches so you jump
divisions here at the national championship according to your height so
if your dog measures into the 20 inch height you have to jump 20 inches we’re
watching blaze the Vizsla as the 24 inch division is underway this is sooo
verbose see with blaze the Vizsla having a nice run I don’t think I’ve seen the
judges hands go up yet that’s a good thing she’s choosing the option oh what a
lovely turn she had to to wrap around from the right-hand side of that jump
and rear cross on the seesaw has to help her dog out help plays find the way at
the closing and forty four point four eight well done
our leader we move on to the German Shorthaired Pointer Sadie and Sadie’s
handled by Jessica Fisher this is a pretty dog
nice jumper well handled looks very competitive not breeds that we see every
single day well there’s one thing it makes it really fun at the Nationals
when you see a lot of different breeds qualifying to be here look her go
through the weave poles oh my goodness well done just like a Fisher and Sadie
oh oh so first we find fault she got was what’s called a run out there’s a dog
passed by the plane of that number fifteen jump she got five faults but she
brought her back around safely without having an off course so she goes home
with a score of in the 40 floors and five faults Desiree’s fellerman and pace pace
advanced in the Challenger round earlier today Desiree’s a royal team member and
pace was on the podium at the World Championships one of the times that he
represented a knighted States at the agility World Championships he’s an
amazing dog and guess what he’s brother to my scoop so you’ve seen a couple of
siblings uh yeah two of them here in the in the finals how old is scoop nine
years old so pace is mine years old amazing boy look at him go wonderful run
3583 it’s now pace with the time to beat the sibling to scoop and the time to
beat glider is the Belgian sheepdog handle by neesee parker and easy parker
the a-frame i think this is our first Belgian sheepdog that we’ve seen here in
the finals we have some two versions which are related same family but this
is our first black dog having a wonderful run nicely handled and the bar
stays up on that move nice Ron 38.1 to to Wow and a nice time
for Niecy Parker and glider time to be still is Desiree sneller moon and pace bar down at jump number two this is race
and the golden retriever handled by Norman Linda Norm’s having a nice run he
knows he’s got to push it there was a fast Border Collie there
holding the lead but racing is racing fortunately he took the back side of
that jump and that signals an elimination from the judge Norman Lundy and racing and our final
competitor in the 24-inch division echo the border collie echo handle Bay Angie
Bennett Cousteau and we saw Angie earlier in the chat in the and the
preferred as and II believe we saw Angie with Sunday in the 12 inch national
champion Angie Banach histo with her dogs Sunday let’s see what she can do
with her border collie beautiful through the dog walk she’s pushing for speed she
has a champion Sunday could she have another one that’s what we want to know
what is her time 33 point 37 oh my gosh I think she did it unofficially we think but Angie Bennett
whistle man won her second National Championship today Wow it’s oppressive to win one in a year
to win two is absolutely amazing to think I don’t remember someone who’s
done it before and probably they have but phenomenal runs today by Angie
Bennett questo with her dogs her border collie echo and her all-american dog’s
son today we saw something a little bit earlier the defending champ coming into
this Sunday’s a repeat winner winner and echo the border collie wins the national
agility championship in the 24 inch division and you can see the judges are
the obstacles are not being adjusted every base I don’t think she did that
really happen congratulations Angie so here we have
certainly will she has two of the champions here 12-inch Sunday and
24-inch in the eight-inch division Ren was a
defending champion Ren defended that title so one more division to go here at
the AKC national championship in the regular class the 24c we told you about
that a little bit earlier you said really the dog can be any size anyone
can enter this category just anyone yeah you could enter your Papillon probably
wouldn’t this is Christie mousers he was on the world team last year went to the
Czech Republic with us she’s having a wonderful run with her border collie
Mako Wow regular dog walk she’s going for it we only have six dogs in this
division and they’re all Border Collies we didn’t have some other dogs other
breeds quite a few of them running in this division but the six fastest ones
who made it to finals unfortunately the second-to-the-last bar down oh that was
heartbreaking what a nice run time of 3289
but we have five faults so she can’t be a national champion without they have to
have a clean run she can win the class so you could have a slower time this is
Laura Price and daredevil so I know Laura well we train together she’s
having amazing run with this beautiful red smooth coated border collie sneak it
in there Wow well done super handling and let’s
watch this clock oh my goodness keep the bars up whoa 3197 the time to be in a 24 C division I’m
thinking that’s the fastest time so far in this course today listen les you’re
