AJ Styles vs. Braun Strowman – United States Championship Match: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

AJ Styles vs. Braun Strowman – United States Championship Match: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

[APPLAUSE] So if you’re AJ Styles, you want to try to jab,
try to stay away from Braun Strowman. Not get in his face. Not try to play the power game. [LAUGH]
>>What was that you said, Cole?>>Walking right into his face now.>>Styles the [CROSSTALK]
>>Ooh!>>And I hope he knows what
he’s doing Braun’s trying to take the monster out of his game,
maybe force Strowman to get disqualified.>>And now AJ Styles trying to chop down
Strowman, no effect on the 385 pounder.>>Yeah, Styles’ gonna look to
regroup here and take a breath.>>Smart move,
Braun Strowman is ready for battle.>>AJ Styles, wait a minute. There comes Strowman!>>Look at the speed of Braun Strowman. This is insane.>>Did you see Anderson? He wanted nothing to do with Strowman.>>I know.
>>He ducked out of the way.>>AJ Syles now taking it
right to Strowman, and now AJ Styles continuing to stay
on top of Braun in this matchup.>>If the OC wants to
be a group here in WWE, then you gotta take out
Strowman here tonight.>>Styles almost going for
a ride, able to land on his feet. Back to the left knee.>>Yeah, he’s smart, smart.>>Now look at Strowman,
chopping down Strowman.>>Yeah, AJ Styles, smart strategy here.>>My god. Now Styles, the veteran bringing
the fight here tonight to Strowman.>>Get that speed moving.>>They’re gonna fly,
>>Just swatted out of the air.>>By Strowman.>>That big old bear paw by Strowman.>>What a thud.>>And now Strowman could be closing
in on the United States title.>>Maybe not.>>Gallows!
[SOUND]>>That’s gonna cause a disqualification.>>And the OC now.>>This is brutal.>>No it’s typical. It’s the mo for the OC. It’s why they’re the most
dominant force in WWE today.>>Yeah even against a man,
the monster among men in Braun Strowman, just taking him down like that.>>Yeah but Strowman’s off his feet, and now Anderson and Gallows continuing
the assault here on Strowman. When is the last time you’ve
seen the monster in this state?>>The OC trying to pick up
where they started last week, this time getting the better of Strowman. And again, into the post goes Braun.>>Braun being decimated by
the RAW tag team champions.>>Gallows is not quitting.>>When we talk about the numbers
advantage, certainly. [MUSIC]>>Wait a minute. Here he comes!>>The Universal Champion.>>The Beast Slayer, Rollins. And Rollins taking out Anderson.>>Gotta even the odds out here.>>Rollins, a little bit of
payback on the OC from last week.>>Yes, Rollins out here to return
the favor to Brawn Strauman, who came to his aid last week on RAW.>>Big man down.>>Rollins cleaning house.

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  1. Seth is boring as hell and Roman is now more tolerable than Seth…Never thought I would say or feel like that..who feel the same way or is it just me?

  2. This day was best day for Braun Strowman beacause not he got U.S Title but he got Raw Tag Championship
    Like for this Tag Team of
    Rollins & Strowman

  3. Кто любит маму ставим лайк???и подписываемся на мой канал)))увидете все будет у вас хорошо☺с уважением АНГЕЛ❣❣❣????????????????????????????????? ?

  4. Just a bunch of cowereds can't aj do it himself I just one big joke aj can't even win a match on his own he doesn't have the right to call himself the US champion he a paper champion and a joke

  5. You should also be talking about afghanistan as the crisis is just as bad with over 10000 people killed since January and also your wife Sofia is Afghan therfore you also should mention afghanistan

  6. Aj totally makes a great champ. Nearly loses his title twice, but no, his friends make him lose the only way he can and remain champ. I honestly dont like that rule of DQs.

  7. When they interrupted a title match they need to lose their title. In this way AJ will never lose his title. ??‍♂️

  8. Are title rankings still a thing? I haven't seen a superstar mention climbing the ranks in eons. What, are title shots handed out to the first guy/girl that shows up @ the GM's office that day?

  9. ا لـــــــــو حــش ســـتـــ ر مـــــــــا ن

  10. Michael Cole called those 2 the most dominant force in WWE today?‍♂️ what has the WWE become smh. I miss the old days

  11. Wht's Rollins?
    A worst dream who dreamly beat the beast and now looking more powerful than aj styles
    Haven't wwe have any other Superstar

  12. It's funny when u think about Doc Gallows. He is not good in the Ring but he was in the best Stables in the last years. THE O. C. the Club. THE Bullet Club, Straight Edge Society and The Aces and Eights

  13. AJ Styles is my favorite Wrestler. I think he is the best ever. In every Promotion he was the No. 1. And that's has a reason that he is on top for so long in every major league and Indys. Cause he is that good. But he should cut his hair please. Like 2013 the last year in TNA it was perfect. But now…

  14. Here we go Again Seth burn it down rollins it looks a Recap what happen earlier this year after WM 35.They r hoping heavily on burn it down even though he failed after WM 35.Look at 2.24 he is checking on his Cap.
    WOW burn it down…..Why r they Started to Downgrade A.J Styles of late he is far Better than what he is made to look of lately.
    It's time For A.J Styles to Show his true Heel Bullet club Charater
    Samoe Joe,Bobby rode,Fin balor an Drew Mcyintre an Nakamura should Join him as The Original Bullet Club.

  15. Whole Raw was sooo boring expect of this match.
    SmackDown with The Undertaker return and maybe have a match will be for sure alot better.

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