Akaso EK7000 4K action cam – Is a budget sport camera any good?

Akaso EK7000 4K action cam – Is a budget sport camera any good?

hey what’s going on guys so today we
have the Akaso EK7000 4k Wi-Fi sport camera review so here we go the Akaso EK7000 can be considered a
cheap GoPro alternative but is also a decent little action sport camera in its
own right allowing for the following shooting modes it can shoot in 720p at
120 frames per second 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second Ultra HD 4k at 25
frames per second and 2.7 K at 30 frames per second one thing to keep in mind
with that 4k is its interpolated 4k so it’s not true 4k so basically what it is
is it’s 1080p that’s up scaled to 4k or 2.7K in addition to video the camera
also shoots still pictures so here’s some examples of that it has a 12
megapixel sensor with a resolution of 4608 x 2592 the shooting modes for the
camera include the video still pictures burst mode which let’s say you take
pictures in quick succession and then there’s also a time-lapse mode in the
Box in addition to the camera of course you also get to 1050 mAh
batteries a remote control a waterproof case and most of the attachments you’ll
need for attaching to a helmet a bike or anything else that you might wanted to
attach the camera to I recently went on a rafting trip and use the included
waterproof case and the straps and mounts to attach to the helmet I had no
problems with it and for a 4k action camera under $100, I’ve got to say this
actually worked really really well and much better than I expected it to. On the
front of the device is the lens, LED charging indicator and power button on
the right side is the micro HDMI, micro USB and micro SD card slot and one thing
about the micro SD card slot is it’s rated at up to 32 gigabytes I’ve been
using a 200 gigabyte card in mine and haven’t had a problem it may not be
reading the whole thing I’m not quite sure about that but as far as using it
it hasn’t been a problem at all. On the back is the LCD screen which is
functional but doesn’t have great viewing angles and it’s kind of hard to
see in direct sunlight on the left side we have the up
down arrows the up and down arrows function as navigating up and down when
you’re in the menu system but when you’re outside of the menu system
the down arrow activates the WiFi and I’ll show you that later it gets a
little confusing but once you get used to it it’s not too bad. At the top of the
device is the LED power indicator as well as the shutter button which also
doubles as the select button when you’re in the menu system. The construction of
the device is solid but it’s all plastic it definitely doesn’t feel very premium
but I got to say I’ve dropped this quite a few times and it’s still functioning
just as well as it did on day one so it may not look very durable but it
definitely is. In addition to the buttons directly on the device there’s two ways
to remote-control it the first one is via the remote control that’s included
in the box so it’s a real simple remote control it has one button for snapping
still photos and then another button for starting and stopping your video
recordings. So what’s the second option for controlling this little action
camera WiFi, there’s an app available for both Android and iOS that lets you
connect to the camera via Wi-Fi and control it so for this to work you’re
going to need to download the EZ ICam app so you can find that in either the
Google Play Store or the Apple App Store once you have the app installed press
the down arrow on the camera and you’ll get a message that it’s awaiting
WiFi connection, on the phone go into your Wi-Fi settings and select the Icam-h9r and then there’ll be some numbers after that if it prompts you for a
password the initial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0.
So after you make that Wi-Fi connection launch the EZ iCam app,
you’ll come to the main screen go ahead and tap the connect button at the bottom
of that screen and it should take you into the remote connection this app
allows you to change the resolution but for some reason it only lists the 1080p
and the 720p resolutions it doesn’t list the 4k and 2.7 K and I’m not really sure
why that is the app will also let you transfer
pictures and video directly from the camera to your mobile device as well as
being able to take pictures and start and stop the video remotely. So the
battery life on this little action camera is rated at about 90 minutes and
I was honestly getting right around that I was getting 75 to 90 min
shooting at 1080p and the really nice thing about this action camera is that it comes
with two batteries in the box so as long as you keep both of them charged you can
just pop the dead one out pop the new one in and you’re off and running real
easy powering on the device will take you to the video recording screen by
default this screen shows you how much time you can record for the current
frame rate as well as battery life pressing on the power button on the
front of the device takes you to the next screen which is the still photo
mode with some similar information on the screen related to stills clicking
that power button again will take you to the multi shot mode where you can take
several stills in rapid succession and then another click will take you to that
time-lapse mode that let you take some nice time-lapse video and then one more
click take you into the menu system. Now the menu is pretty limited but it gives
you all the basic functionalities like video resolution setting up a time stamp
some basic exposure adjustments photo settings language date & time etc… So
navigation in the menu is done through the up and down buttons on the side to
select an item you’ll hit the shutter button at the top and to go back you can
hit that power button on the front to go back a menu so earlier in the video I
mentioned that I took it on a rafting trip so here’s some sample video from
that trip and as you can see in good lighting it actually does a really nice
job, this was all shot at 1080p and for the price I’m actually really happy with
the quality of this little action cam. So the action camera does have a built in
microphone and it’s not great but it’s not horrible here’s some sample video to
kind of showcase the microphone. Alright guys so here’s a little test of the
microphone and as you can hear it’s nothing special but you know for an
action cam it picks up the surrounding audio so it does what it’s intended to
do and you wouldn’t want to use it for any high production value items anyway
so the microphone is not too bad on this. Although it’s not on par with the GoPro
I would say it’s a good cheap GoPro alternative if you look at the camera
just by itself without comparing it to a GoPro it’s actually a really good sport
camera, action cam, action sports camera or whatever you want to call it. So what do
you guys think of this action camera do you have one or are you interested in
getting one go ahead and leave a comment below and let me know also if you liked
the video hit the the like button and if you really liked the video go ahead and
scribe and then hit the little Bell button next to the subscription to get
notified when I put up a new video thanks so much guys for watching and I
will see you in the next video

