Adam Ruins Everything – The Truth Behind Olympic Athletes’ Compensation | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – The Truth Behind Olympic Athletes’ Compensation | truTV

(watch alarm beeping) Oh, my God! Oh my God, oh my God,
it’s starting! (TV announcer)
Good morning to whoever is crazy enough to watch sports
at 3:00 a.m. Today’s women’s
weightlifting finals will make or break dreams
of Olympic gold. Oh, there she is!
Go, Bethany! You’re a winner just
by being here, girl. (chanting)
USA, USA! Actually, in the Olympics
almost everyone loses. Come on, I’ll show you. Even though
the Olympics are a multibillion-dollar
industry, everyone from
the athletes to the cities that hosts the Games
gets screwed. This is so cool. But wait,
what do you mean? I mean, making it
to the Olympics is like
a dream come true. Yes, but to achieve
that dream many athletes
are living a nightmare. (Adam)
Even some medalists are unable to make ends meet and live close
to the poverty line. Tell us, what’s
it really like to be an Olympic athlete? Uh, we often have to pay
for our own training, travel, and equipment. (panting) It costs… tons of money. Often tens of thousands
a year. (crowd cheering) Wow!
An incredible performance while speaking
an incredible truth. What are you gonna
do next? Oh… Sleep in my car,
I guess. I can’t afford
to pay rent. Heartbreaking. Just like Ronda Rousey, who had to live in her car
even after she won a medal in judo in 2008. (woman)
Wait a minute. Olympics athletes
aren’t paid? But millions of people
are watching them on TV. Well, they might get
some pay but hardly enough to live on. Sometimes their only
compensation is team swag. I can’t eat this. Ugh, I guess
I could try. Okay, what about
Michael Phelps?

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  1. Yep. I'm in fencing. We've had five-ring athletes in the run-up to the Olympics train full time while sleeping on friend's couches and eating Ramen for a year.

  2. I love your show please do not do an episode on cheeseburgers I won't watch it even if you do I eat out my sister was a bartender I have a pretty good idea what's out there but I really don't want to know the extent of it this is a small courtesy I ask my friend

  3. in germany the most Olympic athletes are state Service man/ woman ( mainly police and military) because these jobs provide a "great" support compared to other jobs.

  4. The issue of the games being a bad investment aside poor people don’t have a right to live in the part of the city of their choice. Actual middle class people cannot afford to live near the central/downtown area of their city. One might argue that society should help the poor in terms of housing but that does not extend to subsidized housing in the most exclusive parts of a city.

  5. I learned to lift with a golden medalist, she worked as personal trainer to pay the bills, and before she got that job, she worked as a house cleaner for years while taking care of a child by herself without any sponsorship to get a medal without any payment or anyone remembering her for what she got.

    People who enter most of these sports, do it for the love, because money is just a dream that will never be true.

    I'm from Brazil, yeah there is lots of money in football (soccer for the weird ones), but only in football, it's the only sport that is on every tv, athletes are treated as heroes of our own country. While we have lots of other sports where we do much better and have way more people who really deserve to be acknowledged

    Want to change this? Instead of only watching for the baseball and basketball games, try to see what other things there are out there and see how incredible the athletes are

  6. Too true. I tried out and was selected for a Canadian shooting team in 84. At that time it would've cost 60,000.00 per year for 4 years to go to the 88 Olympic games. I was 17 at the time. We could not afford that, eve today.

  7. When talking about the 2004 Olympics ruining Greece, the background you showed was of the statue of Icarus in front of Temple of Concordia in Valley of the Temples, Agrigento, Sicily.
    For shame, Adam… for shame!

  8. Who was ever under the delusion that Olympic athletes were doing well financially? Every 4-years we get tons of stories about how families spent everything they had to pay for coaches and fees for competitions. It's about competing against the best in the world. I spent 14 years in USA Gymnastics and the thought of being rich never crossed my mind. It was about being the best.

  9. This woulda been a good episode if they didn’t specify “women” athletes. This should have been a general inside scoop on how all athletes aren’t getting paid. S. M. H.

