AIB Khelkood : FIFA 18 Tanmay VS Palash

AIB Khelkood : FIFA 18 Tanmay VS Palash

What’s popping Logang, come ‘ere! I , we don’t, we can’t do that So, a lot of you have been asking us the same question over the last year. So, we decided let’s end this question once and for all maybe we can actually play FIFA on this channel, and joining me to play FIFA is Mr. Palash. Palash is Interning, at AIB. And, to commentate on this FIFA game we have the very funny Mr. Kumar Varun. Alright, let’s just get to it. Alright, what do you going to pick? I have taken Liverpool. As you know, between the two players here, one, is the co-founder of All India Bakchod the co-founder and with him, is an intern! who is sitting here, hoping for a job placement. Just like the olden times, where a farmer would battle a moneylender, in an epic fight with their cattle. With this we begin Barcelona versus Liverpool Liverpool is an English team, while Barcelona is from Spain. Barcelona is playing in it’s away colours, or the blue kit, and Liverpool is wearing it’s home colour, red. There comes a pass. Paulinho, Yuva Paulinho, pass, Entering the D once more, but it wasn’t converted by Barcelona here we see, a lack of motivation between the two, *Shit* Mohamad Salah once again, heading for a goal And he scores! He scores! 1-0, Liverpool in the lead! after 35 minutes, we have our first goal in the end field. Georginio Wijnaldum, Adam Lallana, who played for South Hampton, and now plays for Liverpool. Great pass, can it be a goal? Noo!, It hit the pole! That was very close, With this, we have a corner. Here’s the corner. Great defense with the set field, and its a goal! 2-0 And the referee announces half time! 2-0 , Liverpool in the lead. Palash and Tanmay, what are your reactions at half time? Palash, I can’t I am co-founder. Yes AIB has 4 people, And youre beating 25% of it. Aren’t you embarrassed? No, its fine. Play. Still 2-0, 51 minutes into the game. Adam Lalana heading ahead, Adam Lalana going ahead, very cleverly, He’s entered the D Waiting for a pass, here’s the pass but- that wasn’t a good one, and now the ball is with the goalkeeper. The goalie can touch the ball with his hands. Alright, Let’s go back to the game, And he….Scores!! A good opportunity Oh Shit, it was an offside. Luis Suarez’s offside. A lot of people don’t understand the offside rule. In fact, the internet has a meme that says, if any girl knows the meaning of offside, she should marry me. This was a very sexist statement, if i were to be honest. Really bad commentary. Quite a fall of standards. Quite the uncle commentary, ladies and gentlemen. Reminding you of Arun and Mahinder, Great commentators from the ’90s. Noo Noo! Now, if you’re weak in math, so in the next 10 minutes, Barcelona need to score 4 goals to win this match, and need at least three to draw it. This is very difficult. Luis Suarez once again, Andres Iniesta has the ball- Great pass! Luis Suarez! Waiting for the cross, but there’s no striker available. . He’s in, and here’s the interception from Liverpool, Goal! And it’s a goal. oh Shit! One Goal! First goal! In english, we call it a consolation goal. Of course, we will watch the replay Here’s the deal, You know your goals were nice there’s something special, about this one. Yes, Tanmay believes that this goal was equal to 3 goals in terms of quality. Yes definitely. And from afar, long Shot, this was a long shot, that got converted, while the score is 3-1, in our hearts it’s 3-3. It’s not always about victory.. Barcelona has won our hearts. Oh Shit! That was a good opportunity! That was the easiest… Best of three. I can only think of my childhood, after losing the first match, the second fixture can be whatever. About Barcelona, let me tell you, because they have a ‘home’ and ‘away’ concept now, the first time you’ll come have tea at ours, and the next time, we’ll come to yours. It’s like that, here. The team with it’s name on the left, is the home team, let me tell you. So Barcelona versus Liverpool, In Barcelona. Let’s continue. Once again, did you think the players were tired? Actually, since it’s a machine, they won’t get as tired. Lionel Messi, better known as Tata Motors’ brand ambassador in India, paases Oooooo Barcelona seems to have changed, in the last 10 minutes, A great defense and attack, Here’s a great counter attack Mohamad Salah going ahead. Mohamad Salah entering the D A chance to score…. It’s a close one, once again, And the first half is up! Scores still 0-0 what are the first half reactions, Tanmay and Palash? Form is temporary, but class is, class is permanent. Class is permanent, Tanmay just reminded me of VVS Laxman. Gomez, the defender, at the right back. He passes to Wijnaldum Wijnaldum, from Netherlands, Mohamad Salah once again, Mohamad Salah entering the D, great pass a good interception, a great defense by Barcelona, Barcelona’s good defense. . Liverpool gets a corner. Noooo, Nooo Once again, an opportunity to score! Noooo And it’s a goal! Class.. And he scored! Right from the start Sadio Mane we’re your fans from long ago. Enough class. You can only sarcasm here in their videos. Not in real life. Why don’t you look for a career in music? Back to the game, great defense, Really good defense. Messi gets the ball, gives it back, Now Suarez. Goaaaaaaal Fantastic! Fantastic goal. Here Barcelona has shown us, how exactly to play football. Palash not even looking at the replay, I don’t think he’s very interested in learning. The intern has one job- to learn. and he’s failed at that as well. After 63 minutes, the score is 1-1 Robertson for Liverpool . he’s given a long cross pass, Wijnaldum with the ball. Roberto Fermino Fermino with a good pass, Wijnaldum Wijnaldum attempts, and a goal! 1-2 Liverpool in the lead again! 70 minutes, score 1-2 Roberto Fermino Onc again, Barcelona with a counter attack A good back pass. The ball with Messi, Will Messi work his magic? oh shit, a penalty appeal! Let’s see Lionel Messi let’s keep quiet for a minute. Aim and then shoot. Penalty Simon Mignolet ready, Oh god, he aimed it to the right. What the Fu-? Mohamad Salah good defence the ball once again with Wijnaldum Wijnaldum to Fermino, Ferminoto Wijnaldum Wijnaldum once again in the D NO! No! Another goal! 1-3 Liverpool one question and three answers, here tonight. Long silence, it’s 90 minutes. The game going into extra time. And this match has been decided. With this, Barcelona’s score, and Palash’s career, both drowning. Aaah, Good Game. Ok Palash Congrats on your victory, and it was nice having you in our office as for your internship is over now Ok, bye. I am serious, you should Ya, just go. I am serious, just leave. I’ll leave now, remember me in your prayers, Palash. Channa Mereya. (Hindi Song) Bye bye. Just go. If you liked this game. If you want to watch more games like this on YouTube, then please subscribe to this channel. Fifa, and other games like this, who’s the next one to play you? a player named Carry Minati I would like to play him. There’s an Indian named Carry Minati Indian, definitely Indian. Quite an Indian name. Looks like a foreigner. Message him, and tell him, to play FIFA with us. In the next video, I’d like to play Carry Minati Definitely, Carry Minati, you are invited. Definitely. Goodbye. Goodbye. Anna, I’ll kill you if you come in the frame, move aside!

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  3. Lol.. dude can't even play Fifa.. an intern defeats him.. and he responds by kicking him out.. congrats AIB.. true sportsmanship

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  5. it is easy to defeat you because you are moving your defenders against your opponents don't use your defender line use your midfielder to defend and grab the ball

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