59 Replies to “Akaso EK7000 4K action cam – Is a budget sport camera any good?”

  1. Personally I have the gopro hero first gen and Its great and all but the one thing I hate is that I dont have wifi on it! Instead of paying 200 dollars for the hero plus This cheap budget camera might be an option for me!

  2. Cool
    I am looking to buy EKEN H9RSE ULTRA HD 4K ACTION CAMERA, also a cheap camera .
    What do you think about ?

  3. Very nice presentation! I have this little guy and unlike some negative users I like it. I have yet to figure out how to keep the camera on when attached to my windshield without timing out so I can always activate with the wrist remote.

  4. How is the camera after just over a month of use? Have you come across any problems? I'm thinking of buying it myself

  5. They really do have decent video. And honestly, as long as it shoots good enough footage to get some decent end results, that is what matters. At least for me.

  6. I just bought one and now waiting to receive it. I'll keep you posted on my results after using it for a time. Great Video,thanks for sharing,my friend!

  7. Awesome review! I was looking at this action cam to take on my Yosemite hikes as a GoPro alternative. Thanks for giving an honest outline of this camera, it helped me decide to go ahead with my purchase! ??

  8. Just unboxed my camera and installed a 8g micro sd card. My camera only has 2 video resolutions to choose from 1080P 30fps and 720P 60fps. I don't have the other choices you show. I hooked it up to the APP ismart DV and it also only has the same two resolution choices. Have you heard of this before?

  9. I bought one not too long ago. I was using it today and my dumbass dropped it on the concrete after filming a video. Now some of my pictures and video are not showing up on my sd card. Also any new videos I record are not showing up on my computer. Its showing up on the actual playback on the camera but doesnt show up on my computer. I hope its just an sd card problem and not a camera problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. I have one and it’s pretty good for the price, no image stabilizer. That was one of the best reviews I’ve seen on U Tube. Thanks

  11. Ok. One last question and I subscribed to your channel. If I want to playback long videos with the devise I can't. Do I need to buy a computer or could I use a tablet?

  12. Thanks for the video. Mine arrived yesterday. Mine does not a QR code to scan to download ez cam. It has instructions one the box to download the iSmart DV app. This part was the most challenging given the initial password was not provided and I had to search on You Tube. Is in your view, is ez cam a better app than i smart DV? Also, any pointers on where to edit video? The description states you can edit using app, but I do not see any options for this.

  13. Will it be good for vlogging and interviewing? I'm going to a comic con and in need of a new budget camera.

  14. Waiting to receive mine. Going to try to use it mounted to a backstop and film my daughters softball games and to take to the beach for some beach video. I’ll post some video when I figure it all out.

  15. I have been considering buying an action cam to use when fishing to record my catches. I found that the cheaper ones ($20-$30 range) do not have very good video or a remote, which are my two main criteria. From what I have seen, this camera is nearly as good or perhaps just as good as a GoPro costing 3-4 times as much. A friend of mine has a GoPro, but his doesn't have either a viewing screen or a remote. The only negative is the fisheye effect, but that can be corrected with good free video editing software such as HitFilm 4 Express or Davinci Resolve 12.5. When using Fisheye (distortion) correction, you lose a small amount of the edges of the video as it gets cropped maybe 5%-10%. That is a small price to pay for a better video. BTW, your video has helped confirm that this is probably the best action cam for the money.

  16. how about image stabilization? Big deal or Not? Appreciate the input for my first action camera please.

  17. How good is the waterproof case ? I read some reviews on Amazon saying the case flooded have you had any issue with the case ? This is my major concern thanks

  18. Got one from Amazon £40 GBP, a bargain, like you said the sound is decent enough.. but don't expect to get decent sound, in the waterproof casing, here in the UK mines always in the waterproof casing, as I only use it for cycling.. great review by the way… You can see examples of my commuting to work and back pretty boring, but gives you an indication of how it performs at night too.

  19. That was a excellent video speaking about this camera.Well Done Sir.I just bought is camera, $60.00 and 50 piece assor.kit on Amazon for $23.00. Very happy with both items.

  20. Hi if I'm using it in 1080-60 with a 64 card about how many hours I'm i Going to get on that card great video Thanks ?

  21. Oh and I'm filming while I'm riding on a motorcycle what angle would you recommend 140 or 170 Thanks for a upload ?

  22. I need help. Everytime I try to connect to the cameras wifi it says that it's not connected every time I try to use the icam app

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