  10. This is more true than you think. I had a boss that was on the Egyptian Olympic team and now he's in California teaching part time and driving for ubereats

  11. so bottom line… MURRICA?
    we support our OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVES like we do our Veterans…
    "they knew what they were getting into" right?
    so once they've served your agenda you don't give a rats ass about them anymore? got it. sage nod

  12. In my country… Medalists always get government jobs ( along with which they can practice too) which comes with salary….

  13. Congratulations Adam you define the term amateur athlete something anyone could have read in a dictionary good for you man

  14. Adam, you forgot one thing: the Olympic's main purpose isn't to make money for athletes. It's a 4 year thing, so athletes who made their money just from a 4-year event is pretty dumb. The main purpose, of course, for the athletes is about serving their nation or loving the sport. Sometimes they do get sponsorship afterwards, which is great, but sometimes they don't.
    And it's not like the Olympic team are basically national employees.

  15. Adam needs to do more of these on just how much sports and corporations really function. And let's face it, the Olympics is a business.

  16. The Olympics were supposed to be for amateur athletes only. Jim Thorpe was famously screwed out of his medals for accepting bus fare to get to practice and Eric Liddel (one of the main subjects of Chariots of Fire) caused controversy by having a professional coach.

    I don't have a problem with athletes not getting paid for competing in the Olympics, it's how aggressively corrupt the IOC (and FIFA) are in screwing host countries. There should be a 501(c) to help support athletes.

  17. How much are you expecting them to make. Unlike the NBA or ufc you aren't gonna get much money at the Olympics. That's what I call find another way to make money

  18. This lady said she spent 10 grand on training but lives in her car??? Why didn’t she use her training money to try to get a place to live?

  19. Even though they don’t bent paid by the Olympics, their are sponsorships that they could sign, I don’t know much about sponsorship in other sports, but in swimming you can make a full living by having sponsors and getting a stipend from USA Swimming.

  20. Not sure what the point of this is. So what? Are you saying olympic athletes stupid? That people should be forced to pay them (taxes)? That future athletes should compete in other tournaments instead?

  21. Its true ..very true..its already been told on tv shows..but.its remain like that till now..the people that got interview on the shows is just like that…a temporary celebrity. Athlete's is very underpaid

  22. Not surprising. It should be common known that Olympic-Athlete as main professional is very rare, usually they are "side job".
    Top Athlete like Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps are supported by Sport Agency.

  23. Of course athletes aren't paid for training. Who thought they would be lol?

    Oh wow, guess what. People who move to LA to become actors have to pay for their own rent and food, not to mention acting classes and agents. Wow, breaking news.

  24. In Germany most Olympics serve in the police or army. So tief hab earn money and do their daily training. The army or police is very open to this concept.

  25. That's so sad. You work so hard, entertain/inspire thousands of people, and get hardly anything in return. Poverty is such a big problem…

  26. The sickest part is that this is all against the true spirit of the Olympic games. In the original games, nobody won gold or silver or copper or any medal. All the sole winner got was a wreath of olive leaves. Their home cities gave them praise and money after the fact, and took better care of them than today's athletes. The Olympics were about the "good strife", not money.

  27. In India if you win Olympic medal, you get millions from government. Although the total medal count of whole country to all Olympic is lower than Phelps's medal.

  28. Well dumbass, the reason Olympic athletes get paid little or nothing is because they are willing to work for little or nothing.

  29. This is the same reason not so many talented artist or writers get to show the world what they've got. Because you just can't live out of those careers.

  30. Right now I have zero interest in watching the Olympic. It is common knowledge that the event give less reward to athletes.

  31. I remember meeting Annalise Murphy, an Olympic sailor, through Scouts (she was a friend of the troop leader). She won a silver medal in the women's laser sailing in Rio in 2016. I asked her what kind of payment she gets (now that I think about it, that was pretty rude), and I remember her replying that sponsors would often pay for her travel, accommodation, and equipment. I was confused, because I had asked about pay. Now I know why she gave that answer. This is utterly shocking. People should refuse to compete if they're not going to get paid – that's the only way to force the Olympic Council or whoever to pay them.

  32. What they could do to make it more fair if they wanted to maintain the amateur status of the Olympics is just offer to pay for the athletes' food and training expenses. Probably wouldn't even be that much money compared to what they rake in.

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