100 Replies to “Age of Empires IV – X019 – Gameplay Reveal”

  1. Wish it was WW1 and WW2 era. Why Medieval again ? Also the graphics.. Why did they copy Stronghold Crusader 2 ? My hype died quickly :/

  2. Idk I like it. I mean the graphics are cartoonish but also not. It's a weird mix and as it's pre-alpha, I expect it to improve…

  3. You can't have Age of Empires without Ensemble Studios. You lost everything that made the franchise great when you fired everyone and closed the company.

  4. Bright color pallet != "cartoonish"

    The game looks plenty realistic, calm your tits. This obviously isn't Warcraft.

  5. Looks like AoE II remaked with lil-bit saturated filter attached on it.
    Oh well, I wish it's straight-forward history to industry revolution era like Napoleon wars, etc. (But whatever, it's already covered by game frachise that has pretty similar gameplay: Cossacks)

  6. OMG, almost 15 years… But what's now? I don't even have the exact realeased day of this game. And 1 more, I'm still waiting for both, AOE IV and Empire Total War 2.

  7. i am expecting american civil war era or napoleonic wars or the great wars era, and then i get unmanned firing trebuchet and some catapults

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