seeing a time faster than that that was an absolutely amazing run by law reports
her border collie daredevil this is Jeffrey patella with matrix
another border collie this one’s got some hair and it’s a different color
come in all sizes and shapes and in all divisions here at the American Kennel
Club this dog won the Challenger round so Jeffrey Botelho and matrix right out
of the challenge around going for the time and no fall short nice run but
thirty four point three six so the time Tibbie remains daredevil thirty-one
point nine seven four der collie handled by bill Malloy Bill’s doing a nice job
on this opening interesting handling mostly quite a few of the handlers chose
to go the other direction on that number five jump he’s pushing he knows he’s got
to go he’s not gonna keep his top his feet running see his approach here
nicely handled chooses a blind cross to the seesaw and he’s pushing for littles backing for
speed on that closing does knock at the time but wonderful around thirty five
point nine to nine for Bill and champ to porter Connelly is remaining in the
twenty four C division here at the AKC National agility championship up next it
is Puma the border collie handled by Melanie Rock she chooses the go through
the middle option and from jump one two two
fortunately has bar number four down signaled by the judge nice running dog walk still only has my
fault so she could still get on that podium push back to her pen I’m blind having a nice run 34 5 3 and our final
competitor of the division and of the evening flex the border collie handled
by barb Davis who saw barb a little bit earlier the time to beat is Daredevils 31.97112
hot seat before she knows she’s got a push pretty impressive
running dog walk she chooses the push to the back option flex is going for it they’re not 2.52
she doesn’t quite go puts her into second place oh my goodness
daredevil and Laura Price our final division of the evening and the national
champion in the 24-inch class the time of 31.9 70 times second to Sunday’s 31.4
one earlier hopefully they’re working with her doing her victory lap and here is Laura and daredevil amazing
run with a team I believe unless someone counts me wrong with the fastest time on
this course the whole day Sunday had a little faster than they had a fastest
slightly slightly faster half a second amazing handled by Angie Bennett Cristo
what an exciting finals so congratulations to Laura Price and
daredevil as they take the title the 2018 AKC national agility champion in
the 24 seed division our final competitor final division of the night
here what an awesome run awesome run by Laura and daredevil and all the other
incredible handlers it’s been wonderful to watch wonderful to experience today
querida young the director of agility here at the American Kennel Club and
Doug Lungren executive VP of sports and events with the American Kennel Club
thank you to them as they are presenting the awards all night and thank you for
their help throughout this a KC national agility
championship finals we’re coming right back here to wrap it all up here from
Reno Nevada the 2018 AKC national agility championship this is no ordinary
puppy this is a hero in the making he is born raised and fed to reach his
mental and physical best Eukanuba gives some animal proteins and high levels of
DHA for a strong body and mind feed the extraordinary in your puppy and
make your dog you good new my dog back here Reno Nevada the AKC national
agility championships for 2018 Sam Ryan Nancy guys here to wrap it all up what
we saw here tonight the regular class winners in the categories read the
defending champ winning in the 8-inch division yep she was amazing second year
in a row the time of thirty five point nine seven oh then we see Sunday back
here Sunday advanced via the Challenger round earlier today and defends her
title today the 12-inch division and then she brings her mom back in the ring
to win the 24-inch division they had an amazing day as Angie veneficus no one’s
with echo in the 24 pink we saw in the 16 inch Cassie takes the 20 inch
division and in the 24 see we just saw daredevil with that speedy run of 31
point nine seven one two the preferred class we saw that earlier today here at
the 2018 AKC agility championship and whimsy in the four inch that poppy on
the fourth competitor wins in the eighth inch it was snafu the 12 inch goes to
Kylie the 16 inch that goes to spell and in the 20 inch for the time of thirty
nine point five three flashed the Dutch Shepherd taking the preferred class a
Casey agility national champion Nancy I have to thank you so much for your
expertise and for joining me here on this broadcast tonight thank you thanks
for having me it was a great time great event we had fun here tonight plenty of
people to thank besides Nancy guys Doug Lundgren we saw him a little bit earlier
carried too young and our finals judged here tonight Wendell Ewing from Plano
Texas the AKC national championships from the AKC for everyone here tonight
I’m Sam Ryan thank you for joining us and for tuning in to the 2018 AKC
agility championships

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  1. Anyone notice how the handler drags the dog out at 42:46? The dog's manner towards her throughout the routine seems one of abuse.

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