Adding a Video to your Shopify Theme || Shopify Help Center 2017

Adding a Video to your Shopify Theme || Shopify Help Center 2017

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to add a video to your online store’s Home page. Adding a video is a great way to engage your customers and generate interest in your store. You can create your own videos to share or you can link to videos that relate to your brand. Please note that you must be using a theme that supports sections to follow the instructions in this video. You can install sectioned themes from the Shopify Theme store. Ok, so let’s get started. In your Shopify Admin, go to Online store and then click Themes. Scroll down to a theme that supports sections and click the customize theme button I’m going to work with the Brooklyn theme in this video. In the navigation sidebar on the Sections tab, click the Add section link. So now we’re going to add a video section to the home page. Although I’m using the Brooklyn theme, the steps here are the same if you are using a different sectioned theme. So to add a video, I’m going to add a Featured video section to my home page. You can add videos that are hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo. You simply need to paste the video’s URL. So the steps for adding a video are the same for Vimeo and YouTube videos. Okay, so I’m going to paste a link to a video on YouTube. When you paste the link, the preview area updates to show your video. So you’ll be able to verify right away whether your link worked. If you want, you can resize the video. I like my video’s width at 100%, so I’m going to leave it at that size. So now that I’m finished, I just click Save to add the video to my home page. [Music]

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  1. Thank you!!! This video was very helpful, I just added a video to my Shopify site and it's up and running now!!!

  2. Can I add a video on a site only with text? So like on a white page with text about my page and then I want to put a video…can I do it?

  3. Hi, I'm using slideshow and add a video slide in it. But it seems to have no sound effect coming out. Is there no sound effect in the video slide?

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