Ahead of the Worldcup and Olympics

Ahead of the Worldcup and Olympics

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  1. If this is actually happening, if people in Rio Di Janeiro really do see such scenes, of police forces taking in children. Would that whole thing then not end in some kind of major protest or even worse? With attacks on the government, like we see such protests rise in neighboring countries and in the Middle East or North Africa for minor acts from governments? While watching this video this question rose to my head. I'm not saying this isn't happening, but I doubt your demographics. You provide figures and sources to found your argument. But if such demographics and sources are trusty, confidential and available then why is the UN, NAVO or even UNICEF, not taking action against this kind of crimes? I'm sorry to doubt you, you made a good movie and the world needs to know. Maybe it's because I'm so amazed that I can't accept it as a whole truth. Besides this, it is simply not possible to clear a city like Rio from poverty, crime, drugs, gangs, thieves etc., so whatever they will do, it will be without any results. And to conclude this last part, I am quite certain that there will be crimes against football fans, maybe football club associated people or the whole organisation during the world cup.

  2. Not even a 1000 viewers!!!!! The world has developed a second nature: Close your eyes, look away, pretend nothing bad is happening, that we are living in a perfect world……. and enjoy some young millionaires kicking a ball. I feel ashamed being a part of this society of beasts and ignorant and blind bystanders.

  3. Jesus, what a bad dutch voice over, probably this problem is a very bad one, but the voice makes it feel fake…


  5. Eye opening video and all but the dutch voice over is really really annoying. Not only is your pronunciation of 90% of the words weird and wrong, you talk like it's a Monster Jam event…

  6. They are killing street childrens for decades now. Rich brasilians don't want to see poverty in Río or any other city for that matter. Thats why many childrens used to sleep at the cementery because it was the safest place.
    For the ones who read spanish, here is post about it
    1- http://edant.clarin.com/diario/2007/04/13/elmundo/i-03003.htm
    2- http://elpais.com/diario/1991/01/09/sociedad/663375608_850215.html

  7. I think the issue here is to report the heinous crimes being committed in the name of sport. Not whether the reporter should take elocution lessons.

  8. Alleen maar voor voetballen
    Dat geen mensen maar beesten die kinderen mishandelen en vermoorden
    En ons Nederlands elftal voetbal daar ook snik snik

  9. Heftige video, en dat allemaal voor een beetje voetbal….

    (try to talk properly dutch, than you can complain!)

  10. It's pure bullshit. Come on, evil spirited media. Rio has loads of problems, but this is just invented crap. 

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